Saturday, December 22, 2012

39th week Checkup

YES, I am still around with this big belly. It gets me so restless and anxious at the same time, the fact that I was 3cm dilated 2 weeks ago, and nothing really changed until this week's checkup.

The past 2 weeks, I have not been feeling or seeing any changes to my body. In fact, I get less Braxton Hicks although stronger than I usually feel, but very less frequent.

Last few days before I went for my 39th week checkup, I was experiencing a real pain on my right abdomen. Sakit dia macam ada a very heavy batu in my right stomach, very hard, campur dengan angin. Urgghh... hard to explain. Tapi perut memang mengeras ke sebelah kanan and I could not move AT ALL. I was crying in pain. I couldnt even call out for my husband, not that he could do anything, but I wished I could at least reach him and get him to hold me tight. It lasted about 40 minutes. Then perut lembut balik.

The next day, the same thing happened again. I looked at the time, it was about the same time as the day before, same feeling, same spot. This time, I could reach out my husband's hand, gerak dia told him I was in pain. But maybe because I was too gentle (I really could not move, nak gerak kuat-kuat pon tak mampu), my husband tak jaga langsung. I cried again alone that night for 40 minutes.

The next day, I was contemplating whether or not to go to hospital to check my baby's condition. Benda yang paling menakutkan adalah kalau baby terlilit dengan tali pusat. Friends suggest to go straight to hospital, but when I consulted my mom, she said, she had experienced that before. She said the baby actually moved, kepala from bawah pusing 180 deg naik ke atas, within that small space and considering the size of the baby, of course la rasa sakit. And the baby memang suka stay at one side and mengeras, so it's normal. When I thought about it again, i think it's possible because rasa sakit tu memang seolah-olah baby berpusing. Moreover, I never fail to monitor baby's movement, and they seem fine and consistent. So InsyaAllah, nothing to be worried about. I patiently waited for the next checkup.

When I get to see Dr D, syukur sangat ya Allah, the moment she saw me, she said "Baby dah turun ye. Banyak dia turun" then she smiled. She checked the using the doppler, and we heard the baby's heartbeat, and she said "very good". The she started to scan the baby, again showing me every part of the baby's body. Baby was growing by 200g in a week. She was 3.2kg. And the doctor confirmed baby has already engaged. Alhamdulillah..... syukur. At least something new this week. The position of the baby was good, tali pusat ok, air ketuban ok, everything else was functioning, alhamdulillah...balik rumah, happy again.

Now I just have to wait for my contraction or waterbag burst. Can't imagine which will come first. Lama betul from 3cm dilation nak bukak lebih besar, 2 weeks dah ni. Takpe lah, sabar je laa... Keep telling myself, she will come out, when she is ready! :)


Thursday, December 13, 2012

38th week Checkup

I was scheduled to see Dr Delaila for my checkup this week due to Dr Siti being on holiday till Christmas (my due date).

I went to do research about Dr D, mana tau ada comment yang tak best ke, buruk-buruk ke about this doctor dalam any momTobe blogs. I have to get ready, man! because this woman might be the one yang menyambut anakku nanti. Well, I have also asked around including my bestfriends who had Dr D as their gynae. Percaya lah, susah nak buat decision, I have heard good and bad.

After meeting Dr D yesterday, what I can sum up from the whole thing is, sesiapa yang straight chose Dr D as the gynae, swear to god, you'll love her. She is good, she gives detailed explanation about your condition, and sometimes, she makes jokes too. Cuma PR dia tak berapa bagus, she has that look that says "you dont mess with me, I am a bloody good gynae"). And she distinguishes patients by referring Dr Siti as "your doctor" seolah-olah I am not her patient. The fact that I am seeing her now, makes me her patient la, no? But i don't doubt her skills at all laaa. She is good.

Tetapi sesiapa yang pernah jumpa Dr Siti dulu then jumpa Dr D, they'll definitely have problems with Dr D. Dr Siti sangat la penyayang, lembut and very pleasant. Ada pros and cons la antara dua famous doctor di SMDC ni.

But what I can say is, kalau la kene beranak dgn Dr D pon, I'm happy. After being consulted by her, rest assured that she is a good gynae.

Ok, let's talk about my condition. She held my perut, pegang jer, she can tell where are the kaki, the bontot and the muka. Of cos if she was lying pon, I wouldnt know, haha. Then she said "oh, my at 38 weeks, your baby is still floating" means, she was not yet engaged. But not to worry, ada je orang yang dah into labor, baby still not engaged. So that is not the determination.

Then dia mula scan perut, she showed me every part of baby's body. The baby is already downwards, but not engaged. She said the baby is not too big, just nice, 3.0kg, but has a very chubby face. Dr D said my baby cute.. hahah sbb montel. :p Air ketuban sangat cukup, everything else was functioning well, alhamdulillah...cuma baby je tak engage lagi.

