Thursday, October 15, 2009

Susah jadi model

Filippa Hamilton, modelling for Ralph Lauren was fired 6 months ago because they claim that she has gone overweight. O.M.G. Her initial body was as big as my thigh.

And look at how she looks now.

Is this over-weight?

Mr Lauren, I think you're sick, no?

Oh, you think I am obese.

Thank you very much.


Azman said...

ini namanya gila.

kurus nak mampus gambar mula mula tuh. yang baru punya lagi cun.

Izrin said...

Kan? macam jerangkung.. yg latest body giler cun and dia kene sack for gaining that extra weight. dunia ni dah giler.

angelX said...

Ya Allah
Badan dia macam penyapu OK

Izrin said...

Ti, i sungguh terasa obese X2

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