Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Congratulations Saiful and Ana

Their wedding reception was held at Dewan Merak Kayangan on 030208. The night before i got a phone call from the best-man of the bridegroom (Azman) asking me whether I would know anyone who could be an emcee for the ceremony. The actual emcee had an emergency and panic attack is slowly attacking Saiful. Without mentioning any names that I could think of I told Azman that I'll do it. The whole speech was already been prepared, I just need to read them at the reception with the right intonation...I was reminded by Izrin not to talk like I normally do because she expressly mentioned that when I talk, its always monotonous and facial expression is important since I don't smile enough.

On sunday, wedding day, Azman and I arrived at the venue at 0930. We were supposed to be there at 0830 for the rehearsal but we were late and luckily the bride was not mad. You know how girls get easily annoyed and upset when something is not going according to their plan. Phew...we escaped that one alright. We got to practice the whole ceremony about 2 times before we had to get dress and get ready for the reception. Guests start to arrive at 1200...one of very few weddings I've been to that guests are not following the standard "Malaysian Time" like we did earlier that morning. I was quite impressed with the flow of the event. I started welcoming the guests and the newlyweds into the hall according to schedule.

The whole ceremony went smoothly and I was happy that I could help them to feel really happy for this special day of theirs. Both, Ana's family and Saiful's family are really cool and cheerful bunch of people. It was a pleasure to meet them.

To Saiful and Ana...
Congratulations and All the Best!!!

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