Thursday, December 6, 2012

37th week checkup

Or shall I say 36 weeks + checkup.

Went to see Dr Siti, for the first weekly checkup before labor starts. That morning when I was gonna go take my urine for testing, Braxton Hicks attacked. This is usual for me. I always get this in the morning after a long drive to office.

When it was my turn to see Dr Siti, I guess she sensed that I was not very in comfortable condition. She asked if I was in pain, I told her it's normal in the morning. She told me to lie down for scanning. Baby still not engaged, although the position was ever ready to be engaged, head down, water enough, weighing 2.9kg.

I actually did not realise what else did the doctor do. I forgot if she had explained what she was doing, but she was definitely doing something down there at the vagina. After we hear baby's heartbeat from the doppler, she inserted something in the vagina, and took korek something like taking a sample or something, I don't know. Then, she inserted something very deep into the vagina. Not sure with her fingers or with something very long, but I thought it was a very deep insert, not painful, but a bit uncomfortable I would say.

She looked at me in surprise "You are 3cm open!!!" Whaaaat? I didnt know how to react, I asked "Are you serious, doctor?" Of course she was serious! She told me she will give me MC for a week until the next checkup. Two things in my mind:

1. I am happy that my leave already starts unexpectedly, as she was gonna give me MC until I deliver.
2. I have to wait another week for the cervix to open more than 3 cm???? That's loonnggg!!!

I kinda panicked, not sure what to expect. I was told that within this week, I should go straight to the labour ward if my water break or I have frequent contraction like every 10 minutes. She told me to go home and rest.

We went to Giant nearby our house, to buy last minute things like baby's toileterries, nursing bra, disposable panties and maternity pads. When we got home, I found that I was bleeding macam period. We were panicked at first. consulted few people including our doctor friend, mostly said the bleeding may have caused  by the vagina insert earlier (sorry, I don't know what's the medical term used for this. Malay would say, doktor seluk).

After wash, no more period like discharge, only stains. The next morning, after breakfast, I did some clearing up at the guest room where i am gonna stay for my confinement period. Later, I realised I was bleeding again. Hubby called the labour room and spoke to the midwife. She said the same thing, only go to the hospital when my water burst or when there are frequent contraction. The blood is normal unless it comes out non-stop like menses, then, it is something to be alarmed about.

So for now...I am just relaxing at home. It has been 2 days, I dont know if the cervix is still only 3cm open. But I don't feel any contraction, now. Not even the normal Braxton Hicks I used to get in office.

I need to do some work at home. Be a bit more active, maybe walk a bit in the evening, make some love at night, hahah! See if there is any progress tomorrow. Based on my research on real life stories, from 3cm to open up to 4-5cm, sometimes, it could take up to 2 weeks.

Argghh... ni baru 2 days!

Cepat lah sakit....

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