Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Memory...Dalam Kenangan

8 months ago our country loss one of its most brilliant but not so influential (according to some drama kings and queens presently) Judge this country has ever had. And in conjunction with this a memorial will be held at Dewan Tunku Canselor, University of Malaya at 1600. It will be chaired by Vice-Chancellor, University of Malaya, Datuk Rafiah Salim. The Regent of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah who is also the University's Pro-Chancellor and his consort, Tuanku Zara are also scheduled to attend. The great man I am refering to is the late Rt Hon Mr Justice Tan Sri Abdul Malek Ahmad.

Tan Sri Abdul Malek was born in Singapore on July 28,1944. He got his early education at the McNair school and secondary education at the Raffles Institution in Singapore. Qualified as a barrister-at-law, he read law at the Inner Temple, London and was called to the English Bar in November 1965.

He had served in various judicial posts including as a Magistrate, Deputy Public Prosecution, President Sessions Court, Senior President Sessions Court and Deputy Parliamentary Draftsmen before he became the Parliamentary draftsmen in 1982-1984. He held all these positions before the age of 40.

At 40, Allahyarham Tan Sri Malek was elevated to the High Court Bench in early 1985. He served as a High Court Judge in various states including Kelantan, Perak and Kuala Lumpur. In 1995 he was elevated as a Court of Appeal Judge. And in 1999, he was appointed to the Federal Court. And in 2004, he was appointed President of the Court of Appeal. The Malaysian Bar Council had this to say in their welcoming speech about this great Judge.

“Justice Malek Ahmad has in his many years on the Bench demonstrated the right judicial qualities and temperament. He has exhibited judicial independence and integrity, and enjoys widespread respect from the Bar and those who are familiar with the functioning of the judiciary in Malaysia. His proven ability, reputation, standing, seniority and experience (all of which are criteria which the Bar consistently advocates to be relevant to judicial appointments and promotions) make him well suited for this important position. It remains for him in the years to come to draw on these qualities in introducing the necessary changes and improvements to the system in a way that will restore public confidence in the judiciary. This appointment augurs well for the future of the judicial system in Malaysia."

In 2005, he made history being the first and only Malaysian to be appointed an Honorary Overseas Bencher of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, London.

This man had battled brain cancer for 6 months with his whole family by his side every moment until he passed away. He leaves behind a loving and caring woman, wife and mother, Puan Sri Roziah Sheikh Mohamed and six children: Farhan, Farhana, Fatin, Farina, Farisa, and Faiqah. He was a friendly and very wise man. His arguments and decision making were always very accurate and left very little room for error or criticisms. He was a family man who loves his family very much. He enjoyed swimming and bowling with his family. He even cleans the dishes after dinner. He leaves behind a very proud family. His whole family is proud of him, not only of what he has done in his line of duty, but as a human being a great human being. His fight against cancer was inevitable and we all wishes him peace and happiness in the afterlife InsyaAllah.

You will be missed...
May Peace be on your Soul

Monday, January 28, 2008

Simplement Magnifique

It was a monumental performance by these two amazing athletes. It certainly offered a good prospect of the future of the game. During the winners speech, both of them made complimentary statements towards each other. Tsonga, in particular thanked Djokovich for the great match they had in the finals and for the memories he had from tonight. On the other hand, Djokovich mentioned that had he lost the finals, Tsonga deserved every bit of the trophy and he knew the crowd wanted Tsonga to win and he has this to say to the crowd "I know the crowd wanted him to win more than I do but that's okay, I still love you all" what a champion.

This is why tennis is different than any other racquet sports. The sportsmanship that it offers on and off the court. The amount of respect that they have among each other. And how the crowd offers their cheers and observe silence during points. You will never have that in see crowd respecting players on courts. It is more often than not like a football match.

The emergence of these two players are certainly good for tennis. The moment definitely goes to these two amazing gentlemen. And we hope this is just the beginning of their amazing playing career. Djokovic is only 20 and Tsonga is only 22 years old.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Novak Djokovic was through to the final of the Australian Open and will face Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on Sunday. Earlier, Maria Sharapova had just won the 2008 Australian Open Ladies Singles defeating Ana Ivanovic 7-5 6-3. Her sheer power during the match was a handful for Ivanovic to put up with. Ivanovic was put in an uncomfortable position throughout most of the match and it was all working well for Sharapova. All she needed was one break in each sets to win the match. She held her serves well and made Ivanovic work hard every point. At the end of the day Ivanovic did not deserve to win today, Sharapova played better and rightly so to win the championship.

