Saturday, October 31, 2009


I was looking at the blog that I share with my girlfriends.

So many girlfriends are expecting. They share their first baby scan in the blog. And I can't help thinking how beautiful the tiny lil thing growing inside them.

I kept on telling him how nice to actually feel that feeling. To be sharing the photo scan with your loved ones.

Then he sweetly said "Awak pun boleh letak pe.. Letak gambar taik". :p



angelX said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA slambe izrin slambe..
"this is my taik.."
hahahahaha. kempunan sangat nak letak kan.. hehehehehhehehe
kelakar lah ali tu

Izrin said...

tu la pasal kan.. i letak kang baru tahu.. heheh..karut btol!

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