Friday, February 29, 2008

Running Time...

In about a month from now, I shall be joining my first attempt to run 21km. I shall be attempting this feat with Ayman. Azman is also running in the 10km. All 3 of us left it quite late to register for the AmBank KL International Marathon, however we managed to get the early bird registration fee for our registrations. As for the approach, I shall take it step by step as I have not run more than 10km before this. The cut off time is 3:30 so my target is 3:29..haha.

This run is one of the major events in the running calendar since mid 80s. So I am very sure that the number of participants in the run will be high. As for the familiar faces of the Malaysian Triathlete/ Malaysian based Triathlete and the recent IronMan Langkawi 2008 finishers, runners and sports enthusiast, we shall all enjoy the run and have fun training. I am looking forward to see friends and hoping to make new friends in a month or so. Happy running people.

To all newly crowned Ironmans...recover well train smart and hope you guys get a PR for marathons. If any of you are just going to run for fun, make sure you get plenty of it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Its Your Birthday Ma

Everything Mom

How did you find the energy, Mom
To do all the things you did,
To be teacher, nurse and counselor
To me, when I was a kid.

How did you do it all, Mom,
Be a chauffeur, cook and friend,
Yet find time to be a playmate,
I just can’t comprehend.

I see now it was love, Mom
That made you come whenever I'd call,
Your inexhaustible love, Mom
And I thank you for it all.

By Joanna Fuchs

Happy Birthday Ma..

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cannot Tahan...

For the past 2 weeks or so, I have been enjoying coffee at Mcdonalds. About 2 months ago, it was reported that Starbucks Coffee Co is thinking of bringing a legal action against McDonalds to stop them from having their own coffee bar in McDonalds. McDonalds is trying to introduce a new line up of coffees and teas where customers get to choose and customize their hot beverages which is a good step to boost their business. However, this move was not in Starbucks' liking as it would jeopardise their sales. It would be economical to go to McDonalds then since their coffees would be cheaper, but not necessarily tastier. But I don't think Starbucks would be put out of busineess, one because they sell good coffees at relatively fair price (if you are earning in USD or GBP) that is. But even here in this country Starbucks have 100 stores nationwide. It only started with 3 in Dec 1998.

On average there is 1 new starbucks opening every one and a half month since then. The business has kept on growng because Malaysians generally like to be seen in Starbucks Coffee shops. But only about 5-10% actually understand and appreciate the coffee that they drink. About 50-65% would go to Starbucks Coffee with a sign on their forehead when they order their drink "hey...check out this chick I'm with and we want ice blended stuff". Having that kind of attitude is not gonna win you any respect.

The best way to gain respect is by being nice to others and respect others equally even if the other person could only afford an 80 sen kopi o at local mamak place or even stalls. If you can afford a RM 7 kopi o doesn't say that you are any different than a guy who drinks 80 sen kopi o. It is your actions and attitude that says the most. Hell you can be with the hottest chick, drives the fanciest car or dress like a hollywood star for all i care. But if you don't get your act together, you are just a nobody with tonnes of money and frankly speaking that is how many politicians in this country shape up their 'career'.

Firstly, to start with...they have plenty of money but no recognition. people don't take note of them. Therefore many rich Malays in this country would try their 'luck' in politics. I have said before that politics are 'interesting' because it can be very unpredictable. A nominated candidate can be a useless person and a dropped candidate was the right person that is suppose to contest in the elections. It works that way in this country. If you don't "scratch my back as I tell you to scratch your political career is in jeopardy" and if " I 'think' you are not fit for the job, you should step down". That explains why there are plenty of idiots in the Parliament. And I believe it will be the same for many years to come. And I personally think no matter who is in power, at the end of the day not much will change if we change our attitude and way of thinking.

I shall illustrate this scenario below how a typical Malaysian leader 'solve issues'.

Scene in a McDonalds packed with people eating away their meals. A man with his family enters the restaurant. The man sits at a table which was left with wrappings burgers and paper cups by patrons who sat there earlier. Imagine that pile of stuffs left behind is "the issue/problem". And the man is the leader. What would you think the man would do if this was in this country? I'll tell you what he would do,

1)he would either ask for the staff to clean the table for him,

2)tell his children to throw them away and keep it out of that man's sight,

3)walk up to the counter, beat the queuing customers and yell at the cashier to clean the table if he chooses not to exercise the first two options.

