Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Road to Moscow

Champions League knockout stage: Round of 16

KO 1945
Kuyt (85),Gerrard (89)

Liverpool: Reina, Aurelio, Carragher, Hyypia, Finnan, Babel, Leiva, Mascherano, Gerrard (c), Kuyt, Torres. Subs - Alonso, Arbeloa, Benayoun, Crouch, Itandje, Pennant, Riise

Inter Milan: Cesar, Chivu, Cordoba, Materazzi, , , Cambiasso, Stankovic, Zanetti (c), Cruz, Ibrahimovic. Subs - Burdisso, Crespo, Figo, Suazo, Toldo, Vieira,

the return leg will be played in 3 weeks time in San Siro...

after the Great night in Istanbul LFC supporters wrote this poem to show their appreciation..
I am hoping that come May 2008...Liverpool would be playing their 3rd Champions League final in 4 years...
I know its a long shot...but anything is possible in football

Red Inspiration

25th of May 2005,
From 45 minutes of dismay to the best night of our lives.
As the clocks started in the final, we all believed,
Until one minute in when we all bereaved.
1-0 Milan and it only got worse,
Then 2-0 and 3-0 was our night of glory cursed?

Our heads were hung low, but there was still hope in our hearts,
And that hope turned to belief 9 minutes into the 2nd half.
Gerrard rose above the rest, to put the fire back in the crest upon his chest,
Because the best DO NOT rest! They stand tall,
And within 2 minutes that passion provided another goal.

You'll Never Walk Alone echoed throughout the crowd and with this our warriors in red stood proud.
The chants rang loud as our confidence grew,
Would this legacy be passed from the old to the new?
And with that something remarkable occurred,
Almost drowned out by the passion of the pool a whistle was heard.
Penalty to Liverpool was this my imagination?
Then as Xabi drilled in the re-bound a roar was heard across the nation.
The mighty reds of Liverpool had achieved the impossible,
Now our night of glory again seemed quite possible.

Legs worked harder and hearts craved success,
But this night belonged to L.F.C some say we may have been blessed.
True we have a few legends,
Residing now in heaven,
But down on earth wearing red shirts I was counting legends and there were eleven.

Every player gave all they had to realise their wildest dreams,
And remember to do this you have to overcome and beat the best of teams.
So as extra time loomed and bodies became worn-out,
Another verse of our famous anthem rang again throughout.

Our 12th man roared again to rally their incredible team,
And every single one of them was dreaming the same dream.
Seeing that huge, big trophy in our captain's grasp,
Then a huge gasp, and a sigh of relief,
As Shevchenko's double shot was saved by Dudek.
See all you need is a little belief!!
And rumour has it if you watch the replay in slow-motion and follow nothing but the ball,
There were two goalies on the line that night: Dudek and Pope John Paul.

So as penalties followed and Serginho first stepped up,
Stevie G secretly had one eye on the cup.
Pirlo followed and missed his chance,
Dudek took Carra's advice and did a little dance.
Smicer's kick was a good one, and it was Milans last chance to redeem,
But Dudek guessed the right way and realised every Liverpudlian's dream!

Finally 21 years later after that glorious night in rome,
A new era for Liverpool was born and THE CUP WAS COMING HOME.
As celebrations continued I realised it REALLY was not a lie,
At the end of the storm there REALLY IS a golden sky!

looking forward to tonights game between Arsenal and AC Milan...
that would be an interesting match...

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