Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ceci est l'Angleterre

I still recall the period when many youngsters in this country in the late 90's would dress up like a skinhead just like in the poster picture above. Honestly speaking, it did not look too bad in the movie. But to actually see them people dressed like skinheads here surely looks weird and laughable. You can tell by looking at these young adults that they have no idea why they are dressed that way. To them, to be seen looking like skinheads in England back in the 80's is something cool and revolutionary. After watching "This is England", it made me understand better why and how the situation got out of hand during Thatcher's era as the Prime Minister of England concerning the Falklands War and its effect on the working class people in England as well as the cheap tactics used by the right-wing Nationalists to gather support and spread their propaganda.

Skinhead culture was a way for these working class people of England to have some fun by enjoying ska music, drinking beers together and cherish friendships and love that they have for each other. In the beginning of the birth of the skinhead culture, skin colour and racial roots were not rooted to one source. It is a culture shared by every working class people. But in this movie, it showed how all that changed when extreme nationalism is pumped into this culture. It created a crossroad for skinheads as there are Whites and Jamaicans in the culture.

This is the best film which tells us the life and struggle of skinheads. It sends an important message that violence and hatred should always be kept away from politics and leaving something behind could be the best decision after all.

If you have seen American History X or Romper Stomper this is a movie you definitely have to watch.

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