Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hello 2008

My first entry and I would like to welcome 2008. Goodbye 2007, all the good and bad memories transpired throughout the year. When talking about new year, it is prevalent for people to establish new resolution. I was reading through Azman’s newly updated blog today, and I was drawn by his statement on the word LOSER in RESOLution. Actually I think that’s quite accurate. I keep ascertaining new resolution every year but it always seemed difficult to prolong. Resolutions are always too demanding. On the first day of 2008, I set up a new resolution (not a very new one though, cause I’ve been establishing the same resolution for the past few years), “buang lemak”. I always see the firmness of this statement but it always goes down the drain. I am always motivated to lose weight, to remove back the 10kgs I have gained over the years. Inspirations are:

1. To get back in shape.
2. To be able to fit in my old good outfit so I won’t have to keep on buying new clothes to cater for my fats.
3. To be able to have the force to join running and cycling event.
4. To be fit and healthy.
5. To be able to eat more!!!

The means of getting it:

1. Ubat kurus ‘Reductil Weight Loss’ pill
2. Gym that was registered a year ago
3. Kathy Smith fat burning DVD (a few of them)
4. Xanical pill untuk buang lemak
5. Utilising KGNS club (just bought new racquets and shuttlecock that costs me RM 160).
6. Brisk walking with mummy every Saturday.

Nonetheless, my enthusiasm always being mitigated by:

1. Reductil – the condition of consuming this pill is that I have to drink lots of water or you will destroy your liver. To be honest, I am not the type of person who drinks because I hate public toilets. Plus, once I stop consuming the pill, I will have the tendency to grow double as I am today. Oh my..
2. Gym – I have recently misplaced my membership card and I have to report the loss and apply for the new one during office hour. Like Duhh.. people have got to go to work. And plus.. I simply don’t have the time to go ‘gym’ing since in substance, I work 6 days a week and 10 hours a day. (Legally, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day).
3. Kathy Smith DVD – I don’t really have a proper exercise place, I first need to buy a mat, and it is quite boring.
4. Xanical – it makes you poo like a lot!!! And again.. I hate public toilets.
5. Badminton – I don’t really know how to play badminton (beli je lebih), and since I am already 25, I have no access to the club on my own. Ajak mummy main badminton macam ajak pergi lari 10 km. So, I have no friends to play badminton with.
6. Brisk walking – Saturday?? I need my beauty sleep on weekends!!!

So how??? There goes my new year’s resolution.

Oh by the way, I just found alizrin's blog. No wonder my blog with Ali cannot be registered as alizrin. It is amazing that ada couple lain nama Ali and Izrin. :p


Ali said...

babies crawl before they can walk...and toddlers walk like drunken master before they run...i am sure you'll be running in your first race this year...let's make that happen!!

izrin said...

thank u hun..hope badan tak terlalu berat untuk lari..well, if not this yr, next yr.. :)

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