Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

Education starts from home.

Some would argue that it does not make ANY changes to the earth.

While others would agree to the fact that if EVERYBODY in this world do their part and just conserve the energy for just one hour, it is A LOT different than not doing it AT ALL.

Some say that in the intention of trying to make the world a better place, driving to KLCC just to be with everyone in the dark, would in the end, contribute to air pollution.

And the opposite would say,’s fun I think, to be doing it together with people, you feel that you live hormonally, you think you are cool.

In this matter, I am neither here nor there. I agree and disagree.

Yes, I do think that one hour of the year would make a difference (although not much) to the earth. But what I don’t understand is the fact that it has become a celebration to rejoice, rather than a nurturing factor to the society, especially to youngsters.

Why do people have to gather to celebrate in the dark? What is there to celebrate in the first place?

Why can’t you be at home? Gather with your family members at the porch and just catching up? Stay at home and tell your kids how thankful the Earth would be by doing this or something? Oh, really, you don’t have to gather with thousands of unknown people in the dark.

I would rather stay at home and watch tv. Because I know for a fact that AT MINIMUM 4 hours a day, 20 hours a week, 80 hours a month and 960 hours a year I work without air-cond and fans with very limited lighting on the ceiling, and no toilet paper in the toilets.

Thanks to my clients that have been very inhuman towards auditors that they can save the air, preserve energy, while saving the trees.

Friday, March 26, 2010

bila boss marah

Hari ini,
Aku kene marah dengan boss,
Sebab melengah kan kerja yang sepatutnya sudah habis.
Walaupun bukan salah aku,
Tapi, dalam dunia aku,
kelembab-an client aku tak memberi aku sebab untuk tidak hantar kerja.

Dalam erti kata lain,
Only death can make me escape from submitting.

Tapi, kerana mood aku agak songsang hari ni,
Aku butakan mata,
Aku pekak kan telinga,
Aku buat bodoh,
I just followed my own pace yang agak malas hari ni.

Later in the afternoon,
Aku terima satu text message,
Yang aku rasa mempunyai kuasa 'reversed psychology'.

"Fren, sorry. I dun mean to shout just now. I'm pissed of.
At one hand, company secretary is pushing us, but in actual fact,
their finance is not responding,
while we did not communicate our concerns
or push client on urgent basis.
Our partner does not want to sign
until she is comfortable. I just want her to sign before my leave starts,
Because I don't want to leave this shit to you.
Hope you understand.
However, this does not warrant me to shout at you
I am sorry."

Bila boss cakap sorry,
Terkedu-kedu aku,
Tersipu-sipu segan.

Aku dengan pantas, semangat, dan tekun,
Terpaksa stay back untuk menghabiskan sisa-sisa kerjaku.

Dan, terhapuslah lagi cita-cita aku untuk balik awal hari ini.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Manager at work


I wonder how he works.

And how,

he can last more than 8 working hours

in this working environment..


you haven't seen the floor area.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hiking up Broga

One of the things that I have been excited about doing is hiking up to the peak of Broga Hill. I don’t know why but it sounded interesting. The idea is to catch the sunrise.

I didn’t know how hiking feels like. I am not really an adventurous person. Although I do like the idea of doing extreme sports, but I just don’t think my body fits this kind of sports so I have always been giving excuses to wait until I shed some weight. But that time, never came.

So last week, I just went ahead with it. I was the most excited person in the team. But deep down I was scared. They were making jokes about a fat guy climbing up the hill. If he slips, he will be rolling down the hill and will cause deforestation. It was a joke, but I was really scared it might happen to me. Not deforestation, of course. But the thought of rolling down the hill.

However, I was already halfway to Semenyih and I couldn’t turn back. We reached there almost 6am. It was still dark, but it was considered late. We knew that we would not make it for the sunrise as it generally takes you about 45 minutes to get to the first peak.

I didn’t expect to see so many people, so many cars parking by the roadside. We started walking up. I didn’t bring any bags with me, was afraid of adding more weight to my body. I just brought torchlight to lead my way up. It was really dark, and all I could see was my own footsteps.

Lesson I have never really learnt, is to have light breakfast before I do sports in the morning. People normally don’t eat, but I have to. Otherwise, when I am tired I will start throwing up like trying to get something out from my empty stomach. And yes it happened halfway up the hill. I stopped few times because I was so tired. My mistake again, I was walking behind a really tough guy that does not know the word TIRED. I tried to follow his pace. I didn’t want people to queue behind my back. Plus some Chinese fella started to yell at the back in Chinese, which meant something like “faster, after you can’t see the sunrise”. So I was damn pressured. Haha..