That is how a Malaysian leader thinks, that is how Malaysians act in this country. They do not concentrate of solving or eliminating the issues. They rather focus on who to blame and who should be responsible rather than being responsible themselves.

They key issue here lies in 2 "secret" options. Imagine McDonalds in is a self service restaurant, what we should understand from this is that, you have to queue and place your order at the counter, carry your own tray of foods and beverages and empty them in the bins provided before you leave. That is how a self service restaurant should operate. But it is sad that Malaysians are only civic minded when they are in need of something, once they have stuffed their bellies and happy they forget all the basic principles and leave behind their litter. And when a new hungry Malaysian comes across the table, the situation above occurs all over again.

Why leaders are bad in this country is simple. They think like typical Malaysians. They would rather walk up to the counter and yell to the poor cashier rather than throwing the litter themselves at the bin next to his table. Sad sad attitude that we Malaysians have. We have this attitude that we feel embarrass to clean up other people's mess and rather put on a 'show' at the counter so that other people could witness how powerful you are to be exercising your 'customer is always right' bullshit. You were never in the right place from the beginning. You should be in a restaurant with full of waiters/waitresses. But guess what? You could not go to those places because you can't afford it. But you still want people to know that you have some kind of control by going up against a poor old cashier who did not do anything wrong. The most fundamental right as a citizen is the right to vote and yet we still have a high percentage of citizens who do not register themselves and complaint about the government, opposition etc.

If Malaysians start to respect each other more and try hard to be smarter and wiser. This country would be great to live, work,play in. I am optimistic of that. But until that day arrive, we have a tough challenge ahead. A very tough one. And we need leaders who can see the SECRET option and implement them in office. I tell you when that happens, that is a leader with vision. Don't act stupid by talking bollocks of rubbish and accomplish nothing!

Man in McDonalds - past,present (hopefully not the future leaders)
Man's Family - cabinet ministers
Cashier - dropped,left behind leaders
Litter - issues and problems pertaining the beloved nation

To my fellow Malaysians...
Happy campaigning,voting if you have registered....
if you haven't...please do for the sake of your future and the younger generations...
PPS: to the future appointed leaders...stop being typical is time for a better MALAYSIA.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The old laydees

Misty Marcigan

Nayla Blue


Midnight. Not a sound from the pavement.
Has the moon lost her memory. She is smiling alone.
In the lamplight the withered leaves collect at my feet
And the wind begins to moan.
Memory - all alone in the moonlight. I can smile of the old days
I was beautiful then.
I remember the time I knew what happiness was.
Let the memory live again.
Every street lamps seems to beat a fatalistic warning.
Someone mutters and a streetlamp sputters and soon it will be morninc
Daylight - I must wait for the sunrise. I must think of a new life
And I mustn't give in.
When the dawn comes tonight will be a memory too.
And a new day will begin.
Burnt out ends of smoky days
the stale cold smell of morning.
A streetlamp dies
another night is over
another day is dawning.
Touch me - it's so easy to leave me. All alone with the memory
Of my days in the sun.
If you touch me you'll understand what happiness is.
A new day has begun.

Whenever I listen to this song by Barbara Streisand, it has always reminds me of these two cats of mine. They are over 7 years old each and converting to the human age, they are even older than my parents. Nayla was adopted when she was about 7 months if I’m not mistaken and in the later years, we bought Misty when she was 2 months old. Over the years, before and after Misty came to our house, we have adopted several breed cats but none of them survived until now. Some met with an accident, some fell sick and were put to sleep, and some didn’t manage to survive from operation. I have another kitten named Patches O’Gandhi but let’s not talk about him, because his still a baby.

Misty is an arrogant cat. She doesn’t like to be lifted and she only comes to you when she wants something from you. She doesn’t like strangers and she doesn’t go wandering more than 5 meters in radius from the house.

Unlike Nayla, she’s like the street cat roaming about and sometimes tak balik rumah pun ada. But she’s friendly and she loves sitting with people. She listens like she understands, she answers when her name is called, she sleeps like a man, and she pose like a bimbo.

