Sunday, June 5, 2011

A week before Nikah

A week before nikah.. what did I do. I started to go on leave 6 days before nikah day. At that time, I felt I was at zero base.

- I have never done ANY fitting to ANY of my wedding attire.
- I have not gotten my bridal shoes
- No spa/facial/waxing/manicure-pedicure whatsoever
- I have not trimmed my hair for more than a year
- Have not found my source to do my henna
- 2 incomplete dulang for hantaran which eventually became macaroons and sejadah
- I did not have any baju for my malam berinai
- No ring for the groom
- The groom have not completed the dulang for my jewelleries
- Marriage approval have not been completed
- Bilik pengantin belum ada perabot (literally only a small walk-in-wardrobe, a katil and a tv)
- Have not searched for my wedding bedding sets including duvet
- Belum kurus lagi

Well, I think not mentioning the rest of other things is enough to make a bridezilla become panic. But not me. I went with the flow. I was never a bridezilla pon to begin with. hehe

In five days (a day before nikah, I was not allowed to go out anymore) I went to do the following:

Fitting Baju

Went for my nikah baju fitting five days before nikah. That was the first time I saw my baju nikah, and I fell in love with it. It wasn’t all ready, no laces, no beadings up yet, but I was already excited to be wearing that Ivory beautiful schiffon. I got my baju nikah 2 days before nikah ceremony.

I also went for my kebaya songket fitting. Still needed to alter after several time of fitting (ehem..bukan untuk besarkan ye..untuk kecikkan lagi.. heheh :))I got my baju kebaya 1 day after my reception, one day before the groom’s reception

Fitting for my reception dress one day before nikah, 2 days before the reception itself. I donno if there is any other person who was as calm as I was. The designer came to my house for first fitting at 3.30pm on my malam berinai day. First time I saw the baju I did not like it. Because it was champagne color. Not that I didn’t like the color, I just never had ANY idea that it was gonna be champagne. I thought it would be off-white with bit of silver, that was what in the sketch given to least that was what I expected it to be. My husband had his suit grey, my bridesmaid and MOH are all wearing grey. And seriously, me being non-artistic at all, I couldn’t imagine my champagne could match with their greys. BUT, I had less than 48 hours, I couldn’t complaint could i? I kept on telling to myself, “Just a wedding reception, just a wedding reception, whats important is the marriage itself” I let it go. I got my baju 3 hours before my reception starts.

Bridal shoes

I really had no idea where other brides go and search for their shoes. I know Lewre had some good ones as my designer’s boutique is full of that brand’s shoes. So I went to Mid Valley, 1 days before nikah. I went to Lewre boutique, nothing caught my attention. Ada lah yang cantik but only 3 feet high. And considering my husband’s height, the designer told me to look for 4.5 height of heels. Gila nak mampos. My friend, Adzy told me to go to Lewre bridal Couture at the Gardens. MY GODDD…. They range from RM 1,500 to RM2,000 per pair of shoes. I will NEVER buy such expensive shoes, walaupun saya kaya macam Ivana Trump.

Adzy also told me to try to search at a shop at Ampang Park. Tapi, it was already evening, I had to go back to get ready for my Berinai session at night. So, my BFF’s lent me their wedding shoes, and my designer also lent me his 5 inch heels for my reception.
Bridal Pamper Treats

I went to do my Manicure and Pedicure 4 days before nikah. That only costs me almost a hundred bucks. Also, I went to salon to trim my hair, color and did some hair treatment, almost RM500 bucks on that.

Spa and facial was done at Tini’s spa in Shah Alam Section 7 2 days before nikah. But altogether was only about RM250. I loved it!!

Body waxing was done 1 day before my nikah. Thanks to my friends for the voucher. I loved it too


I had actually engaged a lady to do my inai, she agreed, she said she could come to the house and charging me RM150 plus transportation costs. 1 day before the Malam Berinai, she said she had no transport and asked me to go to her shop to do my inai. WTH??? I was gonna have a small ceremony for malam berinai at my house and she asked me to go to her shop. Bodoh.

So I cancelled and luckily, my friend Ira helped me to search for the Henna lady who did for her nikah. Her name was Rajesh. I loved all her designs. And she was only charging about RM100 for both tangan and kaki. She came to the house! Alhamdulillah…

Incomplete dulang

One was supposed to be an I-Pad (which he doesn’t want, tapi I yang nak :p) However, short of budget, so I tak jadi beli, he didn’t want it anyway. I replaced with Sejadah that my mom recently bought from Syria.

Another dulang was supposed to be chocolates. But I remembered that I gave chocolates during engagement, so I didn’t want to give the same thing. I told my wedding planner to handle that one. He bought some macaroons for the dulang. All these were settled on the day of my nikah day!


I first bought the groom’s cincin suasa and my husband bought my bracelet from Tomei, Subang Parade. Only later we got to know that men cannot wear suasa. It has gold in it, so to be safe, we returned back the ring to Tomei to get something else, but they didn’t have platinum for men that goes without diamond on top. Mr A doesn’t like diamond. So I went to Diamonds and Platinum to buy my Mr his plain platinum ring that cost me a bomb. And my Mr also bought my one set of jewelleries over there that cost him Megabomb. Oh well, but they all were beautiful.

Marriage approval

Completed 5 days before nikah. Phewww!!! Orang nak kawin one month after me, also completed one month before I completed mine. Haiyooo.. But all were good, Alhamdulillah..

Bilik Pengantin

I bought a king-sized duvet, plus white bedding sets for my room 2 days before nikah. I bought furniture for the room like a writing desk, drawers, a bigger chest of drawer, a dresser, a TV console, all 6 days before nikah. And they all arrived 1 day before nikah.


Something that was not achievable. Hah! I was a fat bride, whatever!

I am always a last minute person. And he married me anyway.


Azman said...

the last sentence adalah sangat aaawwwwwwwwww ok. :)

Ayman Azhar said...

agak la. hampir mengalirkan manly tears

azura said...

Hi, can u gimme ur henna contact? email me at /

TQ dear & congratulations on ur wedding. semoga bahagia & murah rezeki selalu :)

Izrin said...

Hi Azura, thanks for the wish, please check your mail :)

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