Friday, July 31, 2009

Gone to Hell

Today I have committed suicide.

Had banana leaf rice at Nirvana, Bangsar for brunch.

Nasi goreng with ayam for tea.

Seafood at Lala Chong at Subang Airport Terminal 3 for dinner.

Durian...for supper?

Now, I am in HELL!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Malakoff Duathlon - UNITEN 2009

My second MUDS was very uninspiring. Although we got to be 5th in the category, was not as good as it should be. I should try to warn Ali and Ayman to just proceed with doing Men’s relay next time, otherwise, try and find another REAL GIRL RUNNER to be in the mixed relay category.

Seperti biasa, tiadalah saya ber-training. Have not been running, konon concentrate on exam. [Padahal alasan je tu].

Sebelum start race, as usual, I think this is what most people would do. At least, most people like me.

Tengok sekeliling, and determine siapakah antara the participants that you think you can take. So, cari lah orang yang gemuk-gemuk [lebih gemuk dari saya], badan besar-besar, yang macam tak terror, just to be comfortable with myself. So afraid that I would be the last one to reach the transition area.

Tapi sedar lah wahai Izrin, lebih gemuk, lebih besar tak semestinya lebih lembab! Yes, put that in mind. Walaubagaimana pun, harapan agak hancur melihat keadaan sekeliling. Semua nampak pro. Dengan baju pro, kasut pro, basikal pro, adoihh! Then I told myself again and again.

Didn’t I say I never wanted to join MUDS again, at least not until I can really run? Then why am I here again?”

Macam mana kalau last sampai kat transition area?”

What if kalau pengsan tengah jalan?”

What’s gonna happen if aku tak mampu langsung nak lari?”

Tiada jawapan.

At the starting point, Ayman (the second runner) asked me if I can finish the first 3km in half an hour. I wasn’t confident at all, because I have not been running and I don’t know what my timing is like. Although I ran for about half and hour in last year’s MUDS. But that was last year. I could be better this time, I could be worse. But he answered the question himself, “Boleh, boleh, boleh…”. Dalam hati berkata, mungkin half an hour is the right time for 3km kot. Ntah lah.. yang penting cuba.

Kali ni, saya tukar strategi. Selalu start lari kat depan-depan, sebab takut mula-mula lagi dah kene tinggal jauh kat blakang. Then, in the end, I’ll be pancit like hell sebab kat depan-depan tu selalunya pro, and kalau start sekali dengan deorang, sure gatal ikut their pace, lepas tu semput. Last-last jalan jer.

So this time, I started at the back. Sedar diri sikit. Start kat belakang, konon-konon nak ikut own pace so tak pressured by the pros.

I can’t really talk about the running trail. I am not good in determining which kind of route is ok and which is not. But the weather……..oh my god! Sangat terik. Menyesal tak pakai shades and topi.

Tak sampai 1km lagi… I couldn’t even see the people in front of me. Where have they gone to? Then, one nice lady passed by and she said “Come, run with me, just you and me”.

But she kept on running. And I couldn’t follow the pace, so I let her passed.

Tak lama lepas tu, I heard few people passed by. Gaya macam pro. Sekali Julie tegur dari belakang “berapa lap kene lari ni?”

For a moment, I got confused. “Are these people running their second lap?” Sebab tak mungkin Julie has been at my back sepanjang 1km yang lepas. Tak mungkin! “Maybe deorang saja start lambat kot. Test power”, kata hati kecil ku.

1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8… Julie pun hilang dari pandangan.

Sampai di transition area, achieving Ayman’s earlier expectation to finish in 30 minutes tapi, Ali je la cyclist yang tinggal. Kesian…However, Ali finished his 14km cycle much lesser than half an hour, Ayman continued running his last 3km in about 20 minutes if not less. Mereka lah wira saya.

Congratulations to Day-O for getting 4th place in her category. Pingat tu dia pakai sambil bawak kereta. :)
Also, to Julie, tak payah cakap lah kan? Always winning... congratulations.
To Ali, Ayman and myself, congratulations dapat nombor 5 (out of 5.. haha).. next time cuba lagi. Kalau ye pun nak menang, cari lah perempuan yang power sikit... haha..

Ali cakap, “You lari slow, lah!”

Well, HELLO!!! Bukan I yang lari slow, DEORANG YANG LAJU SANGAT!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi-hi, bye-bye

Hello, work!

Although the exam has ended, my disappointment is still not over yet. At least, not for another week.

I don’t even have the slightest confidence that I am going to pass any of the papers. Although I would kill just to pass at least one. I would kill for it.

How la to pass? When there are four questions, I answered only three. When there are three, I answered 2. I didn’t even manage to read the last question. What more trying to have an attempt.

I am sooooo disappointed with myself. I know my parents wouldn’t mind if I fail this round again. Although re-taking the paper means my father would have to spend another RM2k for the exams again. The problem is always the pressure at work.

At work, I’ll be the dumb ass, having to take the paper more than once. And the most dreaded moment is to be called by my training officer, Cik habibah.

She’ll be asking, “tell me how come you failed?” So what you want me to say? I have come out with 1001 answers for her before.

“I wasn’t aware that there was a fourth question in the paper”
“I didn’t have enough time to finish”
“Time management”
“Maybe I wasn’t really prepared”

And there was once I answered I DON'T KNOW”.