I was kinda disappointed that doc refused to do V.E (seluk vagina) to see the opening sebab takut bleeding. She wanted me to watch out for the actual blood discharge that gives signal for labour, not blood due to V.E.

I soo wanted to know if the cervix has opened more than 3cm. It has been 1 week plus. So curious to know sama ada tebal sangat dinding rahim nak bukak more than 3cm, atau pun sudah bukak lebih besar, saya yang tak rasa sakit-sakit contraction. I don't know.

So, back to square one. She sent me home with another week of MC and wait until I have active contraction (selang 5 minit) or waterbag burst. But at least I am happy to know that my waterbag still banyak (for one week, sangat risau kalau waterbag pecah tapi tak sedar, then takut baby lemas), also happy to know that baby is doing well inside the womb (for one week everytime rasa sakit perut, I was worried if baby tersimpul dengan tali pusat), ahhh macam-macam kerisauan. Also, orang kata nak beranak ni rasa cam nak terberak. Huh, everytime nak berak jer, risau sangat takut kepala baby terkeluar, rupanya blom engage pon. heheh..

So another thing that Dr D told me to do for the next one week is to monitor my baby's movement. I have to time the movement, tak kisah la kicking ke, berpusing ke, gerak ke, menggeliat ke, any type of movement. From 9 am and count until the 10th movement. The 10th movement of the day must not be later than 5pm. If dah pukul 5pm tapi blom sampai 10th movement, something is wrong with your baby inside, cepat-cepat pegi hospital.

Today, first day monitored the movement. Dalam satu jam je dah dapat 10 movement, ku masih lagi active, seronok sangat tak mau keluar.

OK la sayang..duduk la dalam tu sampai ready to come out k? Jangan tumbuk pelvic bone and bladder mama banyak-banyak kali, sudah....sakit..sayang :) P/S: jangan keluar malam ni...mama nak tengok bola MalaysiaVsThai (AffSuzuki2012) haha :p

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pre-labour Stage

It has been exactly one week since Dr Siti last performed VE (seluk vagina) and found that I was 3 cm dilating. Still, there are no active signs of labour. That's because I have been very inactive at home for the past one week. Dr Siti would have let me continue working if my office is near to my house. But driving 80km daily back and fro is really not advisable at this stage. So she let me rest at home.

Signs of labour:
  • Persistent lower back pain or abdominal pain, with a pre-menstrual feeling and cramps. - I have the lower back and abdominal pain, pre-menstrual feeling but no cramps.
  • Painful contractions that occur at regular and increasingly shorter intervals, and become longer and stronger in intensity. - My contractions is very normal and irregular and still within long intervals. However, my tummy always get hardened and sometimes causes some pain when it gets hard. Sometimes, I am confused if this is also called contraction. I wouldn't know.
  • Broken waters. Your membranes may rupture with a gush or a trickle of amniotic fluid. Either way, call your maternity unit to let them know. - No yet at this point. But I have read some blogs where moms didnt even realise that the water has burst until doctor told them during the weekly checkup. Ini menakutkan sedikit.
  • A brownish or blood-tinged mucus discharge (bloody show). If you pass the mucus plug that blocks the cervix, labour could be imminent, or it could be several days away. It's a sign that things are moving along. - Early of the week, I have got some blood discharge but the midwife said it could be because of VE done by doctor. It stopped after two days. However, lately, I noticed that there are some mucus plug around the vagina slowly leaking. It is very clear but sticky and no smell.
  • An upset tummy or loose bowels. - I get this everyday for the last one week.
  • A period of feeling very emotional or moody - Easily get angry, yes!
  • Disrupted sleep - Oh, EVERY NIGHT i cry because of this!

Read more:

However, selagi takde active contraction and air ketuban tak pecah, nothing to be alarmed about. But there is one thing I just found out today that I should be doing while resting at home....monitor baby's movement. I guess a bit too late for me now, as tomorrow will be my next appointment with the doctor, I'll just wait then.

Monitor baby's movement:
Draw a chart of the timing when the baby moves.
Start at the same time everyday and the 10th movement of the baby must be about the same time everyday (plus minus 1 hour).
If it's not... you must immediately go to the hospital.

For the past one week I have tried a few natural ways to induce labour. Although not diligently, but I have tried them anyway.

Natural induced labour:
1. Walking - The simple act of walking during pregnancy may help draw the baby down into your pelvis (thanks to gravity and the swaying of your hips). The pressure of the baby on your pelvis may then prime your cervix for labor — or may help labor progress if you've already felt some contractions. But if you have not been exercising the last 9 months of your life, this is VERY difficult, I tell you. Mengah dia tak terlawan. For the past one week, I have only done 1 day of evening walk, and about 10 times of naik turun the stairs daily. Thta's all I can afford to do. 

