Monday, January 28, 2008

Simplement Magnifique

It was a monumental performance by these two amazing athletes. It certainly offered a good prospect of the future of the game. During the winners speech, both of them made complimentary statements towards each other. Tsonga, in particular thanked Djokovich for the great match they had in the finals and for the memories he had from tonight. On the other hand, Djokovich mentioned that had he lost the finals, Tsonga deserved every bit of the trophy and he knew the crowd wanted Tsonga to win and he has this to say to the crowd "I know the crowd wanted him to win more than I do but that's okay, I still love you all" what a champion.

This is why tennis is different than any other racquet sports. The sportsmanship that it offers on and off the court. The amount of respect that they have among each other. And how the crowd offers their cheers and observe silence during points. You will never have that in see crowd respecting players on courts. It is more often than not like a football match.

The emergence of these two players are certainly good for tennis. The moment definitely goes to these two amazing gentlemen. And we hope this is just the beginning of their amazing playing career. Djokovic is only 20 and Tsonga is only 22 years old.

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