Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding make up artist (MUA) - DONE

Surprisingly this is the first thing and the only thing at the moment that I can safely say is done. I have like 4 months and 1 week left for the preparation, and I have only done THIS.

But Alhamdulillah, at least one is checked.

It started off two weeks ago when my friend Dini, who is getting married 1 month AFTER me, told me that she couldn’t book Su Cantik for her wedding because she is fully booked. Tetiba dapat heart attack. Orang yg nak kawin later pun dah mula cari MUA. Me????

Immediately I contacted Su Cantik (semua orang cakap dia make up cantik) and asked for her availability.

Unfortunately, she is only available on my reception date. So kene la cari MUA lain for my other two ceremony. But I terus book her for my reception.

I contacted Amy Janz (yang makeup Rozita Che Wan), introduced by my bff who was beautifully dolled up by him during her wedding.

Tapi dia macam sombong la plak. Maybe sebab aku bukan artis. I had to remind him to check his availability. So walaupun dia free, Ali tak bagi hire him, because of his attitude.

Next, I contacted Tiar Zainal (cantik makeup natural), but.. he quoted over 1k. My gawdd!!! Cancel!

These were my top three. Dah cancel dua taktau la nak hire siapa. Thought of taking back the MUA who did for my engagement. Tapi I wanted my face to be different in all four ceremonies. So I decided to take all different MUA.

The next in line, Ayangkamel.

Also very famous. He quoted very very reasonable price. Unfortunately, he is not free on Ali’s reception. Couldn’t take him for my nikah, because I have always wanted to hire a lady MUA for my nikah.

Then bila google, jumpa other MUA like Lova, Fiza Zainuddin, Ian Sham. I loveee Ian Sham’s makeup. She does wonders to a lot of people. Lova did not reply my msg. Fiza and Ian replied and I managed to book them for majlis bertandang and solemnization respectively.

Ian Sham's


Fiza Zainuddin's

Nak book MUA ni memang takut, all you need to do is redha. You don’t know whether they can really do wonders to your face. Sometimes I think kita nampak dorang makup orang cantik..but maybe because orang tu memang cantik. Macam mana orang buruk macam saya? Risau jugak kan.. hmm..takpe laaaa gamble. Terima dan redha aje.

Ali has helped me to pay all the deposit to secure my dates. So, MUA…DONE!

Photos: google


mclarenna said...

babe, you can also asked them to do trial make up, on weekdays but you have to pay la sikit. Safer that way at least you dah see for yourself how will you look like with their make up
Amy Janz mmg cantik make up tapi dia mcm kekwat sikit. Fames kan.

Nadiah Abd Majid said...

Love this entry sebab MUA-s are next on my list...yeay! Can you share with me the charges of the MUA-s you approached? especially Ayang Kamell and their contact numbers?? hihi...kerja senang...if you don't mind lah...thanx!

bride2wife said...

yayyy for sue cantik!..hehe
how come tiar quoted you over RM1k izrin? isit because your place is outside kl area?

mel said...

should try Ezral..his also marvellous! :)

Honey said...

babeee..... i still don't have oneeee! i mean TWO! I want Kak Sai (Saidatulnisa) but 1.2k per event?? ='(( makeup can only do soooo much kan? i'll still look like me. u're right about that. hahaa.... daymnn....

Izrin said...

nana: yea, trial make up, mmg thot of tht, sbb takut kan how i turn out to be on the real event nnti. sheesh.. yes, amy janz cantik la kot.. but maybe doesnt suit me very well, so bagus la pon dia berlagak sket, otherwise i wud have booked him sbb my fren said he is really good. but i dun like him..

aDI: Ayangkamel charges 500, Saidatul 1,200, Tiar 1,050, Ian Sham 700, amy janz 800, kak lela tv3 (my engagement MUA) 450, su cantik 900 fiza zainuddin 900 :) which one u interested? i gv u their numbers.

Tahirah: omg..i didnt think much ok, i terus book him/her when i knew dia free.. :p Tiar quoted mahal la, maybe dah femes kot.. tatau la.. that is in klang takpe la, i tak pakai big names.. itsok.. sama je kot. (sdpkan hati)

mel: alamak..didnt come across his name pon :( tp i dah book for all ceremonies.. i hope the ones i booked tu ok laaa.. amin.

dini: sai mmg mahal ok. plg mahal. then i think dia makeup biasa jer... i like Tiar zainal better.. mahal jugak la tp.. i go for org biasa jeeee... :) gd luck to u babe! u still have time...

SITI said...

iz:ive see ayangkamel work mmg he s good :) and bride-to-be gotta get the confidence you are gorgeous ok! so i thk make-up artist mana u hire pun u ll look incredible :) but going for trial make-up could be a good idea too, to avoid disappointment tho indeed u have to pay more! ( sometimes depends who s the make-up artist, mahal jugak dia top-up). all in al mmg kene redha je jugak :) p.s i nie ng advice mcm dah melalui semua nie hehe... p.p.s tak nak try najeeb? ve witnessed his work mmg 2 thumbs up, esp if u want to go for natural look on ur reception ;)

Anonymous said...

hello. hi there. if u dont mind, boleh x bagi kak lela tv3 nye contact number?

hope to hear from u soon.. thanks

Izrin said...

Siti: najeeb? Never heard of him.. But I'll google him up nanti. Trial makeup pn mahal kan, I must hv an event to go utk trial, othrwise duit flow camtu je :p.. Thanks for the advice :)

Miss anonymous: can, I can gv her number, email me at :)

Anonymous said...

check ur inbox ya.. thank a lot.. :)

iedchan said... ur blog...

I was about to book my mua too..
I tried to email some of them on your above list. Some never reply...some didn't even bother to reply...ceiss..

I am about to book fiza zainuddin she reply..even sometimes it tooks her like 1 week for every email....die kate die free...takot la nak amik die..kalau balas emel pun lambat..macam mane kalau datang wedding i pun lambat...

Macam mane? :))

Izrin said...

Hi.. Thanks :):)

You're right! They mmg take time to reply text msgs, what more if u send emails kan? but most of them replied my text instantly. Fiza is vr friendly n nice..the nicest of all :)I booked her for my bertandang, I pon tatau if she is reliable. But she is also recommended by my fren who works in tv 3. So.. Berserah aje..hehe

Othr than the above list, I also love my engagement mua. N she is vr cheap. Jz checkout the entry in case u like her..

Happy preparing!! :)

Syariza said...

Hi Izrin,
I am also looking for a MUA. I was wondering camne u contact ayangkamell tu. Ive been calling but asyik masuk mailbox. And smsing too. I mmg nak book dia. Can u share his number cos ive got 2 numbers yang dekat2 but both pun asyik masuk mailbox. :(
Thanks yeah

Izrin said...

Hi syariza.. The number is 0193694010. Good luck ;)

makeup artist Sydney said...

really cute, and the whole photo-shoot is awesome! Great blog dear, congrats! Would you like to visit mine, and why not follow each-other? Let me know: makeup artist in Sydney

Anonymous said...

Hi Izrin,

I am looking for a MUA. I was wondering camne u contact kak lela tv3 tu. Can u share her number cz i mmg da book die asap :(

Thanks in advance


Izrin said...

Hi Farah,

Sorry for late reply. not sure if she is still using this number but you can try though. 0173470335. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Salam liking for an Arabian look makeup for my photo shoot for magazine and website as my dresses are Egyptian princess look. I just paid 1.2k to one Chinese make up artist for my whole day shooting but I didn't like it at all. So pale looking and she refused to listen to me. So i need to reshoot the whole thing now. Can you help me?.I'm so lost. Thank you.

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