Sunday, January 31, 2010

Part-time job

Despite from being busy in this frantic and unhealthy lifestyle, I wish to do something more motivating and uncommon to my usual daily work life. That could give me a different kind of experience that I can never gain from audit. So I started browsing the internet to look for part-time/freelance job.

I wish to do the followings for my extracurricular activities. Timing is a different issue. If there’s opportunity, I will grab it and give my best. At least I can do something that I have always been dreaming of doing.

1. Be a member of any women society and help disadvantaged single women.
2. Volunteer runner/organizing event committee for a one day event.
3. Part-time preparing financial statements/book keeping for newly set up companies.
4. Provide private home tuition for a negotiable fee

A bit too ambitious, don’t you think? But…I am serious though.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ultimate Tea Time

Earlier this week, on Monday to be exact, Pakcik Radzi who works in our office bought some durians for everyone for tea. I am not a big fan of durian and I can't differentiate let alone appreciate the taste. There are so many types of durians with weird and sometimes odd names given.

But I never fail to like the taste of good durian kampung - small but packed with awesome good taste - original taste. I supposed that was what it was.

The Durians

Kak Norma about to enjoy her share

Pakcik enjoying the durians

And today Pakcik brought some sticky rice (PULUT) and some thick coconut milk (santan pekat) from home and we bought more durians to be eaten with the pulut and santan. I had tasted durian with pulut before but never with santan. It was indeed really nice and good. But it is not recommended for people with health issues. Hehe...very berdosa.

The awesome dessert

15 minutes after eating it Pakcik went into this position.

I should consider eating pulut for power meal before runs as I had a rather breezy run this evening-and I am pretty sure it was the pulut.

Putrajaya Night Marathon Here We Come

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kentut Lah Lagi

Seorang wartawan lelaki telah di tugaskan membuat liputan dan siasatan mengenai aktiviti kelab gay di Bukit Bintang. Dia di kehendaki menyamar sebagai gay. Wartawan itu dengan senang hati menggayakan pakaian dan cara seorang gay. Setelah seminggu mempelajari tingkahlaku dan gaya seorang gay, akhirnya pada malam minggu itu wartawan itu masuk ke kelab gay tersebut.

Wartawan itu dipasang dengan microphone n camera bersaiz kecil bagi merakam segala aksi dan aktiviti di kelab gay tersebut. Setelah masuk wartawan itu terus menuju ke bar utama dan memesan segelas bir. Dia hanya duduk sambil memerhatikan gelagat-gelagat gay di kelab tersebut. Ada yang menari dan ada yang duduk sambil berpeluk-pelukan sesama lelaki. Wartawan itu merasa geli geleman melihat tingkahlaku mereka.

"Hai...sorang ke bro", tiba-tiba wartawan itu di sapa.... See More

"A'ah, saya tunggu kawan saya. Tak sampai-sampai lagi ni", kata wartawan itu separuh menjerit kerana kebingitan muzik di kelab itu.

Tiba-tiba wartawan itu berasa sakit perut. Rasa seperti ingin kentut sahaja.

"Muzik tengah kuat ni bolehlah aku kentut ni", bisik hati wartawan itu.

Wartawan itu pun melepaskan kentutnya. Satu demi satu. Berturut-turutan. Tiba-tiba muzik rancak itu berhenti kerana DJ nya ingin menukar ke lagu perlahan. Sementara proses pertukaran lagu itu kentut wartawan itu telah di dengari oleh gay-gay yg berhampiran dengan wartawan itu.

"Eh eh... ada dara lagi la kat sini", ujar salah seorang gay di situ sambil memandang wartawan itu.

"A'ah lah... kat depan kita ada dara", ujar yang lain pula.

Semua gay di situ telah pergi mendapatkan wartawan itu. Semua wajah mereka menunjukkan keghairahan nafsu yang ketara.

"Saya bukan dara lagi la", ujar wartawan itu.

"Kalau dah tak dara kenapa kentut. Kuat lak tu. Sempit tuu...", ujar salah seorang gay itu.

