Saturday, May 31, 2008

Anne and Kamal

I knew Anne when I entered Kolej MARA Banting to accomplish the International Baccalaureate, the overseas preparation course. She was the next door girl and also my classmate for two years. We went to Cardiff together and did the same course. In Cardiff, she was living in a private residence, called Riverside, and I was staying in the university accommodation that takes about 45 minutes to go to Anne’s house.

The distance between my house and Anne's

Tapi time tu, takder la rasa jauh..nak makan nasi punya pasal (I have never cooked until I met Ali, in my final year). So Anne’s house adalah pusat makan nasi every weekend, that’s where I spent most of my weekends at during my first year.

I met Kamal the first time when he flew from Malaysia to meet Anne in Cardiff. I thought he was the sweetest guy I’ve known. Sanggup fly dari Malaysia and stayed in Cardiff for almost a month. That was during winter break. So we planned for a trip to Paris and Kamal went along. He came to Cardiff again the next year and since then he never missed any of my birthdays, salam hari raya, exam gud luck wish etc..

31 May 2008 menyaksikan Kamal melafazkan akad dalam satu nafas. Being part of the crowd, made me realize that you don’t need RM 20,000, an LV bag, Jimmy Choo’s pair of shoes and an Omega watch to make your wedding meaningful. Tak payah sewa hotel that charges RM 100 sekepala untuk meriah. Everything was perfect. From the pelamin, the setting of the house, the family, the tok kadi, the khemah, and the food. Anne’s family was very accommodating, and Kamal’s was friendly. The wedding will last for seven days, seven nights (adat orang kampong katanya). Kalah Siti Nurhaliza. What makes it more fascinating, selama perkhawinan tu diadakan, the food was prepared dengan cara gotong royong satu kampong. I only see this on TV, and never realized that these things masih exist. I forgot to take the photo of the tempat memasak though.

Anne, getting ready

Anne, manis menuggu for her prince

Kamal, menunggu waktu keramat diijabkabulkan

Sekilas pandangan sebelum sah diijabkabulkan

Kamal menyarungkan cincin

mas kawin and cincin

Da, me with the bride

The pelamin was sooo beautifully done. And I loved it. It's a shame that I am not able to attend the reception the next day. Anyways, Selamat Pengantin Baru Anne and Kamal, semoga perkahwinan direstui Ilahi dan semoga sampai ke anak cucu cicit.

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Selamat Pengantin Baru!

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