Monday, September 19, 2011

New life, new beginning

I know I havn't been updating the blog since the day I got married. Not blaming anything, coz I was blissfully living the life of a 'newly wed couple' for the past 4 months (exactly 4 months from today). I will definitely update on wedding post mortem when I can find the time.

My husband is now stationed in JB, and undergoing training in Singapore, for how long, I am not too sure. Yes, he had been a weekend husband as much as I have been a weekend daughter to my parents. So during the weekdays, we were all very busy with work, and I can only call myself a human when it's Friday night, fetching my husband from the bus stand when he comes back from JB.

3 months ago was also the time when I decided to continue with my remaining 3 papers to get me to Chartered Accountant (CA). So 3 weeks before raya, I sent in my resignation letter. Serving one month notice was not very difficult, I had 1 week of raya and and there was a long weekend on Malaysia day, my boss also were not much around during that period, so wow!! 1 month felt like 1 week to me.

This raya was my first raya as a wife. What was different? I still go back to my kampung, but only on the first day of raya, so I wasn't there for bunga api, masak memasak, takbir raya from house to house and no malay raya movie on tv. I was also not there during the salam-salam mintak ampun part where it's usually a tradition to go to each person according to the rank in the family.

I was at my inlaw's the raya eve and also on raya morning. But I am not complaining coz the feeling is really good to be the new pengantin, everywhere you go, people will ask for the new pengantin. What's NOT nice is when people starts to hold my tummy and say "takde lagi ker?" pressure!

What else was different? I had to make sure that both of us have matching baju raya, ironed the sampin for the hubby, when it's makan time with the family, I have to make sure that my husband is eating first, had his drinks ready and make coffee for him after dinner. Really, this raya was the first time we ever spend time together for that long period of time...1 week!

Ohh, what else was different? I seek for forgiveness from my husband the night before raya and it was very touching. Tapi esoknya, buat dosa lagi.. hehehe :p

I have ended my career as an auditor in EY last thursday, a day before Malaysia day. Now I am in JB with my husband becoming the Lady of Leisure, that is now my job title! I'll seek for other new title next year, insyaAllah.

For now, I am happy with the thoughts of living together as husband and wife for the first time. And I am sure that there will be a lot more changes in my life as I go on.
This is my new life, my new beginning.


myra said...

ntah papa i sebak plak baca. hope ur new life brings you both joy and happiness! muahhh

Izrin said...

aww, myra..!! i pon sebak.. hahah :p thanks myra for the wish.. insyaAllah..

Dina said...

i pon myra!
bestnyaaa lady of leisure.
3 more years for me!
ahh tak sabarrr
lepas u dah habis blog pasal ur wedding post-mortem, blog la about being a lady of leisure k
to feed MY 'craving'
haha :P

Izrin said...

hahah, takder la leisure sgt.. :)alamak dina, if u want to be lady of leisure, make sure u have a maid ok.. hahaha i'll blog about my experience nanti.. hehe ;)

Dina said...

lol, in my dictionary, lady of leisure simply means not working. enough for me. housework kalau masa working boleh buat PATUTnye easier kalau tak kerja la. though i wouldn't know exactly yet. unless bila tak kerja housework yg expected to be done tiba2 multiply 2 or 3 folds ke. hahah

but that was before Soph. Now that i'm living with my mum, i'm fortunate not to have to do much housework

looking fwd to more entries from you! ;)

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