Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yesterday I went out dinner with my family. Since everyone of us had good rice for lunch, we decided not to eat rice for dinner.

So we had Burger King. Then somebody suggested durian.

Uncle David's durian memang best. Dulu when I was small, D24 tu dah kira terbaik la. If we behave baik-baik, we would be able to get good durian, D24 then. Tapi now, I realised, the best is NOT D24.

Try Raja Musang or Majerin. TERBAIK. I don't know if the names are commercialised, or he just simply give the names..but they are different from others. Tengok je texture dia.

Dengan tak sedar diri, makan la dengan banyak nya. Banyak jugak la, sampai RM100 kene. My parents always amalkan pour water into the empty shell of the durian, then drink it. It is believed that it will counteract kalau rasa panas badan. But I have always condemn the action.

So balik jer, rasa tekak haus, tak sedap badan, ngantuk, lenguh kaki, rasa nak tidur jer dengan aircond on. TAK STUDY!

Orang Perak kata, liang libu dibuatnya..

Pengajaran: Jangan makan durian malam sebelum exam!

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