Djokovic-Tsonga...what a huge prospect of the modern tennis world. But what about Federer? well..he was beaten in straight sets yesterday. Federer was beaten 7-5 6-3 7-6(7-5). After the match Federer said the Djokovic deserved to win and he was solid the entire tournament. Read here for more of the article. The turning point of the match was in the first set itself when Federer was leading 5-3. Djokovic came back strongly and won all 4 consecutive games to win the first set 7-5. The second set was more straight forward then the first. Djokovic held his serve strong and took the second set. The third set was evenly contested and went all the way to tie-breaks. At this point the momentum was with Federer. Should he win the 3rd set, Djokovic will have a tough time battling the rest of the match. But as what great players have in them to pull them through in tight situations are definitely with Djokovic as well. We all know how good Federer is and how his opponents respect him. Djokovic only needed one match point to convert it into a win ultimately. He held his nerve tremendously well and won the final set to enter the Final on sunday.
Djokovic in also known as Djoker because of his gestures of mimicking other players whom he is friends with on the ATP and WTA tour. Here is a video of him doing it:

Friday, January 25, 2008

Unseeded and in Finals of a grand slam

earlier today I watched the first semifinals of the Australian Open between Rafael Nadal and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Yeap...some of us might be asking ourselves who the hell is this Tsonga dude. And i think quite a number of people must be thinking that this is a great opportunity to make easy money by betting against Tsonga not to win. I mean what are the odds of a player of his standard coming into the grand slam unseeded and up against the no 2 player in the world? Its got to be Nadal's way.

But not that I don't like Nadal, but i was hoping of an upset in this match. And boy it was not just an upset. As Vijay Amritraj said 'Nadal was playing like an amateur between those two professional tennis players' and he was dead right. Not that Nadal did not play well...the match definitely belonged to Tsonga. Tosnga strolled past Nadal is straight sets...6-2 6-3 6-2.He played exceptionally fantastic and if he could play that kind of tennis just one more time even Federer will lose playing against him..that is if he could beat Novak Djokovic tomorrow.

Another great match is scheduled tomorrow. Roger Federer (1) vs Novak Djokovic (3). I think it could go either way tomorrow. But Federer is definitely more experienced. But for the benefit of tennis I would like to see Djokovic go through.

Here's a look at the MAN OF THE MOMENT....
Vous ĂȘtes l'homme

*pictures taken from yahoosports

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Peaceful Retirement...

Politics is like be remembered in a good way for a long time you must retire at your peak. But neither politicians nor footballers retire at their prime. But more often than not, footballers get to retire in peace and with a lot of money depending on how good you are. If you are playing in the M league or some S league you can consider applying for other jobs once you retire simply because you need to work to earn money for the rest of your life.

In most countries including our country, politicians tend to stick to their 'playing field' as long as they can. Maybe because most of them have this mentality of 'I scratch your back and you shall do the same' attitude. But the moment that perception is put into practice politicians are derailed from their ultimate task which is to serve the citizen to its priority interests. They rather have discussions of who has a better handicap in golf, who can own big cars and houses with their 'paycheck' and most importantly how do they do it.

It is as good as being a footballer who accept bribes or selling games. Even those footballers are not getting any favouritsm among loyal avid fans. Politicians should have been removed long ago if they are caught exercising illegal acts or practices. Ministerial Responsibility hardly exist in this country. It seems to exist only if you are caught on camera having a jolly 'good time'.

think of it from a practical and logic point of view. Politicians who have caused dissatisfaction and
played mind games and tricks to trick the public should kiss their happy and relaxed retirement goodbye. Bid farewell too it. Bear this in mind...the higher post a politician held before he stepped down, he might have to spend his festive seasons in hospitals and as soon as you are declared healthy you'll probably be called by the law enforcers or a Commission to testify about every possible mistakes that you have done and wrong decisions you have made.

moral of the story is to retire at your prime and never look back. Or better still only be a politician if you are truly capable of filling in those shoes. It is really sad to see quite a number of MPs in parliament are jeorpadising this country's potential.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

someone's new ride

that is one fine art that i can only dream of getting one myself at the moment...
when someone has plenty of cash and passionate about cycling...this is what they buy as toys...sigh