Misty with her arrogant pose.

....and Nayla with her pose

They are old, and they are not as pretty as they used to be. We have been talking about adopting new cats, breed, beautiful, and young. Imagine how these cats would feel when they thought that they are going to be replaced? Where in fact, no cats can replace them.

Nayla merajuk after being scolded for ruffling with my paperwork

Nayla, watching the news at 8.

Tell me how can you not love them?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

what a girl wants

As I wander about The Great Eastern mall, where I am currently auditing, looking for some place to fill up my hungry stomach, I saw countless of people also walking about the mall maybe looking for food, or rather looking for some place to chill at. I see mother and daughter hanging out, and having lunch together, I see hubby and wife holding hands, shopping, I see business associates hanging out at Starbucks for hours…ON A WORKING DAY!! And I was wondering to myself.. how can these people find time to do all these things? How can they be so chill? (Can you sense the jealousness?) Well, I AM jealous!

I want to be able to wake up in the morning and think to my self “hmm..apa nak buat hari ni?” [Currently, waking up in the morning “ala…tanak keje!!!!!”] I want to be able to take my own sweet time having breakfast with my family and catch up. I want to be able to laze around at home and read my magazines. [Currently I have 5 recent issued magazines piled up waiting to be read]. I want to be able to go shopping and spend RM 1000 per week and not feeling guilty. I want to find time to further my French lesson and go to the gym that I have been loyally paying to (but never had the chance to go). I want to be able to hangout with my girlfriends over coffee and gossip like the good old days. I wish I can stay at home and learn baking and sewing. And I yearn for having more time and money to do charity.

Even if I have to work, I want a job that is less stressed. I don’t want to be thinking about people’s problem, of not doing the accounting treatment right, of not knowing how to prepare their financial statements, of not being able to put effective control on their goddamn business. I want a desk on my own, not begging to client to provide us a meeting room for the auditors. I want a clean workplace, not a room with full of files, unwanted papers and junk food. I want to have my time reading newspapers in the morning before I start my work, not coming to work and looking straight at client’s shit.

If that is what I call an ideal life, I don’t know what kind of life I am leading now. I don’t even have time to bathe twice a day, let alone do the things I love to do. Although I work around the clock, gaji tetap sama, workload bertambah-tambah. I have the same routine everyday and every morning I wish I could have the guts to bang myself at the wall so I don’t have to drive 45 minutes to work, I don’t need to see my nasty clients, and demanding bosses, I don’t want to be eating junk food that puts on my weight 2 kgs a week. I don’t have to work late until 11 pm and still stuck in the traffic jam at Federal Highway.

Oh, just tell me why did I sign up for audit?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Road to Moscow

Champions League knockout stage: Round of 16

KO 1945
Kuyt (85),Gerrard (89)

Liverpool: Reina, Aurelio, Carragher, Hyypia, Finnan, Babel, Leiva, Mascherano, Gerrard (c), Kuyt, Torres. Subs - Alonso, Arbeloa, Benayoun, Crouch, Itandje, Pennant, Riise

Inter Milan: Cesar, Chivu, Cordoba, Materazzi, , , Cambiasso, Stankovic, Zanetti (c), Cruz, Ibrahimovic. Subs - Burdisso, Crespo, Figo, Suazo, Toldo, Vieira,

the return leg will be played in 3 weeks time in San Siro...

after the Great night in Istanbul LFC supporters wrote this poem to show their appreciation..
I am hoping that come May 2008...Liverpool would be playing their 3rd Champions League final in 4 years...
I know its a long shot...but anything is possible in football

Red Inspiration

25th of May 2005,
From 45 minutes of dismay to the best night of our lives.
As the clocks started in the final, we all believed,
Until one minute in when we all bereaved.
1-0 Milan and it only got worse,
Then 2-0 and 3-0 was our night of glory cursed?

Our heads were hung low, but there was still hope in our hearts,
And that hope turned to belief 9 minutes into the 2nd half.
Gerrard rose above the rest, to put the fire back in the crest upon his chest,
Because the best DO NOT rest! They stand tall,
And within 2 minutes that passion provided another goal.

