Monday, January 19, 2009

The GE 'run' writeup

Like any normal 'race' or runs I normally participate in, I find myself having trouble to sleep the day before. Plus the fact that Izrin is working late on weekends kept me awake partly as well. I woke up at around 0500 and had a quick shower just to force myself up and hoping I will not feel lethargic and sleepy.

Packed all my gears and stuffs and left home at 0535. Drove to Ayman's place to pick him up and we reached Lake Gardens at 0555. Waited for Subuh and by 0630 the run was gunned off. It caught me by surprise. 'Oh well, here we go-20km of pain about to begin', I told myself. The first 1.5km was pretty congested with runners as the path was quite narrow. It got better as we approached Jalan Cenderawasih (along Padang Merbok). Kept the pace slow and steady and the first hill was in sight- (along KTM Bank Negara) with more hills to come (near KKR). I 'ran' like an diesel engine powered tanker. Slow but still moving on those hill climbs. We were told that there will be water stations at every 4km mark. But the first water station was not ready as the runners approach it. And so I kept running and headed into Bukit Tunku area with more hills to follow. After a while we reached Jalan Duta Stadium knowing that the U-turn point is not far ahead, but later realised that it is only after another 2 climbs near Lembaga Peperiksaan and Martrade Building.

taken near Masjid Wilayah

Just before the U-turn

'Oh well, slow pun slow lah', I kept telling myself. At km 14 I felt that my right calf was cramping. I slowed my pace and stretched the calf hoping it will subside. It did not. Tried changing the running technique. It did not help as well. Had to stop 3 more times only to face further problems. My left calf is also cramped by then. 'HAH, mampus aku camni', I am not forcing myself to finish in 2h anyway. Realising that even before the start, I told Ayman to go for his 2:30. I walked myself through the last 6km and took my time at the last water station. I guess I did not benefit from the PowerGel taken during 10km mark by drinking every 20 minutes to stop the muscles from stiffing up.

Towards the end Alex came from behind and pulled me through to the finish. I ran slowly with him towards the finishing line and was glad and happy that it is all over. Managed a 2:45 I think. It is slow by most people's standard by I am just happy that I finished it regardless of the time. KLIM's half marathon was even slower back in March 08 compared to this. And considering the (not-beginners friendly) route it offered I am glad to have finished it.

Alex pulling me in towards the finish

Met some friends after the run. Well done everyone (Nurina,Daus,Abu,Julie,Mac,Mr Choi,Kash,Yusran,Chief Kutu,Kak Haza).

Ayman did get his 2:30. 2:22 to be exact. Kasut free tu yg kasik laju.

Enjoying light breakfast with friends (picture by Shazly Khan)


AhMADfairuz said...
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AhMADfairuz said...

gila ah beb..watever happens pun it is still good that u have finished the race..kalo aku, br 4km aku dh start jln kot..hahaha..

as for ayman, tu br kasut free, kalo pki baju n shorts free, lagi laju la dia.hahahahha..

congratz2...medal lawa la..

p/s: tgh tunggu post ko psl boikot tu..haha

Izrin said...

Congrats to Ali and Ayman and all other frens who finished the run.

Ali.. dengan tak training langsung dengan tak tido the night before, dengan tak makan enough the day before.. u're the best! :)

Ali said...

:) thanks hun..
it was painful tho..

fairuz:haha... ko pun leh join one day...everyone can

Saiful Kodi said...

congrat bro..kental la hang

Ali said...

thanks saiful... kt UK running best weh!! April May time terbaik utk run ptg2...june ultimate skali!!

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