Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ultimate prank

it was in the newspaper today that a 16 year old boy was arrested for an alleged blackmail through text messages towards the parents of the missing girl sharlinie.

what a stupid way to do it. if you intend to pull someone's leg or horseplay do it in a small scale and make sure you don't end up being arrested you stupid fool. serves you right. have a nice time being detained. if you are should be.

for parents...please take good care of your children. if you think you are not capable of handling them, get assistance maid etc..if you think you fall under incompetent parents category practice safe sex and use a condom and better still don't get pregnant. you'll become a public nuisance if you can't even handle your own child. no one else is in a better position to look after your own kid.
it should have been a lesson based on previous cases. it is truly a shame thing that things like this keep on happening.

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