Monday, April 11, 2011

Invitation cards - DONE

Initially both of us, had plans to go Jakarta/Medan/Bandung that sort of place to do our wedding things including doing the invitation cards. However, considering the resources and time, we changed our mind.

In the end, both of use settled with local producers in Medan MARA. Their designs are as good, and they are not any much more expensive pun, if I may say this...they are just slightly more mahal sikit per card then if we were to do in Indon. But if calculate on the whole, you don't lose anything.

The hard cover cards are about RM4-7 per piece, but if you were to do it in Indon, probably about RM 2-3. Groom's type of card costs about in the range of RM1-2.50 (Indon's would be about less than RM1). Yes, in general, Indon's designs are nicer, however, think about this:

1) Leave to take for you to travel back an forth to Indon
2) Transportation wise, not only on planes, but you have to hire a driver to drive you around town
3) Accomodation that you have to spend not only for yourself, but for whoever suku-sakat that is following you there
4) There are a lot of typos, emailing flying around here and there to correct mistakes printed on the card. The more mistakes you detect, the more you gotta spend
5) The extra money that you'll need to spend for designer shopping over there ;)

You end up paying more!

Kad dekat sini, walau you may think tak secantik or se-grand if you were to order from Indon, I feel 100% relieved to see the outcome. More than I was expecting.

Bride's reception

Groom's reception
Bride's card was done at a shop call Cahaya Idaman in Medan MARA.
Groom's card was done at a shop call Ixora, also in Medan MARA.

Happy, Alhmdulillah!

1 month 1 week to go!!!!

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