Sunday, February 24, 2008

The old laydees

Misty Marcigan

Nayla Blue


Midnight. Not a sound from the pavement.
Has the moon lost her memory. She is smiling alone.
In the lamplight the withered leaves collect at my feet
And the wind begins to moan.
Memory - all alone in the moonlight. I can smile of the old days
I was beautiful then.
I remember the time I knew what happiness was.
Let the memory live again.
Every street lamps seems to beat a fatalistic warning.
Someone mutters and a streetlamp sputters and soon it will be morninc
Daylight - I must wait for the sunrise. I must think of a new life
And I mustn't give in.
When the dawn comes tonight will be a memory too.
And a new day will begin.
Burnt out ends of smoky days
the stale cold smell of morning.
A streetlamp dies
another night is over
another day is dawning.
Touch me - it's so easy to leave me. All alone with the memory
Of my days in the sun.
If you touch me you'll understand what happiness is.
A new day has begun.

Whenever I listen to this song by Barbara Streisand, it has always reminds me of these two cats of mine. They are over 7 years old each and converting to the human age, they are even older than my parents. Nayla was adopted when she was about 7 months if I’m not mistaken and in the later years, we bought Misty when she was 2 months old. Over the years, before and after Misty came to our house, we have adopted several breed cats but none of them survived until now. Some met with an accident, some fell sick and were put to sleep, and some didn’t manage to survive from operation. I have another kitten named Patches O’Gandhi but let’s not talk about him, because his still a baby.

Misty is an arrogant cat. She doesn’t like to be lifted and she only comes to you when she wants something from you. She doesn’t like strangers and she doesn’t go wandering more than 5 meters in radius from the house.

Unlike Nayla, she’s like the street cat roaming about and sometimes tak balik rumah pun ada. But she’s friendly and she loves sitting with people. She listens like she understands, she answers when her name is called, she sleeps like a man, and she pose like a bimbo.

Misty with her arrogant pose.

....and Nayla with her pose

They are old, and they are not as pretty as they used to be. We have been talking about adopting new cats, breed, beautiful, and young. Imagine how these cats would feel when they thought that they are going to be replaced? Where in fact, no cats can replace them.

Nayla merajuk after being scolded for ruffling with my paperwork

Nayla, watching the news at 8.

Tell me how can you not love them?


Ali said...

Nayla kuat merajuk yea...I wonder who taught her that.

izrin said...

maybe i?

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