Saturday, February 23, 2008

what a girl wants

As I wander about The Great Eastern mall, where I am currently auditing, looking for some place to fill up my hungry stomach, I saw countless of people also walking about the mall maybe looking for food, or rather looking for some place to chill at. I see mother and daughter hanging out, and having lunch together, I see hubby and wife holding hands, shopping, I see business associates hanging out at Starbucks for hours…ON A WORKING DAY!! And I was wondering to myself.. how can these people find time to do all these things? How can they be so chill? (Can you sense the jealousness?) Well, I AM jealous!

I want to be able to wake up in the morning and think to my self “hmm..apa nak buat hari ni?” [Currently, waking up in the morning “ala…tanak keje!!!!!”] I want to be able to take my own sweet time having breakfast with my family and catch up. I want to be able to laze around at home and read my magazines. [Currently I have 5 recent issued magazines piled up waiting to be read]. I want to be able to go shopping and spend RM 1000 per week and not feeling guilty. I want to find time to further my French lesson and go to the gym that I have been loyally paying to (but never had the chance to go). I want to be able to hangout with my girlfriends over coffee and gossip like the good old days. I wish I can stay at home and learn baking and sewing. And I yearn for having more time and money to do charity.

Even if I have to work, I want a job that is less stressed. I don’t want to be thinking about people’s problem, of not doing the accounting treatment right, of not knowing how to prepare their financial statements, of not being able to put effective control on their goddamn business. I want a desk on my own, not begging to client to provide us a meeting room for the auditors. I want a clean workplace, not a room with full of files, unwanted papers and junk food. I want to have my time reading newspapers in the morning before I start my work, not coming to work and looking straight at client’s shit.

If that is what I call an ideal life, I don’t know what kind of life I am leading now. I don’t even have time to bathe twice a day, let alone do the things I love to do. Although I work around the clock, gaji tetap sama, workload bertambah-tambah. I have the same routine everyday and every morning I wish I could have the guts to bang myself at the wall so I don’t have to drive 45 minutes to work, I don’t need to see my nasty clients, and demanding bosses, I don’t want to be eating junk food that puts on my weight 2 kgs a week. I don’t have to work late until 11 pm and still stuck in the traffic jam at Federal Highway.

Oh, just tell me why did I sign up for audit?


wnf wj said...

izzy!!takut nye work life!!! :O
mcm tu ke?aaaa...tak nak!!! tsk tsk
cari la keje lain yg chill skit iz..
xde ke..? :/ (senang je i ckp kan..? :P heh) sabar ye iz!maybe sumday u'll get that dream job :)


izzy said...

didzy..honestly, that is my life.. but well, i think buka sumer line of job macam tu. u can have a chill one.. u have to choose the right one.. hehe.. i have already "terbabas". no turning back!

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