You'll Never Walk Alone echoed throughout the crowd and with this our warriors in red stood proud.
The chants rang loud as our confidence grew,
Would this legacy be passed from the old to the new?
And with that something remarkable occurred,
Almost drowned out by the passion of the pool a whistle was heard.
Penalty to Liverpool was this my imagination?
Then as Xabi drilled in the re-bound a roar was heard across the nation.
The mighty reds of Liverpool had achieved the impossible,
Now our night of glory again seemed quite possible.

Legs worked harder and hearts craved success,
But this night belonged to L.F.C some say we may have been blessed.
True we have a few legends,
Residing now in heaven,
But down on earth wearing red shirts I was counting legends and there were eleven.

Every player gave all they had to realise their wildest dreams,
And remember to do this you have to overcome and beat the best of teams.
So as extra time loomed and bodies became worn-out,
Another verse of our famous anthem rang again throughout.

Our 12th man roared again to rally their incredible team,
And every single one of them was dreaming the same dream.
Seeing that huge, big trophy in our captain's grasp,
Then a huge gasp, and a sigh of relief,
As Shevchenko's double shot was saved by Dudek.
See all you need is a little belief!!
And rumour has it if you watch the replay in slow-motion and follow nothing but the ball,
There were two goalies on the line that night: Dudek and Pope John Paul.

So as penalties followed and Serginho first stepped up,
Stevie G secretly had one eye on the cup.
Pirlo followed and missed his chance,
Dudek took Carra's advice and did a little dance.
Smicer's kick was a good one, and it was Milans last chance to redeem,
But Dudek guessed the right way and realised every Liverpudlian's dream!

Finally 21 years later after that glorious night in rome,
A new era for Liverpool was born and THE CUP WAS COMING HOME.
As celebrations continued I realised it REALLY was not a lie,
At the end of the storm there REALLY IS a golden sky!

looking forward to tonights game between Arsenal and AC Milan...
that would be an interesting match...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trauma yang melanda

Four days went without driving and so today I started driving to office. I was commuting to office by train after the accident and I got people to drive me around during the weekend. When today I was supposed to take the train, but finally I decided to gather myself together and drive. I don’t quite like taking the train to KL. It takes 20% of my time and 50% of my energy so it formulated to inefficiency at work. I took my brother’s car today and he would have to go to office by train instead. Hehe..

I left home quite early today because I knew I was going to be long on the road. I was driving 80km/hr and I maintained on the middle lane. There was a car in front of me and even though she was driving 70km/hr, tak berani gue nak potong beb! I was still in trauma. I was driving like a 50 yr old aunty on her way to the pasar. Everytime nak brake kereta, I kept thinking that I could not brake on time, and I kept imagining the incident.

My grandma was admitted to the hospital last night and was released today. So my mummy ajak me to go visit my grandma at her place. I promised her that I would be back by 8 but I actually left the office at 8. huhu.. Janji auditor! Dengan keadaan masih trauma, I was still driving like a 50 yr old aunty coming back from pasar.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Twin's Birthday...

After a really bad midweek for both of us, we turned our attention to Achan and Ene's Birthday dinner on Saturday night. It was a great gathering of friends who came to celebrate their birthday. Not really much to write since most of the chit chatting and catching up conversations were done on Saturday night. Most of us stayed quite late until around 0030. Here are some photos taken throughout the night:

Farhan Ashraq and Farhana Ashriqin about to blow their candles:

Birthday twins with their family:

Izrin and Surini:

Azman and his variety of "best friends"

Fr (L-R) Fairul, Adzimah, Syah, Shamzani

Former Tenants Of 8 Thesiger Street:
From (L-R) Fairul, Me, Birthday Boy, Syah

Thesiger Boys with Abang Mesra of Tewksbury Place, Shahrul

Azman with the Newlyweds:

Funnyman Yudish (funnier when drunk) with SaraH

Fr (L-R):Sham,Rashdan,Betik aka Hafeez, Fairul, Shahzelan aka Mat Rock (muka ko mcm orang kt akademi fantasia yg aku tktau nama)

We all would like to wish both of you a healthy, happy and long life!
Have a Great Year ahead...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The bad day

Yes, it was Valentine’s Day. And I spent it best at client’s office, eating mini pizza from Cold Storage and drinking mango juice. As for me and Ali, we don’t have to wait until V-day to express our love, everyday is V-day for us. Late in the evening, my client came into the auditor’s room and said “By now I can tell who has got a date and who’s not.” The fact that she was in our room at 2130, showed that she hasn’t got a date herself. Hoohoo…

The so-called V-day started really bad for me. I know I heard from many people these past weeks have been hell to everyone. Ali sent in his car for service at Perodua Service centre only to realize that it was stolen the night before it was supposed to be collected. Tak cukup dengan itu, something happened to my car.

