Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baju kahwin matter - DONE

Let’s see my progress on my wedding attire. I finally managed to tick on this one for all three events last weekend. Normally, this item is the first agenda or shall I say the utmost important thing to settle. But not for me though. Could be due to two reasons:

1. I am not a superstar, I don’t need to have extravagant and over-elaborate wedding dress

2. I am fat, and I want to take whatever time left to shed some fats. (Macam la boleh kan?)

Three months away from the wedding, I met up with one freelance designer named Gary who used to work for some famous designer in kl. Introduced by my bff, Ira as well as some other friends of my mom.

Ira’s dress beautifully done by Gary.

Prices are from RM1,200 to RM 1,500 for reception dress. He is very professional. He will put your wedding date 2 weeks earlier than the actual date, so that there won’t be any problem of late delivery. He does not have a boutique, and he goes to your house for consultations. He is a very pleasant young man, I have no complaints over him. He is very much recommended for brides with pear shape like me. He knows how to cover your butt.. If you want to go for modern designs, with good price, you can go to him! However, he drew some sketches for me, very nice designs, but they just didn’t make me go “ooooohhhh la la”. The best design out of the three drawings, has got feathers all over the dress, which I thought was too elaborate. I didn’t commit immediately. I know it was not his fault, he is good, its just that I am fussy and it is not easy to do a dress that can fit my body perfectly.
Next, I went to see Syaiful baharim. He did my engagement dress, and I just loveeee his designs, simply because they are simple. I don’t like wedding dress with heavy beads on the body. In fact, I don’t like beads at all. But you know la how people always say, “takder beads, tak pengantin laaa” betul ker? Look at the mat salleh’s weddings, their gowns are normally plain satin. Simple, nice and elegant. That’s what I’m looking for. Hence, Razuan R, Rizalman yada yada yada, are definitely not in my list. Although I did have some intention to check out on them, but somehow, I always never manage to find time, but anyway… even before I decided on anything, I have put my foot down that my nikah dress will definitely be from Syaiful. He understands my body type, he understands my taste.

So my nikah baju will be just a simple chiffon kurung moden, a biiiiiit of lace, probably about same design with my engagement dress, only thing different, this baju has less laces from the engagement one. What I love the most is the kain and the veil. Nothing special about the kain, just that I happen to see a photo from some source of a wedding nikah where its kurung modern top is matched with a flowy kain. I thought it was something different, at least to my eyes. However, I didn’t show that picture to Syaiful, he just read my mind. The veil that he drew for me was veryyyyy long, and I loved it! He said when I sit on the floor, just let the veil fall all over me. Ahhh, I cannot imagine it yet. But insyaAllah… nak nyesal pon tak guna, sudah bayar deposit J
Syaiful also drew me a few sketches for my reception dress. Told him I wanted something like a bit of Victorian like, but not too much. Haha..To be honest, I didn’t know what I want ..hehe.. To keep it simple but a bit of Victorian, he drew a one-piece gown, a combination of satin and french lace, with chiffon as the tail. Gonna wear a short veil, as I have decided, to let the chiffon be the tail instead of my veil. Maybe also something different, at least to my eyes. In the end, 2 month plus away from the wedding date, I confirmed my reception dress with Syaiful Baharim.
Baju bertandang was another thing that got delayed up to last week. With the concept of traditional, I would like to do a traditional kebaya songket. I have always wanted to do my songket with Salikin Sidek, since I was 17! But he is too expensive la for a kain songket, that may not need so much beading pun. So my cousin introduced me to  an ex-staff of Salikin Sidek, “tak dapat tuannya, pekerja pun jadi daaa”. He did wedding dress for my cousin’s wedding.

It’s beautiful, and he is cheap too. BUT, If you are the type who is particular, cepat panic, I suggest you don’t even bother to consider him. He is the type that seldom pick up calls, never call you back, or sometimes just MIA. But he will make sure your wedding dress siap la, that is for sure. He is a friend of those HATTA Dolmat and the rest la.. I am not bridezilla, so I dun really know their names. However, Mr A is not the type that can tolerate this kind of people, so since he is paying, he gets to say “No, I don’t like him, don’t do business with him” :p
Later, I was introduced by my friend, Fariza, to a very nice lady, Kak Wawa who does a lot of songket, the owner of Cleo Studio Ampang. She is super nice and generous. She does make up too.. nice one tau.. but too bad I have booked my MUAs. Well, other than baju kawin and make up , she also does facial, spa, hair, sewa baju, sewa accessories (traditional and modern), she has them all, also she doe pelamin service. For a simple kebaya songket, with no beadings, I shouldn’t spend more than 1k. But I was pretty shocked when I hear her quotation. Not only my baju costs less than 1k, I get to sewa accessories for both man and wife, baju songket plus lining, do tanjak and bengkung for you, berinai, all below 1k. yeahhh!!! Go check them out.
So yeayy!!! My baju kawin all settled Alhamdulillah.

1 month and 2 weeks!


bride2wife said...

Izrin, good choice!! i always love his works..sadly dia mahal sgt lafor me :( you can share with me Gary's number..hehe

Izrin said...

tahirah, kalau org cantik macam you, tak perlu spend byk to look pretty on your big day :) if i cantik cam you.. i gi tailor yg buat baju raya i jer, knowing tht i will be pretty any ways heheh..:)

bride2wife said...

no i am not!! are pretty izrin, and with syaiful and kak sue, mesti meletup lah ur wedding nnt :) cant wait!

Unknown said...

hi, can u me gary's contact no?

Izrin said...

hi, can pls drop me an email for gary's number?


Anonymous said...


can I get the number for Gary. Thank a lot for your help in advance.

drop me a line -

zaki said...

can i get contact gary's contact number? better for u to just put gary's number at yr page.. 4sure not only me interested with that, hope to get yr reply, my email,

Unknown said...

Hi! Nak number atau email gary boleh? Lawaaanyaaa thanks in advance:)

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