Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kisah seorang anak

It has been three weeks or so since my house helper of 16 years decided to go back to Indonesia for good. She is 50 this year. Naturally her children would want her to go home and stop working.

And it has also been 3 weeks since my mummy starts to go her head around the kitchen.
So last night, I thought of helping out a bit with dinner, since I am not working. I said I’d cook.

Ehem..ehemm.. jangan happy cepat sangat.

Three types of dishes.

Ketam sweet n sour. This is supposed to be the easiest dish, but I’ve always failed on this. So my mom had to repair it to make it more red-dish. (Initially it was very pale looking ketam..Tapi sedap! Chewah).

Kari telur. I did it differently this time. I added some ikan bilis bertumbuk and tumis together with the other bahan tumis. It’s my aunt’s recipe.

Sayur (tak tahu la apa nama dia) tumis with mushroom and oyster.

Started to kupas-kupas bawang at 6pm. Finished cooking at 8.50pm. O.MG. Can I justify here? I tumbuk semua bawang ok. Not justifiable enough? Ketam 8 ekor, banyak tu.. dapur sangat kecik. Masak sorang-sorang. Masa bergerak dengan pantas. Badan gemok susah nak bergerak laju-laju. Dah lama tak masak. Justifiable, No?

After finished cooking, I though happily that I can hidang the lauk already to my hungry father who didn’t have lunch.

Baru nak hidang, tetiba teringat that I didn’t cook the rice. HALAMAKKK..!!!! Sorry dad! :p

We ended up eating dinner like hungry lion (singa lapo) at 9.30pm. My dad cakap “Huh, nasib baik sedap”. :p

Happy..Nasi dan lauk semua habis licin. (Tak tahu lah sebab lapar ke sedap)

After eating, I think my dad was trying to warn me not to cook lagi sebab tak rela nak tunggu lama sangat agaknya. He said “Esok dinner kita makan chapatti beli dekat FAM”

Haihh, lebih rela makan chapatti nampaknya.


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ahahaha.. what a drama.

Ali said...

ketam! nyummy..

Dina said...

u must've been exhausted at the end of it all. i can't remember the last time i cooked!

Izrin said...

Nik: :) betul-betul malam we all makan chapatti.. hehe..

ali: best tau ketam tu..(haha puji diri sendiri) :p nnti i cook for u ok? but i learned my lesson. i will start at 4pm next time.

dina: o.m.g penat giler kay? the next morning rasa macam baru blk dari camping for 3 days. sampai kene letak salonplas. adoii.. melampau betul.. baru masak sikit!
u tak payah la masak dah now.. u jz take care of ur lil one. :)

Anonymous said...

Ikan bilis tumbuk for bahan tumis kari telur. Thanks! New idea.

Izrin said...

:) cuba lah. Sdp sgt! The one yg my aunty cook lah tapi. Hehe..

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