Monday, March 21, 2011

Bridesmaids and M.O.H - DONE

After so long of ding dong here and ding dong there, I have finally decided on my Maid of Honor (M.O.H) and the other bridesmaids. It wasn't very difficult to choose although I thot it would be the most challenging for someone who has many best and close friends..

But let's just see who I have.. my best-friends-forever...

1. My very very best friend, who is like a sister I never had...Zetty, the closest not only to me, but to my whole family, she is like my mom's God-daughter. Her sacrifices towards me, I will always carry them until I die...

2. Dyla, my FIRST bestfriend, and amazingly, it lasts until today. Someone who even had her hands on my muntah before when I was very very sick and I vomitted in my classroom.

3. ShoN, my bestfriend through thick and thin. Always there, and always understanding..The one bff that I have never had any disagreements/discomfort with. We never fight :)

4. Dini....the one bff who knows and understand me inside and outside. We were roommates, classmates, collegemates, UK-mates, sleeping mate, eating mate, you name it. We share almost everything.

5. Ira, the bff's lovely wife. But now..she is not just one of my bff's wife...!! She is more than that..She is MY bff.. She gives me mental support, help me wherever she can and whenever I am stuck! She will always have a solution, and I will cherish her sincerity in friendships.

Maid of honor by definition is:
1. The chief unmarried woman attendant of a bride.
2. An unmarried noblewoman attendant upon a queen or princess.
Otherwise, she would have been called the Matron of Honor.

Anyway, I personally think it doesn't matter whether or not she is married. I just wouldnt want to burden the married bffs too much, as they would have their personal responsibilities towards their husbands who are also going to be my best guests. Hence, I try to limit their duties as much possible.

Well I guess one of the reasons to get the unmarried bffs for MOH is for them to 'ambil berkat' and hopefully they will get their jodoh thereafter.

The two maid of honor for the receptions are going to be Dyla (for my reception) and Dini (for his reception) simply because Dini has got an office event on the day after my reception night, so I dont want her to rush to get home that night, just to sleep early for the next day event. I didnt have to choose who becomes MOH for which.

But, how happy I was, you won't be able to imagine! After the announcement of my wedding, not long after, these two bffs announced theirs as well, which fall in the same year! I believe it is the berkat of being selected as the MOH, such an honorouble duty.. hehe...

Ira was my MOH (refused to call her matron :p) during my engagement, simply because she was there early enough to help me out with my veils and all. I didnt have to choose who became my first maiden, she was perfect! She was the expert, she knew how to usher me to the pelamin very well, she took care of my veil and my baju if nampak gemuk or whatever, she will tell me to change my pose.. THAT is the real MOH! :)

Zetty and ShoN will be the maids of honor for my nikah. They will be there next to me, holding my hands when he says 'Saya terima nikahnya....' I didnt have to choose, however, hopefully by then, Hazrieq is big enough to let mummy attending to mama Yien for a lil while. *kiss*

I have also confirmed on my bridesmaids for my reception. The four bridesmaids are my cousins. How did I choose? Also wasn't very hard.. One girl cousin from each family... So for arwah Maklong's family who has 5 daughters....? I get them to choose the most suitable candidate. AND they chose my single and available cousin to be the representative. Hopefully dapat jodoh jugak nanti? :) InsyaAllah....

Today I have completed buying the kain-kain for my bridesmaids and MOH. Many people say that Jakel is expensive. I thought so too when I bought my kain for my engagement. Tapi when we tried going to Nilai 3, kononnya the wedding heaven...:( takder yang menarik minat.. I suggest dont waste time and minyak. Jalan TAR lagi best. Price? Sama jer... Jln TAR is more economical, since you don't have to travel that far.

Next, we went to all other kedai kain like Kamdar, Gulati's, Euromoda...........some kain tak cantik, murah sangat pun takder la... But yg paling tak best is when the sales girl dont even know how to sell. Dah la we have to go round and find our own kain, when we ask for the lining, she said 'tak ada la kot'!!

OK, maybe other people have never encountered this before in any of these shops, tapi...since it happened to us.. and my mom very skeptical pasal service service ni... hence, in the end, Jakel here we comeee!!! The selection of kain is very nice, with good quality.. Yes, the price you can't compare dgn those you buy in Jakarta or Bandung..but...if you consider time to go there, money for accomodation and logistics for few people, not forgetting the extra money you will spend for fake designer handbags and casual wear, I think it is the about the same or maybe just a biiiiiiit less that what you can get at jakel. You do the calculation.

Sekurang-kurangnya, beli di jakel, if you think it is expensive, tapi puas hati...kain-kain dia bawak dpn mata you to choose, you just sit and enjoy them modelling in front of you. well, there are always pros and cons la i guess. Tolak la perangai-perangia buruk the owners of the store tuh... They are very pushy, determined, and adamant on you buying their kain. If you weak like me, suggest find someone who is as strong as my mom who can say "No, let me look around first!" or "Takmo la... MAHAL!" so, you're safe! :)

So.. what is the story of my baju kahwin???? BELUM SETTLE..:)

2 months to go! At least kain for bridesmaids and family of bride - DONE!


DalilaMian said...

ooohh..bab beli kain ni yg paling excited rasenye..JAKEL mgm bnyk i read mixed reviews about them.ade yg ok ade yg x..but to me i prefer GULATIS/EUROMODA or MAYA.anwyay dont forget to share psl material u for kawhin nnti k?

Izrin said...

beli kain plg excited but plg penat.. haha..unless you r not fussy laa.. :p

yes, yesterday i went look for kain songket tabur for my pengiring my fiance's side, pusing la seluruh kedai kain yg ada kat jln TAR/masjid india tu, yg ada not the one i was looking for.. last choice went to jakel..there you go.. segala kaler, segala corak, segala type including the type of songket tht i wanted..they have it!! so i think mmg la nak ckp camne pon.. they have it all ;) but prolly not so cheap la.. but puas hati jugak. (or maybe i tak pandai cari kain :p)
abt my wedding dress, will update soon :) XOXO

Azman said...

ehem. tanak buat post pasal The Best Men ke?

Izrin said...

hahaha...Man!!! the best man tu keje groomm... :p

Balik cepat..!! nak cari baju lagi.. hehehe

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