Tergamam wartawan itu. Akhirnya dirinya di noda secara bergilir-gilir oleh pengunjung kelab gay itu. Menangis teresak-esak wartawan itu. Akhirnya nikmat kentut sudah tidak akan dapat dirasai lagi sepanjang hidupnya.

Moral kepada lelaki : Jangan berkentut dihadapan GAY. AWAS!!


Have not been updating the blog.
Have not been dating.
Have not been sleeping well.
Have not been eating properly.
Have been working 7 days a week, 18 hours a day.

That’s how busy I have been.
And the most tiring thing to do everyday, is driving back from work in the early morning after hours and hours looking at the computer. And it’s not easy to be driving at 3 am in the morning everyday for 2 weeks consecutively.

So today, when I told Ali that I had to go to client’s place to work, he offered to drive me there and to fetch me home. I was happy.

It was Sunday. A day where you are supposed to relax at home. But I had to work. So I decided to just wear something that I’d normally wear at home. To make myself feel comfortable at work.

Ali cakap skirt ni macam tak cukup kain nak buat pocket.

In my heart, “Tak per la, bukan nak pegi mana pun. Duduk dalam keta je.. then duduk dalam bilik.” I happily matched this ‘pretty’ skirt with my ugly crocs…. To my client’s place.

Then I got to know Ali offered to drive my mom to KL. So the thought that he’s going back and forth KL-Subang a number of times in a day, makes me feel bad. I was sure that he’s gonna be very tired.

Without thinking hard, I called up Ali and said “You don’t have to fetch me from KL. I’ll take the lrt and you just fetch me at Taman Jaya station".

He was reluctant at first, but he finally agreed. That shows that he was really tired. After I hung up, I realized..”Oh shit! my skirt!!!!”

Haihhh.. I was really mad at myself for being so nice. Next time… just let him come and fetch me laaa…

Dengan muka selamba nya I took the lrt with my ugly baju, ridiculous looking skirt and a pair of old crocs, together with my laptop bag and some other bags.

Reached Taman Jaya, I could see Ali was waiting for me in the car. I didn’t know what was on his mind when he looked at me or shall I say when he finally realized what I was wearing to work today.

I didn’t remember much about our conversation in the car, except for the part where he said I looked like Philipino maid with my skirt and my selipar.

Eleh, skirt I darjah 5 lah!! Comel pe...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Polis trafik

I have always been scared of policemen with white uniforms. This fear had been there since I was young. If I were at the back seat in the car, everytime there’s road blocks or whatever situation that gets my car to be near policemen, I would cover myself with anything, or just go down menyorok at the kaki area. Please don’t ask me why, coz I really don’t know.

First personal encounter with police traffic was when I first got my license. I did not fasten my seatbelt, and unfortunately ada road block.

Police asked, “Nih, saman ni nak bayar sini ke nak bayar balai? Kalau bayar kat balai RM 200. Kalau settle kat sini RM 20".

So, for someone that was new on the road, and the fact that I was scared of police traffic, I answered, “Settle sini”. Gave him RM20, because I was too scared to go to the balai. With my legs shaking, I handed the money which later I managed to find out, that this RM 20 was actually a form of bribe.

Second encounter was when I was driving at 130km/hr at KESAS highway at 2.30am. Ada road block, and kene tahan.

Like a small girl guilty of breaking her mom's flower vase, I cried. Shakingly, I said sorry, tak buat lagi… Huhu.. [YES, I CRIED]

Third encounter was yesterday. I was on mobile phone with Ali while I was driving and was about 3 minutes away to arrive at my destination. Suddenly, a policeman with his kapcai motor stopped me by the roadside.

Police: Kenapa tak pakai headfon?

Me: Saya tukar kereta dengan mak. My headfon dalam keta saya.

Police: Penah kene saman tak ni? Ni mahal ni kene saman.

Me: Mahal macam mana?