“Pada 14/2/2008 lebih kurang 0940 hrs saya memandu motorkar no XXXXXX dari Subang Jaya menuju ke Jalan Ampang. Apabila sampai di MRR2 Tmn Kencana, tiba-tiba sebuah motorkar no XXXXXXX yang berada di depan membrek dan saya terlanggar m/kar tersebut dan sebuah motorkar no XXXXXXX dari arah belakang melanggar bahagian belakang motokar saya. Kerosakkan motokar saya bumper, bonet depan kemek, tangki air bocor, lampu depan pecah, fender kemek, bumper belakang kemek, lain-lain kerosakkan belum pasti”

Before the accident:

After the accident:The cars on the right lane were driving really fast (not speeding though), and suddenly one stupid car from the middle lane came into the right lane and slowed down. I din’t know why he did that, maybe his car was not powerful enough to go faster than the cars at the back, causing an emergency brake from the car in front of me, and naturally, I couldn’t brake on time and BANG once. Siapa tahu another car coming from the back kissed my back so BANG twice to the front, and datang lagi one more car and banged the car at the back, and he hit me one more time and BANG the third time to the front car. Adoi… I tell u, I was shaking from head to toe and I couldn’t breathe for a moment. The fifth car being smart Aleck, langgar dan lari. I was still shaking in the car dared not to move. From inside the car I saw smoke coming out from my car, and my guess was the radiator pecah. Then slowly I got out of the car, the other drivers not talking to each other, started taking photos of all cars involved with their camera mobiles and began to write the license plate of each car. While I stood there not knowing what to do. I called my father and he immediately called EON to send us a tow truck. Seperti yang di duga, banyak la workshop operators stopped by and offered to help. Mestila nak kita hantar our cars to their workshop. But I insisted on waiting for EON. My ignorance to the people has caused them to fight and argue among themselves on siapa sampai dulu di tempat kejadian, in case my EON truck didn’t show up, I would have to follow the first workshop operator that came. My father and I persisted to wait for EON walaupun akhirnya the stupid truck came after one and a half hour lepas kejadian.

At the police station, the investigating officer told me that my report was an honest one. “Lain kali, kalau chain collision macam ni, bila buat report, ko jangan cakap ko langgar orang. Ko cakap la ko berenti, orang belakang langgar ko, baru ko langgar depan. Baru tak kene saman!” Chech.. that comes after my report was printed and signed. So there goes my RM 300.
When my mother knew about the accident, the first thing she told me “ Tulah, mummy dah cakap bayar zakat…”. Ignorance to the responsibility of paying zakat, menurut kata ibu, God will still take the portion of income that does not belong to you, either by you paying zakat, or by taking away your rights and possessions.

Maybe tuhan pun sengaja balas for kutuk-kutuk perempuan (other than me and my mom’s) driving skills. 16 minutes before the accident happened, I was swearing at a lady who drives 80km/hr on a fast lane and didn’t even bother to switch lane even though she was not over taking anybody. Women drivers really tick me off sometimes.

Maybe jugak balasan tuhan pada Ali, for always being infuriated when there’s accidents especially at Federal highways. Now, girlfriend sendiri yang accident..

Whatever the reason is, this could be the ultimate justification. Since the first time I got this car, I have always got two issues pertaining to it. For those who own a Gen2, would comprehend the problems latch on that type of cars. It’s the engine and the steering turning radius. So due to the problems, me and Ali always kutuk the car and my mom on the other hand, always being superstitious believes that if you say bad things about a car, bad things will happen to the car. So this is what happens to me. So friends out there remember pesanan ibu saya, “Rumah and kereta, jangan kutuk or marah-marah, nanti dia merajuk". See.. kereta pon tahu merajuk..bukan perempuan jer..

