Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Whiskey Kilo November 676

I got a shocking news earlier today that my Ma's car got stolen at the Perodua Service Centre in Keramat. It was left there on Monday for routine service and engine mounting replacement. The people at the service centre called twice to inform us that the car would be ready by 1400 only to be told by them that the car was missing as at last night. To call us twice to inform us to 'collect' what?! You piece of S**T. The police report was lodged and it was evident that the careless party in this incident is the Perodua people. We were lucky that all the records that proof we left the car was there in the system as the service booklet is missing together with the car. We have the copy of police report with us just in case the Perodua people try to act dishonestly. The only contributory factor that I could think of which led to all this is that the fuel tank was full when we sent the car. So friends and readers, if you have to leave a car overnight, do not leave it with a tank full of fuel. That might be an intriguing factor for a joyride and even theft of the automobile. We are now waiting for the insurance of Perodua to solve this matter. It is very likely that it was an inside job.

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