2. Sex - Sperm contains prostaglandins — hormones that can help thin and dilate the cervix, ripening it for delivery. What's more, an orgasm releases the hormone oxytocin, which can trigger contractions. In past one week, I have only done this once! Sebab serious, tak larat! But if you can do this everyday, nescaya cepat je nak beranak. Buat sekali pon dah nampak lubang vagina yang sedikit membesar.

3. Evening primrose oil - this herb can help the cervix thin and dilate and prep it for labor. You can take evening primrose oil capsules, or rub the oil onto your cervix during the last weeks of pregnancy. You can even insert the capsules into your vagina. Tapi saya tak buat ni. Nak insert atau nak makan pil-pil ni tak caya sikit.

4. Spicy Food -  Some people believe that spicy food, like castor oil, irritates your intestines (but more gently) and that can cause your uterus to contract. Spicy food is my favourite. Tapi kadang-kadang tu jadi sakit perut plak lebih-lebih, so be careful.

5. Acupuncture - Acupuncture, the art of inserting thin needles into specific pressure points on the body, can stimulate uterine activity and nudge the baby into action. Ishhh tak payah laaa sampai nak cucuk-cucuk, tak? 

6. Nipple stimulation - That's right, nipple stimulation (massaging and twisting) for a few hours a day can cause your body to release the hormone oxytocin, which brings on contractions. I don't do this myself of course. Rasa bodoh je nak stimulate diri sendiri. Please...get help from hubby :)


So basically i have done nothing much to induce labour. Not that i am at risk of overdue or anything like that. Baru nak masuk full term. So i believe that i should just wait whenever she is ready to meet me. No need to force her to come out. Maybe she needs more time to play inside my womb.

Baby I, just let me know whenever time you are ready, ok?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

37th week checkup

Or shall I say 36 weeks + checkup.

Went to see Dr Siti, for the first weekly checkup before labor starts. That morning when I was gonna go take my urine for testing, Braxton Hicks attacked. This is usual for me. I always get this in the morning after a long drive to office.

When it was my turn to see Dr Siti, I guess she sensed that I was not very in comfortable condition. She asked if I was in pain, I told her it's normal in the morning. She told me to lie down for scanning. Baby still not engaged, although the position was ever ready to be engaged, head down, water enough, weighing 2.9kg.

I actually did not realise what else did the doctor do. I forgot if she had explained what she was doing, but she was definitely doing something down there at the vagina. After we hear baby's heartbeat from the doppler, she inserted something in the vagina, and took korek something like taking a sample or something, I don't know. Then, she inserted something very deep into the vagina. Not sure with her fingers or with something very long, but I thought it was a very deep insert, not painful, but a bit uncomfortable I would say.

She looked at me in surprise "You are 3cm open!!!" Whaaaat? I didnt know how to react, I asked "Are you serious, doctor?" Of course she was serious! She told me she will give me MC for a week until the next checkup. Two things in my mind:

1. I am happy that my leave already starts unexpectedly, as she was gonna give me MC until I deliver.
2. I have to wait another week for the cervix to open more than 3 cm???? That's loonnggg!!!

I kinda panicked, not sure what to expect. I was told that within this week, I should go straight to the labour ward if my water break or I have frequent contraction like every 10 minutes. She told me to go home and rest.

We went to Giant nearby our house, to buy last minute things like baby's toileterries, nursing bra, disposable panties and maternity pads. When we got home, I found that I was bleeding macam period. We were panicked at first. consulted few people including our doctor friend, mostly said the bleeding may have caused  by the vagina insert earlier (sorry, I don't know what's the medical term used for this. Malay would say, doktor seluk).

After wash, no more period like discharge, only stains. The next morning, after breakfast, I did some clearing up at the guest room where i am gonna stay for my confinement period. Later, I realised I was bleeding again. Hubby called the labour room and spoke to the midwife. She said the same thing, only go to the hospital when my water burst or when there are frequent contraction. The blood is normal unless it comes out non-stop like menses, then, it is something to be alarmed about.

So for now...I am just relaxing at home. It has been 2 days, I dont know if the cervix is still only 3cm open. But I don't feel any contraction, now. Not even the normal Braxton Hicks I used to get in office.

I need to do some work at home. Be a bit more active, maybe walk a bit in the evening, make some love at night, hahah! See if there is any progress tomorrow. Based on my research on real life stories, from 3cm to open up to 4-5cm, sometimes, it could take up to 2 weeks.

Argghh... ni baru 2 days!

Cepat lah sakit....

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