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Sleeping late on
Warm afternoon
Waking up to
Bright silver moon

Silent words from
My heart to you
My empty filled
Filled up with you

Rockets fly
Rockets fly
I slip another smile in your pocket
My heart is racing to you like a rocket

Rockets fly
Rockets fly
I slip another smile in your pocket
My heart is racing to you like a rocket
The two of us we dream like one
Our energy could light the sun
The two of us take breath as one
The two of us... The two of us...

Happy Valentine's Day IIKA...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Whiskey Kilo November 676

I got a shocking news earlier today that my Ma's car got stolen at the Perodua Service Centre in Keramat. It was left there on Monday for routine service and engine mounting replacement. The people at the service centre called twice to inform us that the car would be ready by 1400 only to be told by them that the car was missing as at last night. To call us twice to inform us to 'collect' what?! You piece of S**T. The police report was lodged and it was evident that the careless party in this incident is the Perodua people. We were lucky that all the records that proof we left the car was there in the system as the service booklet is missing together with the car. We have the copy of police report with us just in case the Perodua people try to act dishonestly. The only contributory factor that I could think of which led to all this is that the fuel tank was full when we sent the car. So friends and readers, if you have to leave a car overnight, do not leave it with a tank full of fuel. That might be an intriguing factor for a joyride and even theft of the automobile. We are now waiting for the insurance of Perodua to solve this matter. It is very likely that it was an inside job.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ceci est l'Angleterre

I still recall the period when many youngsters in this country in the late 90's would dress up like a skinhead just like in the poster picture above. Honestly speaking, it did not look too bad in the movie. But to actually see them people dressed like skinheads here surely looks weird and laughable. You can tell by looking at these young adults that they have no idea why they are dressed that way. To them, to be seen looking like skinheads in England back in the 80's is something cool and revolutionary. After watching "This is England", it made me understand better why and how the situation got out of hand during Thatcher's era as the Prime Minister of England concerning the Falklands War and its effect on the working class people in England as well as the cheap tactics used by the right-wing Nationalists to gather support and spread their propaganda.

Skinhead culture was a way for these working class people of England to have some fun by enjoying ska music, drinking beers together and cherish friendships and love that they have for each other. In the beginning of the birth of the skinhead culture, skin colour and racial roots were not rooted to one source. It is a culture shared by every working class people. But in this movie, it showed how all that changed when extreme nationalism is pumped into this culture. It created a crossroad for skinheads as there are Whites and Jamaicans in the culture.

This is the best film which tells us the life and struggle of skinheads. It sends an important message that violence and hatred should always be kept away from politics and leaving something behind could be the best decision after all.

If you have seen American History X or Romper Stomper this is a movie you definitely have to watch.

Friday, February 8, 2008


standing (l-r) Bach, Meself, Shahrul,
squatting (l-r) Ayol, Syah, Shaq

Me (right) as the Bendahara of Malacca in MSSCF's Festival of Diversity 2005

Left; Lenoq (he has no trouble running long distance as he is super light)
Right; Ms Izrin Irina ("Lenoq! i nak u habiskan donut-donut ni..")

I have always enjoyed playing contact sports like football, rugby and hockey. I have been playing these sports since schooling days. Although I was never good enough to represent my school let alone district or state in football, I had my lucky share in rugby and hockey. Hence, I played more hockey and rugby in school.

When I was in Cardiff, I enrolled myself under the Athletic Union of University of Cardiff to play cricket only to realize after 2 sessions that I sucked big time. I can't bowl properly and even if I managed to bowl it in a straight line, the speed of the traveling ball will make the batsmen have enough time to adjust their helmet. I shall not even say about my batting skills. I thought that having the base of field hockey will make it easy for me to try new sports ie cricket. But it turn out not to be the case. Being a BOY myself, we all have a big self respect which most of the girls in town label it EGO. I followed my ego and left the cricket club.

Wednesdays have always been half day for school. We are normally done by 1300. The rest of the day are normally for University League for games like football, netball, rugby, hockey etc. I normally play football with my flat mates in parks. We just play for fun since we are not that good to be playing in the Uni League. I enjoyed playing football probably because of the weather and the condition of the pitch and parks. And football boots and balls are relatively cheap in UK. So, it was always easy to start kicking a ball.