Police: RM 200. Nak kene sama tak ni? Susah ni kalau kene saman. [Then he started giving the cons of getting summoned]. Kalau lambat bayar, kene tangkap gambar lagi, pergi court lagi [Ok, it didn’t make sense to me, but, so what?] Kau nak kene saman tak ni?

Me: Kalau tak nak kene saman nak buat camne?

Police: ….belanja..aku……… [I couldn’t really make up what he was saying, only heard belanja.] Aku nak bagi ko chance ni untuk tak kene saman. [This point in time, I realized he wanted me to bribe him].

Me: Takper la, SAMAN je lah! [Dengan berani nya.. saman la, aku report ko mintak aku belanja]

Police: [Pura-pura writing something], Betul ko nak aku saman ko? Aku nak bagi ko chance ko tak nak.”

Now he’s scared of me. Takut kene report of bribery agaknya. Then he gave me back my ID and licence, he said “Nanti pegi beli handset”

And he sped off.
Aku termangu-mangu. Antara relieved dan pelik.

Relieved sebab tak keluar RM200 untuk saman.

Pelik sebab dia suruh aku pergi beli handset. Bukan Headset?

Friday, January 1, 2010

The pages of my 2009

My 2009 event started with my Bestfriend's wedding,

Ezrul Johan, Masjid Wilayah, 9 January 2009

Joe and Phoebe's wedding reception, Nilai

January babies birthday celebration, Alexis, Bangsar

Zalinah Jan's birthday lunch at Delicious, Mid Valley, 9 Feb 2009
Hazrina's birthday lunch at Soul Garden, One Utama
Farah and Zam's wedding reception, Wisman PKPS, Shah Alam
My bestfriend's engagement, Zetty at her home in Subang Jaya
With Ali, Jelajah Malaysia 2009, KL
AmAssurance team, Opening Session, Red Box, The Gardens
Rezuan's wedding reception, Sungai Buloh
Ali's birthday surprised by his best friends, McDonald, Ampang
My birthday surprise from my best friends, Naili's Taipan.
My birthday dinner with family, Sri Thai, PJ
Asmu'i's wedding reception, Rawang, 6/6/09
June babies birthday celebration, Chef & Brew, Bukit Damansara
Zalinah and Izzat's wedding reception, Wisman PKPS, Shah Alam, 28/6/09
Opel's wedding reception, Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam
MUDS 2009, 25/7/09, UNITEN
Farhana's wedding reception, Dewan Sivik, PJ 26/7/09
Cowgirl Lulu's 1st birthday, Subang Jaya, 1/8/09
Etiqa Team, Nayan and Rezuan's farewell, Red Box, The Gardens, 13/8/09
Ramadhan visit to Pediatric Institute, HKL, Ramadhan 2009
Ramadhan dinner with my highskool sweethearts, San Fransisco Steakhouse, Mid Valley
Ramadhan dinner with my darlings, Seoul Garden, PJ
Raya 2009 with my family, Ipoh.
Dyla's 2009 raya open house, Subang Jaya
Dina & Dini's 2009 raya open house, Subang Jaya
Syikin's 2009 raya open house, Shah Alam
Zetty's birthday surprise dinner, Italiannies, Pyramid
Sue's bachelorette slumber party, Hana's crib, 9/10/09
Etiqa team closing session, Red Box, The Gardens, 6/11/09
Comedy Club Show, Zouk, 25/11/09
Great Eastern team, Shih Houng's farewell, Ole-Ole Bali, Solaris, 4/12/09
Sarah's baby shower dinner, California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC, 11/12/09
Zetty's bachelorette weekend overnight, Royale Bintang Hotel, Damansara
Zetty's bachelorette surprise dinner party, Dubrovnik, Solaris, 19/12/09
Christmas get-away with family, Penang, December 2009
My 2009 year ended with another wedding of my sweetheart,
Sue, at her parent's home in Bangi, 31 December 2009

Good bye 2009,
I had fun and enjoyed my times with you.
Welcoming 2010 with new resolution.
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