Friday, May 2, 2008


After Chelsea have won their encounter with Liverpool, one of their players(Joe Cole) made this statement:

"When we lost the first two semi-finals, the Liverpool fans showed us a lot of dignity with the celebrations."

"So we were cautious not to over-celebrate and show respect to Liverpool because it was a good game and a great advert for football.

"They are a top side and this is their competition and when the draw was made I would have preferred to have played anyone else in the world because of their record against us in this competition. But we got the job done.

"We are very pleased and it is a great achievement for the club and every player in our squad. Now we need to go and win it."

Joe Cole has made himself good by showing respect towards Liverpool FC a good character shown in contrast to that 'Big Bird' looking Ferdinand chap of Man Utd by attacking Liverpool and Porto in saying that lately 'small' Clubs had won the Champions League the past few years.

And with that I am in agreement with Jamie Carragher that I would prefer Chelsea to win in Moscow.

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