Ultimate prank

it was in the newspaper today that a 16 year old boy was arrested for an alleged blackmail through text messages towards the parents of the missing girl sharlinie.

what a stupid way to do it. if you intend to pull someone's leg or horseplay do it in a small scale and make sure you don't end up being arrested you stupid fool. serves you right. have a nice time being detained. if you are should be.

for parents...please take good care of your children. if you think you are not capable of handling them, get assistance maid etc..if you think you fall under incompetent parents category practice safe sex and use a condom and better still don't get pregnant. you'll become a public nuisance if you can't even handle your own child. no one else is in a better position to look after your own kid.
it should have been a lesson based on previous cases. it is truly a shame thing that things like this keep on happening.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Please Read Carefully

I was moved to have a further reading about this reductill slimming pills that Izrin is plannning to take in her quest to lose weight. Not that I am against it, I just want her to take that approach cautiously since there are plenty of conditions that she has to be aware of and take into account. And yes there are many celebrities who drink their water and eat their food with those pills in order to make them fill full fast and hence lose weight faster. But I'm sure that those acts are done with close supervision by themselves or their highly paid dietician, or personal doctor whatsoever.
If you are planning to take those pills...remember before you start swallowing the very first one...that you should keep track of the dosage and number of pills you are supposed to take. And please keep track of other medications that you might need to take that will render you from continuing with reductill. Not that I don't want you to lose weight..I am more concern of your health more than anything else when it comes to this.

please read the information available in the above link so that you can prepare yourself better before making an appointment with the physician or doctor...
don't just listen blindly to what other people have to say about the wonders of those pills...remember wonderful things may bring wonderful consequences if you don't anticipate them. something to prepare mentally perhaps...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hello 2008

My first entry and I would like to welcome 2008. Goodbye 2007, all the good and bad memories transpired throughout the year. When talking about new year, it is prevalent for people to establish new resolution. I was reading through Azman’s newly updated blog today, and I was drawn by his statement on the word LOSER in RESOLution. Actually I think that’s quite accurate. I keep ascertaining new resolution every year but it always seemed difficult to prolong. Resolutions are always too demanding. On the first day of 2008, I set up a new resolution (not a very new one though, cause I’ve been establishing the same resolution for the past few years), “buang lemak”. I always see the firmness of this statement but it always goes down the drain. I am always motivated to lose weight, to remove back the 10kgs I have gained over the years. Inspirations are:

1. To get back in shape.
2. To be able to fit in my old good outfit so I won’t have to keep on buying new clothes to cater for my fats.
3. To be able to have the force to join running and cycling event.
4. To be fit and healthy.
5. To be able to eat more!!!

The means of getting it:

1. Ubat kurus ‘Reductil Weight Loss’ pill
2. Gym that was registered a year ago
3. Kathy Smith fat burning DVD (a few of them)
4. Xanical pill untuk buang lemak
5. Utilising KGNS club (just bought new racquets and shuttlecock that costs me RM 160).
6. Brisk walking with mummy every Saturday.

Nonetheless, my enthusiasm always being mitigated by:

1. Reductil – the condition of consuming this pill is that I have to drink lots of water or you will destroy your liver. To be honest, I am not the type of person who drinks because I hate public toilets. Plus, once I stop consuming the pill, I will have the tendency to grow double as I am today. Oh my..
2. Gym – I have recently misplaced my membership card and I have to report the loss and apply for the new one during office hour. Like Duhh.. people have got to go to work. And plus.. I simply don’t have the time to go ‘gym’ing since in substance, I work 6 days a week and 10 hours a day. (Legally, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day).
3. Kathy Smith DVD – I don’t really have a proper exercise place, I first need to buy a mat, and it is quite boring.
4. Xanical – it makes you poo like a lot!!! And again.. I hate public toilets.
5. Badminton – I don’t really know how to play badminton (beli je lebih), and since I am already 25, I have no access to the club on my own. Ajak mummy main badminton macam ajak pergi lari 10 km. So, I have no friends to play badminton with.
6. Brisk walking – Saturday?? I need my beauty sleep on weekends!!!

So how??? There goes my new year’s resolution.

Oh by the way, I just found alizrin's blog. No wonder my blog with Ali cannot be registered as alizrin. It is amazing that ada couple lain nama Ali and Izrin. :p
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