Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Wedding Nightmare

I just woke up one morning feeling very uneasy, like there were lots of unsettled things. Had been very busy with work that I forgot about the wedding. It was my reception day. But I couldn’t remember the nikah.

I looked at myself, I was fatter than I ever remembered. I was confident that I could not fit in my dress. I looked at everyone in the house. People are doing their normal daily routine. Papa was reading his newspaper, mom was playing with the cats, brother was eating like there was nothing to rush. And there were no other family members. The house was neat. I asked myself again. What date issit today? It was 20th of the fifth month.

I panicked when everyone was very calm

Then I remembered. The makeup artist. She was supposed to be there by then. I called her up. She said I did not book her time. And I did not pay any deposits. My heart stopped. Then I realized I got the wrong MUA. I called up another MUA that I know, and this time I was pretty sure I booked her.

A man picked up and said she couldn’t come because she was not well. Oh my god. Is this a nightmare? I asked myself. I begged the man (guess he was the husband because he was over protective of her) to let her go and help me with the wedding and told him that I have paid the deposit, she cant do this to me. He finally agreed.

I looked around, this time I was in a hall. But not quite the hall that I was expected. It was like in a school hall. Saw my family members all dressed up taking photos and all. The clock shows 1 hour to the event time. And I was still not dressed. I looked around for my wedding gown. It wasn’t there.

I called up my designer, and he said he would send it to me, but he was still in somewhere around Tropicana.

I felt like crying, but nobody could hear me..nobody see me.

They just walked passed me, and never even bothered if I am not ready. Stress building up. I got so panic, I wanted to shower to calm myself down. But there was no water coming out from any of the taps. I shouted but no one heard me. They continued talking and laughing like I was a ghost.

Where was the wedding planner? Oh, I saw him…ushering guests. Why would he do that? That’s not his job. I ran to him. I didn’t care if I wasn’t dressed properly..the guests couldn’t see me anyway. I ran down the stage. But I slipped and fell and…unconscious I guess?

When I was conscious, I realized that I was lying on bed. I didn’t want to open eyes, I just wanted to sleep and let the day goes off. Let the wedding get cancelled off. But somehow, my eyes were forced to open….by my alarm clock.

I looked at my mobile phone. And saw the date. It was still March 2011!


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