Thursday, January 17, 2008

Peaceful Retirement...

Politics is like be remembered in a good way for a long time you must retire at your peak. But neither politicians nor footballers retire at their prime. But more often than not, footballers get to retire in peace and with a lot of money depending on how good you are. If you are playing in the M league or some S league you can consider applying for other jobs once you retire simply because you need to work to earn money for the rest of your life.

In most countries including our country, politicians tend to stick to their 'playing field' as long as they can. Maybe because most of them have this mentality of 'I scratch your back and you shall do the same' attitude. But the moment that perception is put into practice politicians are derailed from their ultimate task which is to serve the citizen to its priority interests. They rather have discussions of who has a better handicap in golf, who can own big cars and houses with their 'paycheck' and most importantly how do they do it.

It is as good as being a footballer who accept bribes or selling games. Even those footballers are not getting any favouritsm among loyal avid fans. Politicians should have been removed long ago if they are caught exercising illegal acts or practices. Ministerial Responsibility hardly exist in this country. It seems to exist only if you are caught on camera having a jolly 'good time'.

think of it from a practical and logic point of view. Politicians who have caused dissatisfaction and
played mind games and tricks to trick the public should kiss their happy and relaxed retirement goodbye. Bid farewell too it. Bear this in mind...the higher post a politician held before he stepped down, he might have to spend his festive seasons in hospitals and as soon as you are declared healthy you'll probably be called by the law enforcers or a Commission to testify about every possible mistakes that you have done and wrong decisions you have made.

moral of the story is to retire at your prime and never look back. Or better still only be a politician if you are truly capable of filling in those shoes. It is really sad to see quite a number of MPs in parliament are jeorpadising this country's potential.

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