Friday, May 2, 2008

It Just Wasn't Meant To Be

Liverpool's luck in this year's UEFA Champions League ended at Stamford Bridge yesterday. After attempting three times, Chelsea finally reached their first ever Champions League final and to be fair either team could have been there to play Man Utd. But it was meant to be Chelsea this time around. The entire Liverpool squad gave everything and I think they can take a lot of positives out of this defeat and can walk away with their heads held high knowing that they had pushed Chelsea to its fullest limit yet.

Overall, yesterday's match was excellent in terms of entertainment and drama. One disallowed goals, penalty kicks given, penalty kicks about to be given but later not given and many other actions.

I am proud of Liverpool despite of the defeat. Mind you it would be hell of a final had it been Liverpool v Manchester United. But it just wasn't meant to be.

To Chelsea and Man Utd...good luck and hopefully it will be an exciting game.


On a different note, I would like to share this story about mobile phones customer services. We all know that handphones in this country comes with 2 choices of warranty; one is provided by the shop itself and the other provided by the distributor. One would think that it is better to go for the distributor's warranty for peace of mind. But be extra careful whenever you send your phones for service,repair etc at these official outlets.

Today I had my phone sent to nokia centre for some minor repairs since the vibrate mode was not functioning. At first I was asked to leave the phone for an hour or two for them to have a look at it. Upon returning to the centre, I was told that the phone needed to be left at the centre and they will have to send it to the HQ for further checking. He said it could be the motor or motherboard failure. I became suspicious and puzzled when he mentioned motherboard. What does that got to do with anything with the vibrate mode since all other functions are functioning perfectly I asked myself. Having failed to figure it out, I told them that I'll just collect my phone and I'll send it to the HQ myself. I then took my phone and switched it on and to my surprise I felt the sensation of vibrating handphone on my palm. And to make sure I had the number called and yes it vibrated.

If the technician mentions something which is unlikely to relate to the issue at hand, he might have other ideas of probably dismantling your phone and replace them with non-original parts especially if your phone is under distributor's warranty. Handphones has a very big market in terms of sale in this country, therefore people might do the unexpected to gain most profit and sadly to your detriment. Please be extra careful when you deal with these people. They are a cheat and more often than not they get it their way.

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