Penat giler.

There were one or two spots that you have to pull yourself up with the help of ropes and trees as they were slippery and steep. I couldn’t really stabilize myself. Because it was steep, instead of walking up the hill, I was literally crawling up to prevent myself from stumble. My biggest worry was, how the hell am I going to go down later.

There were four peaks, not many people know the last one. Some only settled at the third peak, as it was the most beautiful stop with exquisite scenery. The best spot to see the sun rise. We stopped there a little while to take photos. It was very breezy, and unfortunately it was cloudy, so couldn’t really see the sun. Nevertheless, the sceneries were so breathtakingly beautiful.

First peak

Second peak

Third peak

To go up the fourth peak was quite challenging, at least for me. Only one person can climb up or down at one time and you must use the rope to carry yourself up. Never in my life would I imagine myself being so adventurous, pulling myself up with the rope but of course with the help of the boys.

The last peak was nothing, really. Just a signboard saying that you have reached the peak. Nothing great about the scenery, just full of rocks and big trees.

Surprisingly, opposite from what others feel, going down the hill was much simpler than going up. Maybe because I could see my steps clearly and I could gauge how high and how steep was from one step to another. The parts where I had to use ropes when climbing up, I just hopped down or slide myself without having to use the rope. This time, I was really running down the hill.

Must try at least once.

Another good form of exercise, I believe.

Friday, March 19, 2010

makan lunch

The bill for my lunch.

Well, let me interprete what I actually paid for

Air suam RM0.60
Nasi (half) RM 1
Rendang ayam RM3.50
Sayur RM1.50
Sambal Belacan RM 1
Telur RM 1.50

Whoever charge sambal belacan? Ikut portion pulak tu.
The more you take sambal belacan the more they charge you.

And this is not at some fancy restaurant in KLCC or Pavillion.
It is just in Jalan Lumut, I bet some people wouldn't know where the hell is that.
Mahal Gell Hell Mell!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Salah pinggan

Kerana aku gemuk,
aku cuba makan sikit.

Apa aku makan,
Aku ambik separuh.

Bila ambik separuh,
Dalam pinggan nampak 'ciput'.

Tapi sejak staff baru aku ni hadir dalam hidup aku,
Aku rasa sungguh gelisah.

Badannya sangat kecik,
Boleh kata separuh badan aku.

Tapi, dia makan bukan separuh portion aku,
Malah, dua kali ganda.

Mana aku tak gelisah?
Pinggan tu macam salah tuan.

Aku sangat teringin makan banyak tanpa naik badan
Seperti budak ini.

Jeles seh.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


My staff told us that he doesn't eat chicken. Reason because chicken walks on the ground. haha.. So since then, the boys call him chicken.

Since he is sooo skinny they started calling him 'kampung chicken'.

He argued saying that he is NOT skinny. He said, "I used to be skinnier!"


What did he look like before. Was there even ANYTHING under his skin? haha.. Kidding man.

We still love you.

Photo courtesy: Ben-10

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tai-Chi geng

My morning jogging will depend on my morning schedule in office. If I have nothing to rush in the morning, I will walk to padang MPSJ which will take me around an hour to reach back home. However, if my boss is coming in to my workplace, I will definitely have to leave early; hence I would just take a short half an hour jog at Padang USJ 4.

What is interesting at Padang USJ 4 is, it is filled with so many people doing a lot of other exercises. The most common is the tai chi group.

There is one group that do taichi with kipas. Another group with rope. Other group with pedang. Ada yang with ribbon. Dan banyak lagi. Tapi, ada satu group yang sangat menarik.

They do taichi with food in their hands.


The member of the group will bring food macam pot luck kinda thing, then they will share the food among themselves. Later, they will do taichi, with food in their hands.

Menarik bukan.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Polis cikai

A friend of a friend told me this.

He was stopped by a police car. Reason? He beat the traffic light.

Policeman indicated he wanted to be bribed.

He checked his wallet and said, "Sorry encik, saya takder duit".

Policeman answered, "ok, takpe, saya ikut awak pergi ATM".

He was shocked that the policeman wanted to go up to that extent just to ask for money.

He headed to the nearest ATM. Policeman was waiting in his car.

He walked back to the policeman and looking guilty (to me, he shouldnt have felt guilty), he said "Sorry encik, dalam ATM saya pun takder duit".

Policeman was pissed."Haaaa..takper la takperla, lain kali jangan buat lagi".

I personally think that policeman was stoooopid. For following him to the desperado. and, for accepting the reason that he has not gotten ANY money.

hmmm... that's another way of getting escaped from being summoned.
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