Saturday, February 16, 2008

The bad day

Yes, it was Valentine’s Day. And I spent it best at client’s office, eating mini pizza from Cold Storage and drinking mango juice. As for me and Ali, we don’t have to wait until V-day to express our love, everyday is V-day for us. Late in the evening, my client came into the auditor’s room and said “By now I can tell who has got a date and who’s not.” The fact that she was in our room at 2130, showed that she hasn’t got a date herself. Hoohoo…

The so-called V-day started really bad for me. I know I heard from many people these past weeks have been hell to everyone. Ali sent in his car for service at Perodua Service centre only to realize that it was stolen the night before it was supposed to be collected. Tak cukup dengan itu, something happened to my car.

“Pada 14/2/2008 lebih kurang 0940 hrs saya memandu motorkar no XXXXXX dari Subang Jaya menuju ke Jalan Ampang. Apabila sampai di MRR2 Tmn Kencana, tiba-tiba sebuah motorkar no XXXXXXX yang berada di depan membrek dan saya terlanggar m/kar tersebut dan sebuah motorkar no XXXXXXX dari arah belakang melanggar bahagian belakang motokar saya. Kerosakkan motokar saya bumper, bonet depan kemek, tangki air bocor, lampu depan pecah, fender kemek, bumper belakang kemek, lain-lain kerosakkan belum pasti”

Before the accident:

After the accident:The cars on the right lane were driving really fast (not speeding though), and suddenly one stupid car from the middle lane came into the right lane and slowed down. I din’t know why he did that, maybe his car was not powerful enough to go faster than the cars at the back, causing an emergency brake from the car in front of me, and naturally, I couldn’t brake on time and BANG once. Siapa tahu another car coming from the back kissed my back so BANG twice to the front, and datang lagi one more car and banged the car at the back, and he hit me one more time and BANG the third time to the front car. Adoi… I tell u, I was shaking from head to toe and I couldn’t breathe for a moment. The fifth car being smart Aleck, langgar dan lari. I was still shaking in the car dared not to move. From inside the car I saw smoke coming out from my car, and my guess was the radiator pecah. Then slowly I got out of the car, the other drivers not talking to each other, started taking photos of all cars involved with their camera mobiles and began to write the license plate of each car. While I stood there not knowing what to do. I called my father and he immediately called EON to send us a tow truck. Seperti yang di duga, banyak la workshop operators stopped by and offered to help. Mestila nak kita hantar our cars to their workshop. But I insisted on waiting for EON. My ignorance to the people has caused them to fight and argue among themselves on siapa sampai dulu di tempat kejadian, in case my EON truck didn’t show up, I would have to follow the first workshop operator that came. My father and I persisted to wait for EON walaupun akhirnya the stupid truck came after one and a half hour lepas kejadian.

At the police station, the investigating officer told me that my report was an honest one. “Lain kali, kalau chain collision macam ni, bila buat report, ko jangan cakap ko langgar orang. Ko cakap la ko berenti, orang belakang langgar ko, baru ko langgar depan. Baru tak kene saman!” Chech.. that comes after my report was printed and signed. So there goes my RM 300.
When my mother knew about the accident, the first thing she told me “ Tulah, mummy dah cakap bayar zakat…”. Ignorance to the responsibility of paying zakat, menurut kata ibu, God will still take the portion of income that does not belong to you, either by you paying zakat, or by taking away your rights and possessions.

Maybe tuhan pun sengaja balas for kutuk-kutuk perempuan (other than me and my mom’s) driving skills. 16 minutes before the accident happened, I was swearing at a lady who drives 80km/hr on a fast lane and didn’t even bother to switch lane even though she was not over taking anybody. Women drivers really tick me off sometimes.

Maybe jugak balasan tuhan pada Ali, for always being infuriated when there’s accidents especially at Federal highways. Now, girlfriend sendiri yang accident..

Whatever the reason is, this could be the ultimate justification. Since the first time I got this car, I have always got two issues pertaining to it. For those who own a Gen2, would comprehend the problems latch on that type of cars. It’s the engine and the steering turning radius. So due to the problems, me and Ali always kutuk the car and my mom on the other hand, always being superstitious believes that if you say bad things about a car, bad things will happen to the car. So this is what happens to me. So friends out there remember pesanan ibu saya, “Rumah and kereta, jangan kutuk or marah-marah, nanti dia merajuk". See.. kereta pon tahu merajuk..bukan perempuan jer..


Azman said...

Alhamudulillah. I am glad you are ok. Shaken, maybe. But not stirred.

Apeda polis tu suruh tipu report. Takde integriti langsung.

It's no superstition lah. If you take care of a car, the car will take care of you. Of course when I say take care, I mean servis mesti on time, any creak, squeak, rattle or rumble requires immediate attention. But it doesn't hurt kalau once in a while you talk to you car, belai-belai the steering wheel masa traffic jam. Maklumlah. I kan single. Muaaahahahaha.

Izrin said...

Hahaha...thanks man for the advice. i akan belai-belai kereta i lebih dari Ali.. :p

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