Thursday, December 13, 2012

38th week Checkup

I was scheduled to see Dr Delaila for my checkup this week due to Dr Siti being on holiday till Christmas (my due date).

I went to do research about Dr D, mana tau ada comment yang tak best ke, buruk-buruk ke about this doctor dalam any momTobe blogs. I have to get ready, man! because this woman might be the one yang menyambut anakku nanti. Well, I have also asked around including my bestfriends who had Dr D as their gynae. Percaya lah, susah nak buat decision, I have heard good and bad.

After meeting Dr D yesterday, what I can sum up from the whole thing is, sesiapa yang straight chose Dr D as the gynae, swear to god, you'll love her. She is good, she gives detailed explanation about your condition, and sometimes, she makes jokes too. Cuma PR dia tak berapa bagus, she has that look that says "you dont mess with me, I am a bloody good gynae"). And she distinguishes patients by referring Dr Siti as "your doctor" seolah-olah I am not her patient. The fact that I am seeing her now, makes me her patient la, no? But i don't doubt her skills at all laaa. She is good.

Tetapi sesiapa yang pernah jumpa Dr Siti dulu then jumpa Dr D, they'll definitely have problems with Dr D. Dr Siti sangat la penyayang, lembut and very pleasant. Ada pros and cons la antara dua famous doctor di SMDC ni.

But what I can say is, kalau la kene beranak dgn Dr D pon, I'm happy. After being consulted by her, rest assured that she is a good gynae.

Ok, let's talk about my condition. She held my perut, pegang jer, she can tell where are the kaki, the bontot and the muka. Of cos if she was lying pon, I wouldnt know, haha. Then she said "oh, my at 38 weeks, your baby is still floating" means, she was not yet engaged. But not to worry, ada je orang yang dah into labor, baby still not engaged. So that is not the determination.

Then dia mula scan perut, she showed me every part of baby's body. The baby is already downwards, but not engaged. She said the baby is not too big, just nice, 3.0kg, but has a very chubby face. Dr D said my baby cute.. hahah sbb montel. :p Air ketuban sangat cukup, everything else was functioning well, alhamdulillah...cuma baby je tak engage lagi.

I was kinda disappointed that doc refused to do V.E (seluk vagina) to see the opening sebab takut bleeding. She wanted me to watch out for the actual blood discharge that gives signal for labour, not blood due to V.E.

I soo wanted to know if the cervix has opened more than 3cm. It has been 1 week plus. So curious to know sama ada tebal sangat dinding rahim nak bukak more than 3cm, atau pun sudah bukak lebih besar, saya yang tak rasa sakit-sakit contraction. I don't know.

So, back to square one. She sent me home with another week of MC and wait until I have active contraction (selang 5 minit) or waterbag burst. But at least I am happy to know that my waterbag still banyak (for one week, sangat risau kalau waterbag pecah tapi tak sedar, then takut baby lemas), also happy to know that baby is doing well inside the womb (for one week everytime rasa sakit perut, I was worried if baby tersimpul dengan tali pusat), ahhh macam-macam kerisauan. Also, orang kata nak beranak ni rasa cam nak terberak. Huh, everytime nak berak jer, risau sangat takut kepala baby terkeluar, rupanya blom engage pon. heheh..

So another thing that Dr D told me to do for the next one week is to monitor my baby's movement. I have to time the movement, tak kisah la kicking ke, berpusing ke, gerak ke, menggeliat ke, any type of movement. From 9 am and count until the 10th movement. The 10th movement of the day must not be later than 5pm. If dah pukul 5pm tapi blom sampai 10th movement, something is wrong with your baby inside, cepat-cepat pegi hospital.

Today, first day monitored the movement. Dalam satu jam je dah dapat 10 movement, ku masih lagi active, seronok sangat tak mau keluar.

OK la sayang..duduk la dalam tu sampai ready to come out k? Jangan tumbuk pelvic bone and bladder mama banyak-banyak kali, sudah....sakit..sayang :) P/S: jangan keluar malam ni...mama nak tengok bola MalaysiaVsThai (AffSuzuki2012) haha :p


mclarenna said...

Hi babe,

Im seing Dr D now, oh well ive never see Dr Siti but maybe u r right about Dr D having less PR skills than Dr Siti kot. Dia mcm garang garang sikit but i like the fact she always be honest when she explain stuff.

Heard from Ina that you are due soon. Good luck and may Allah permudahkan you and your baby


Izrin said...

Hi Nana.. :) first of all, congrats u pon expecting..hehe I am due Xmas 4 more days from today, sign at all..hehe

Anyway, Dr D is good. i like the fact that she is very detail. she'll make u understand y certain things are happening in ur body. to be honest, i rasa i akan happy if i jumpa dia from the beginning, cz with Dr Siti, she kan has too many patients, everything so rush, u dun ask, u dun get to know anything. and for first timer, u dun even know what to ask right. Tp Dr Siti SGT baik n lembut, n she is much cheaper too.. Anyway.. Dr D is a good gynae. u have chosen one of the best.

Gd luck on ur new journey...

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