I continued playing football even after i left the Halls of Residence. We would gather together mostly on Saturdays to play together among the Malaysian students nearby. Wednesdays were occupied with the Malaysian Students Society of Cardiff University (MSSCF) Festival of Diversity, an annual cultural, musical, theatrical performance by MSSCF members in which in 2005 was directed by Ms Izrin Irina.

I enjoyed football very much and sometimes would go and participate in Games organised by Malaysian Students Society of other Uni such as Nottingham, Warwick, Bristol etc. However, one fine Saturday I twisted my right knee badly and ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament. I was told by a Doctor that I will not be able to compete in contact sports until the knee is fixed. He proposed that I sign up under the NHS to go for ACL reconstruction. Until the date is set, I was told that I would have to go for physiotherapy sessions and advised not to gain weight. Haha..what an advise. After about 7 weeks of therapy, it was already in the middle of spring. It was an almost perfect weather to run. And guess what, that was how I started running. The first 2 weeks I was running with my tennis shoe. It was not nice running in those. I got a running shoe through the internet and continued running. My house mates (Fairul,Farhan and Syah) and few friends (Shahrul,Shaq and Lenoq)would also join me running. Izrin did join us a couple of times but she did not enjoy it to much not because she could not run but she was more concerned with dogs roaming freely in the park.

NHS waiting lists normally runs for months and years for surgeries. And I did not get my knee's ligaments reconstructed in UK, I had it done here in General Hospital in KL. The surgeon told me that it will be a year until I can play contact sports. In the meantime he suggested running or cycling which is fairly forgiving for the knee provided the quadriceps muscles are strong enough not to give way while running especially. I joined the Subang Jaya 10k run in 2006 and it was fun. Later on Azman would tell me stories about this friend of his whom later I got to know myself. His name is Hairul Azwar a.k.a Lord Monyet. He writes about triathlon and how fun much fun it offers. I got myself a suitable bicycle to join the group ride with fellow friends who indirectly persuaded me to pick up triathlon. I participated in my first Olympic Distance triathlon in Port Dickson last year. It was long, painful, tiring and 'wished I did not sign up in the first place' feeling. But, I enjoyed myself throughout the whole race. I felt good even a day before the race since there were so familiar faces at the registration, race briefing and dinner. I kept telling myself to just enjoy the race the next day and not to do anything stupid or trying to showboat. It worked well for me. I survived the race and managed to finish it without getting disqualified and within the cut off time. But my finishing time does not reflect the speed, agility, strength and technique most of my triathlete friends have in them. But it did not matter much in triathlon (unless you are a pro triathlete) if you finish first or last in triathlon. During a race everyone is a winner by racing and competing in the first place. You offer support for each other during the bike leg and running to your friends by telling them that we shall all finish the race and become eventual winners by overcoming the mental obstruction that will easily destroy someone's will power and belief that he/she could finish it. That is what I like about triathlon, it is a healthy race and it gives a lot of moral victory, self belief and satisfaction, not to mention the pain, sweat, suffering,cursing you name it.For me, triathlon is about challenging yourself, having fun and making new friends. This year I hope I can join more races and runs. Oh...and to improve my swim. I never thought that I could manage to swim,cycle and run all in one day let alone to do it back to back. To achieve that felt really great but tiring for obvious reasons. But it is all worth the pain and suffering. The feeling when you are pushing yourself and to discover that your limit is actually more than you expected is wonderful. You'll keep telling yourself that if I can try and keep this sport close to myself, with God's will, you shall have a healthy and long life. A healthy and strong heart goes a long way. Categories of most common triathlons: Sprint: swim 750m, cycle 20km, run 5km Olympic Distance: swim 1.5km, cycle 40km, run 10km Ironman 70.3: swim 2km, cycle 90km, run 21km Full Ironman:swim 3.8km, cycle 180km, run 42.195km

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Congratulations Saiful and Ana

Their wedding reception was held at Dewan Merak Kayangan on 030208. The night before i got a phone call from the best-man of the bridegroom (Azman) asking me whether I would know anyone who could be an emcee for the ceremony. The actual emcee had an emergency and panic attack is slowly attacking Saiful. Without mentioning any names that I could think of I told Azman that I'll do it. The whole speech was already been prepared, I just need to read them at the reception with the right intonation...I was reminded by Izrin not to talk like I normally do because she expressly mentioned that when I talk, its always monotonous and facial expression is important since I don't smile enough.