The truth is.. I really don’t know why I failed. Duhh, if I knew, I wouldn’t have repeated my mistake, and failed for the second time, now would I?

If there’s one thing that could make me feel better about it, is remembering what my friend’s mom had told us once.

“Kalau la paper tu senang, bukan la paper professional namanya, then semua orang boleh buat, then semua orang boleh jadi accountant, then there’s no credibility in that qualification”.

Lepas tu, ada jugak orang pernah cakap..

“Kalau fail banyak kali tu, maksudnya you are a normal human being. Orang pandai ni bukannya normal sangat.” Walaupun saya percaya itu adalah tipu belaka, sekadar nak sedapkan hati… tapi saya tetap tak berhenti tipu diri sendiri.

“Argghh, I’m glad that I am normal”!

Jens Voigt Crashes Out of TdF

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bike parts for SALE

MERIDA 905 compact frame with carbon fork
Size : S
DEDA Stem : 130mm
Easton E70 handlebar
Xmission seatpost and saddle

Everything to let go for RM 880

I am not a loser

No, I am not a loser.
But I want to be one.
I want to be the biggest loser.

God, why is it so difficult to be one?
I know that I haven't done enough effort on that.
Because it's just too hard.

Then, I came across this

Auditions are finally taking place in Asia.
Look, how happy they are?

I wonder if I can be the first biggest loser in Asia.
Lose 30kg and I'll definitely be one.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The ATM danger

Received a forwarded email from a friend:

Dear all,

I drove to Maybank Seapark branch PJ last Friday evening at about 5.30pm,29May09.
I was pleased to find a vacant bay just outside the bank.
Iparked my car and went to do some banking at the machines, then I walkedcross to Watson to get some toiletries.
I came back to my car and noticedthat the front right tyre was almost flat.
Immediately I drove to the tyreshop nearby, which is about 100m away.
I told the shop keeper I had a flat tyre.
His prompt response: "Did you go to the bank?"
He told me a few similar cases happened.
It was a clean cut on the side of the tyre, about 1 cm long.
I guess these evil-doers' tactic was to follow my car (if I had not noticedthe flat
tyre) until I could not go further with the flat tyre.
Then they would either rob me on the spot or force me to go back to the bank
to withdraw money for them.
This reminded me of another time when I also parked in front of a bank in
Uptown, Damansara Utama.
I did not go to the bank that day.
I had lunch with a friend near the bank.
I sent her back to Taman Tun and came back home.
One of the tyres was flat.
There was a brand new nail stuck to the tyre.
I suppose that evil person did not follow us as he noticed we did notgo to the bank.
Please be extremely careful when you go to the bank.

Yes, I think this is so true. This is a true story and please do not take this lightly. Your gender is not important; as it could also happen to men, but women are the main targets.

Few other ATM reminders:

1. Try not to go to the ATM alone. Your friend will help to be alert with the surrounding while you do the transaction on the machine (even it’s during daytime)

2. Should you decide to go to ATM, with no one, DO NOT talk to strangers. They can have gazillion of questions to ask you, and you being polite trying to help if possible, and that’s the time they charm you by just looking in your eyes. I know some people don’t believe in magic and supernatural. Whether you do or you don’t, IT HAPPENS. While you are charmed, it’s like you’re in another world, in another body, and you wouldn’t be yourself. The minute you’re back in your real world, you’ll realize that all your money in your account is gone. No one will be able to help you. Because you were hypnotized and you appear to be giving your money sincerely although unconsciously (maybe you even smile while generously emptying your account for the evil guy).

3. DO NOT go to ATMs before driving back home. Always go somewhere else; somewhere open like the shopping malls, or restaurants, the further, the better. Lessen the probability of being followed, or the chance of your house being marked as target. There was one case, a MAN came home from ATM, was robbed under the broad daylight while waiting for his house gate to open.

4. DON’T EVER go to any ATMs at night. Even your intention is to deposit money instead of withdrawing. Those who are watching will not even have the slightest idea that you were depositing. They will just rob you, if you don’t have anything in your wallet, they’ll ask for SOMETHING ELSE. And you never know what. Hell, they might just rape you!

5. Don’t think that it’s daytime, it’s safe. It is never safe. Most of the cases happen during the day, when its least expected.

6. During the night, whenever you are desperate to withdraw, you tend to say “alah, takpe, banyak orang tu kat ATM, safe la”. You’re dead wrong. Please be mindful, they will not rob you in front of the ATM, they’re not stupid. They’ll follow you. Although, there were cases where robberies happen during the day, with many people around, but that many people were too stunned to do anything to help you.
"It all happened so fast".

So whatever the case is, just be careful and try to avoid trouble. Please don’t take it too lightly.

You don’t know who’s watching you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zalinah Jan & Amir Izzat

Solemnization - 26 JUNE 2009

Kain from Jakel
Freelance tailor,
Pelamin and decoration by Arjuna Cipta
Makeup by Tiar Zainal
Barang Kemas from Habib Jewels
Reception held at Wisma PKPS, Shah Alam
Dinner by Pak Ungku
Pre-wedding photography by Victoria Photography

Engagement Album

Pre-wedding photo

Solemnization: Sungai Buloh

Reception: Wisma PKPS, Shah Alam
Harith, Say'f, Shazali

Shuana and Farouk

Nurul, me, Farah, Zetty, Shuana

Ain, Nurul, Zeyla, me, Farah

With Nadia

Harith, Izzat, and Atip


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