Monday, February 25, 2008

Cannot Tahan...

For the past 2 weeks or so, I have been enjoying coffee at Mcdonalds. About 2 months ago, it was reported that Starbucks Coffee Co is thinking of bringing a legal action against McDonalds to stop them from having their own coffee bar in McDonalds. McDonalds is trying to introduce a new line up of coffees and teas where customers get to choose and customize their hot beverages which is a good step to boost their business. However, this move was not in Starbucks' liking as it would jeopardise their sales. It would be economical to go to McDonalds then since their coffees would be cheaper, but not necessarily tastier. But I don't think Starbucks would be put out of busineess, one because they sell good coffees at relatively fair price (if you are earning in USD or GBP) that is. But even here in this country Starbucks have 100 stores nationwide. It only started with 3 in Dec 1998.

On average there is 1 new starbucks opening every one and a half month since then. The business has kept on growng because Malaysians generally like to be seen in Starbucks Coffee shops. But only about 5-10% actually understand and appreciate the coffee that they drink. About 50-65% would go to Starbucks Coffee with a sign on their forehead when they order their drink "hey...check out this chick I'm with and we want ice blended stuff". Having that kind of attitude is not gonna win you any respect.

The best way to gain respect is by being nice to others and respect others equally even if the other person could only afford an 80 sen kopi o at local mamak place or even stalls. If you can afford a RM 7 kopi o doesn't say that you are any different than a guy who drinks 80 sen kopi o. It is your actions and attitude that says the most. Hell you can be with the hottest chick, drives the fanciest car or dress like a hollywood star for all i care. But if you don't get your act together, you are just a nobody with tonnes of money and frankly speaking that is how many politicians in this country shape up their 'career'.

Firstly, to start with...they have plenty of money but no recognition. people don't take note of them. Therefore many rich Malays in this country would try their 'luck' in politics. I have said before that politics are 'interesting' because it can be very unpredictable. A nominated candidate can be a useless person and a dropped candidate was the right person that is suppose to contest in the elections. It works that way in this country. If you don't "scratch my back as I tell you to scratch your political career is in jeopardy" and if " I 'think' you are not fit for the job, you should step down". That explains why there are plenty of idiots in the Parliament. And I believe it will be the same for many years to come. And I personally think no matter who is in power, at the end of the day not much will change if we change our attitude and way of thinking.

I shall illustrate this scenario below how a typical Malaysian leader 'solve issues'.

Scene in a McDonalds packed with people eating away their meals. A man with his family enters the restaurant. The man sits at a table which was left with wrappings burgers and paper cups by patrons who sat there earlier. Imagine that pile of stuffs left behind is "the issue/problem". And the man is the leader. What would you think the man would do if this was in this country? I'll tell you what he would do,

1)he would either ask for the staff to clean the table for him,

2)tell his children to throw them away and keep it out of that man's sight,

3)walk up to the counter, beat the queuing customers and yell at the cashier to clean the table if he chooses not to exercise the first two options.

That is how a Malaysian leader thinks, that is how Malaysians act in this country. They do not concentrate of solving or eliminating the issues. They rather focus on who to blame and who should be responsible rather than being responsible themselves.

They key issue here lies in 2 "secret" options. Imagine McDonalds in is a self service restaurant, what we should understand from this is that, you have to queue and place your order at the counter, carry your own tray of foods and beverages and empty them in the bins provided before you leave. That is how a self service restaurant should operate. But it is sad that Malaysians are only civic minded when they are in need of something, once they have stuffed their bellies and happy they forget all the basic principles and leave behind their litter. And when a new hungry Malaysian comes across the table, the situation above occurs all over again.

Why leaders are bad in this country is simple. They think like typical Malaysians. They would rather walk up to the counter and yell to the poor cashier rather than throwing the litter themselves at the bin next to his table. Sad sad attitude that we Malaysians have. We have this attitude that we feel embarrass to clean up other people's mess and rather put on a 'show' at the counter so that other people could witness how powerful you are to be exercising your 'customer is always right' bullshit. You were never in the right place from the beginning. You should be in a restaurant with full of waiters/waitresses. But guess what? You could not go to those places because you can't afford it. But you still want people to know that you have some kind of control by going up against a poor old cashier who did not do anything wrong. The most fundamental right as a citizen is the right to vote and yet we still have a high percentage of citizens who do not register themselves and complaint about the government, opposition etc.

If Malaysians start to respect each other more and try hard to be smarter and wiser. This country would be great to live, work,play in. I am optimistic of that. But until that day arrive, we have a tough challenge ahead. A very tough one. And we need leaders who can see the SECRET option and implement them in office. I tell you when that happens, that is a leader with vision. Don't act stupid by talking bollocks of rubbish and accomplish nothing!

Man in McDonalds - past,present (hopefully not the future leaders)
Man's Family - cabinet ministers
Cashier - dropped,left behind leaders
Litter - issues and problems pertaining the beloved nation

To my fellow Malaysians...
Happy campaigning,voting if you have registered....
if you haven't...please do for the sake of your future and the younger generations...
PPS: to the future appointed leaders...stop being typical is time for a better MALAYSIA.

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