On sunday, wedding day, Azman and I arrived at the venue at 0930. We were supposed to be there at 0830 for the rehearsal but we were late and luckily the bride was not mad. You know how girls get easily annoyed and upset when something is not going according to their plan. Phew...we escaped that one alright. We got to practice the whole ceremony about 2 times before we had to get dress and get ready for the reception. Guests start to arrive at of very few weddings I've been to that guests are not following the standard "Malaysian Time" like we did earlier that morning. I was quite impressed with the flow of the event. I started welcoming the guests and the newlyweds into the hall according to schedule.

The whole ceremony went smoothly and I was happy that I could help them to feel really happy for this special day of theirs. Both, Ana's family and Saiful's family are really cool and cheerful bunch of people. It was a pleasure to meet them.

To Saiful and Ana...
Congratulations and All the Best!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Malay film industry

Yesterday I was watching a malay movie called CUCI at cinema. Starring Hans Isaac, AC Mizal, Awie, and Afdlin Shauki. It was a good comedy, and I kinda excited watching the first few minutes of the movie, not because Hans was in there, but because I was going to watch something relaxing and enjoying. I have been working like a dog for the past weeks. Working late night till 4am including Saturdays and Sundays is not really something what people call “life”. Seriously, I have lost it all since the first day I joined an audit firm. So watching CUCI is something I considered tussling-for-life. Nothing so great about the movie, but there was nothing apalling about it. No harm in watching it. Sadly, there are majority of Malaysians have a negative perception in watching malay films. Why? Because they are made in Malaysia. I always wonder why Malaysians think local made is nowhere near imported goods. Is not that I don’t go for Prada shoes or Christian Dior handbags, or Braun Buffel’s purse but I am not scared to admit that I have a number of Padini shoes and Soda shirts also some Vincci bags. I am not going to deny that I have watched “Baik Punya Cilok”, Cicakman and some other malay films. I mean, why should I be afraid of being condemned by some stupid Malaysians who thinks highly of people other than their own. “I would never pay to watch malay movies at cinema”. Hmm..let’s just think of that one phrase. If you don’t pay to watch, how do you expect malay film industry is going to expand when they have no supporters from their own people? How do you possibly think that they are going to survive and produce better films, if you don’t support them? If you don’t pay to watch, they wont get their returns, and how do you think they can find money to produce an improved film? How can they go international if their film is not even accepted locally?

Honestly in my opinion, I agree that malay movies have yet to produce anything like first class Hollywood movies. However, I think that we are moving towards that direction because we have witnessed hi-tech superhero movies, frightening horror and traumatic serial killer movies as well as high class comedy films entering box office and some parts of overseas market. Of course we cannot compare “Cicakman” with “Spiderman”, or “Trauma” with “Saw” or “Jangan Pandang Belakang with “Exorcist” but moving forward, I believe that we are able to be at par with international movies, we should be able to enter more overseas market I know we are getting there and it does not matter even if it takes 20 more years to realize it. The film producers have played their parts in the industry. More than 10 years ago, low class malay love story films being produced such as “Sembilu 1,2,3,4,5,6….”, “Ringgit Kasorga”, “Maria Mariana” and many more. Why these films were classified as low class? I think the dialogs were too boring and mostly artificial. They didn’t really portray reality of life. “Perlukah aku lakukan semua ini?”, “Sanggup kah kau hidup semati dengan ku?” and blablabla…what the hell!! We don’t talk like that in real life. However, in the recent years, they have come out with good dialogs incorporating bahasa melayu pasar and some English. That is a starting point of something. That’s how we talk. They just have to improve their production and marketing strategy. The public on the other hand, have got to play their role in ensuring our film industry accomplishes its goal. I believe that Malaysian film producers do value our critics and feedbacks. We can’t comment if we don’t watch, and they can’t improve, if you don’t criticize.
Malaysian Film industry will never go far as we claim it to be if we don’t show support. “Support the local or there will never be one”.
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