Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why can't I

Recently, changed my caller ringtone from Lady Ga-Ga to 4 new songs.

1. Taylor Swift – Love Story
2. Rossa and Pasha – Terlanjur cinta
3. Wang Lee Hom – Jiao Ben
4. Mista Gee – Honey Girl (Indian song)

And I’ve received complaints about it from my callers.

“Weh, ko dah convert ker?”
“Apehal ko pakai lagu cina nih?”
“Sejak bila ko minat lagu india nih?”
“Aku ingat salah nombor”


Yes, I’ve constantly received few missed calls from the same caller in a short time interval. Maybe they thought they called the wrong number, so they called again.

The question is…… Why can’t I?

Why can’t I put an Indian song or a Chinese song? Why does it sound so wrong for a Malay to put an Indian song on? We are not American but it doesn’t feel odd having an English song on or a stupid Italian Latino song for that matter?

Why does a Malay is obliged to put a malay song or an english song?
Why does a Chinese will only feel gratified with a Chinese song?
Why does an Indian is only compelled with an Indian song?

Are we not Malaysian? I don’t have to convert to be able to subscribe to a non-malay song.

Why can’t I be Malaysian? Why can’t you do the same?


Ali said...


KOOKY KASH said...

its nice to know its coming from young people too! racism sucks!

Izrin said...


Azman said...

Tamizh endraal naan!! Silambattam!!!

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