Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MUA second wave - DONE

In my previous entry, I mentioned that I have confirmed all MUAs for all three events (nikah, sanding and tandang). In fact, that was the first thing I did after confirming on the venue of course.

Unfortunately, I can't remember, I think about weeks after that, the MUA I hired for my nikah, Ian Sham, called me to give me a bad news. She said she will not be able to make it for my nikah because she has booked a ticket to Bali and she forgot about that when she called to confirm on the date. When she told me the first time, I was blank. I couldnt get at first, I didnt know what was she trying to tell me. I slowly absorbed, but I was still blank.. I did not know whether to be angry or to be sad. She said she can get a replacement for me. But I have lost my confidence. She refunded me, the next day.

The first time when I found her website, I fell in love with her work. I kinda like what she does to certain people. But 'certain people' would mean, not all of her work are enticing. I guess, it depends on the bride laa..

When I called to ask for availability, she was nice.. and friendly. But what I didn't like about her that time was... the terms and condition that she provided to me before I banked in the deposit. I was comparing to Su Cantik of course. Or even Saidatulnisa.. those are the famous MUAs. Although their prices are higher than Ian (because I guess Ian is not really that famous), the amount of deposit that she requested was higher. And she had other terms like transportation cost, extra cost for staying back bla bla bla..that was made clear to me on the phone. So that gave me a bad impression the first time.

But because I had no choice, it was between Ian and Saidatulnisa, of course I chose the cheaper one. Now that she has cancelled on me...I had to turn to Saidatul.

This is Saidatulnisa's work. Her make up are all natural, which I like..but sometimes, they seem too normal. But what's important in MUA is not what colour she puts on your face. It is more like whether she understands your face, she knows how thick and how thin the make up should be in order to appear nice on tv/magazine/picture/video. And she has that expertise.

What I heard about her is, dia a bit sombong and hanya nak layan VIPs sahaja. But when I first talked to her, I swear she was nice and humble. She didn't sound snorbish at all. However, she told me that she has a contract with the Queen, so whenever the Queen calls her, she has to cancel on her client. But she will put her assistant, Liza to replace.

Based on other friends' experience, Liza does her magic too. She learned a lot from Saidatulnisa. So I thought, hey why not? If I lose a diamond, I get a gemstone. Both are equally beautiful. I imediately booked her and I feel very good about it.

Setiap yang berlaku, ada hikmah. I was told by Sue who had experiences with Ian Sham that her make up is not really nice after all.. She makes your skin looks darker. Alhamdulillah.. and when people know that I booked Saidatulnisa, they give positive feedbacks. Alhamdulillah.....syukur..confident sikit.

I have 3 months and 4 days left!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hazrieq Ziyad

Welcome baby boy!


I am 4 hours-old
Meet my godson, the son of my bff, Zetty Zaihasra with beloved hubby, Harith Hamdan... I am so happy for you guys. Congratulations..

Rasa bangga my bff did it without taking any epidurals. She went through normal labour, and the experience I guess was indescribible..

Oh, btw, sejak-sejak nak kawin ni, bila orang tanya bila my turn, I will automatically say, "InsyaAllah...bulan May, tak lama lagi..."

So semalam, during the visit at the hospital, Harith's mom asked me, "So when is your turn?"

I answered, "InsyaAllah aunty, bulan lima.."

then muka dia macam hairan, dan aku pon hairan la kenapa dia hairan..

Then it occurred to me, adakah mungkin dia tanya when is my turn to give birth????

 Hmm...mungkin juaa... hahah..memang la tak mungkin bulan 5, kawin pon blom :p

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Theme colour - DONE

I am three months away from my wedding day. Oh boy, yes, I have just decided on the theme colour. These are the colours that I would like to have in my weddings, and I have pre-discussed them with my wedding planner. But I need to go through them again with him.

Nikah Day

Green. Well, don't ask me why I choose green. Suci, no? Like very soothing, yes!. The rest of my family members may be wearing the apple green shade as follows:

Parents of the bride, the special people, may wear another tone of green that is slightly different from other members. Yellowish green.

My wedding reception

My wedding planner told me to choose between salmon and mauve colour. I chose Mauve! The theme colour for the deco should be the same with the colour of cherry blossom.

So family member decided to wear Salmon color to match with the family of this cherry blossom's colour (I dunno the name). The colour that will be worn by my family member is:

So my friends as well as the M.O.H will be wearing Mauve as how I had always wanted it to be.

Many would think that it looks like lilac, but it is not. This is called Taupe Mauve.
The groom's entourage will be wearing something silver-ish or grey-ish. I hope the colour matches with the main theme colour of the reception.


The theme colour would be a combination of blue, green and gold colour...the colour of a peacock!

My family members would be wearing something gold-ish like below:

Ali's family will be wearing blue colour, since they have decided to wear blue, but the pengantin's baju is green, the only blue that suits green and gold is the 'peacock color"

Although I have decided on the colours, they are still open for changes. But as for now, I am settled with the colours.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cotton for sweet baju kurung

I guess kain cotton is the 'in' thing now for baju kurung. It is sooo comfy, cooling n the designs are very sweet too.. So anyone interested in these?

Cotton # 1 SOLD

Cotton # 2 SOLD

Cotton # 3 SOLD

Cotton # 4

Cotton # 5

Cotton # 6

Cotton # 7

Cotton # 8 SOLD

Cotton # 9 SOLD

Cotton # 10

These kains are selling at RM150 at the shop. If you buy from me, here is the deal:

Buy 1 : RM 150 each
Buy 2: RM 135 each
Buy 3: RM 135 each the third one will go at RM120

Delivery in Klang Valley are free at certain areas.

Interested in getting for your work/raya baju kurung, pls email me at iikanuar@gmail.com

Hello neighbour

I have been off the internet connection for I think almost a month now since my family and I moved to our new crib in Bukit Jelutong. This is my first day using the internet after Unifi is installed in the new house.

The circled area is where I live. Normally when people move into a new house, new area, there will be lotsa crisis as most people refuse to accept change in environment and lifestyle.

As for me, I love everything about this new area. OK la, not everything. But most of it. To cut it short, I don't have much problem in moving to Bukit Jelutong other than packing and shifting stuff from Subang house to Bukit Jelutong. We did not hire any movers, so we have to do them ourselves.

I love the area, the fact that it is a gated community. My nature of work requires me to work late and most of the time, I travel back home pass midnight. Those days in Subang, I had to be very careful while opening my gate. Not to say in BJ I dont have to be careful, but I feel less scared and more protected. I don't know why.. maybe because my house is just next to the guard house. It somehow, does help me in giving some comfort.

Jogging and exercising is not a problem. I dont have to take up gym membership ok. I think running around BJ is good enough. There are very few cars passing by, and you'll see lotsa peopl doing their morning jog/cycle. Oh, I just love that feeling you know, like you are not the only one trying to lose weight.

Cuma one thing I cannot help feeling "aaarrgghhh". My travel time takes longer to reach client's office every morning, and I need more money for the toll because the only good way to go to work is using NKVE and DUKE.

My neighbourhood is very nice. In my lorong, there are only about 6 houses in the same lorong. So it's good in the sense that, nak kawin nanti senang nak mintak permission to use the road :) And they are very nice peep too..

It is also very cooling here in BJ, I hardly use my air-cond.

Oh, if I wan to talk about BJ, memang susah nak abis. Cz it is very satisfying...

I have not finished exploring.. and I fell in love with it already. I hope my future husband will like it here too..
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