Sunday, February 6, 2011

Theme colour - DONE

I am three months away from my wedding day. Oh boy, yes, I have just decided on the theme colour. These are the colours that I would like to have in my weddings, and I have pre-discussed them with my wedding planner. But I need to go through them again with him.

Nikah Day

Green. Well, don't ask me why I choose green. Suci, no? Like very soothing, yes!. The rest of my family members may be wearing the apple green shade as follows:

Parents of the bride, the special people, may wear another tone of green that is slightly different from other members. Yellowish green.

My wedding reception

My wedding planner told me to choose between salmon and mauve colour. I chose Mauve! The theme colour for the deco should be the same with the colour of cherry blossom.

So family member decided to wear Salmon color to match with the family of this cherry blossom's colour (I dunno the name). The colour that will be worn by my family member is:

So my friends as well as the M.O.H will be wearing Mauve as how I had always wanted it to be.

Many would think that it looks like lilac, but it is not. This is called Taupe Mauve.
The groom's entourage will be wearing something silver-ish or grey-ish. I hope the colour matches with the main theme colour of the reception.


The theme colour would be a combination of blue, green and gold colour...the colour of a peacock!

My family members would be wearing something gold-ish like below:

Ali's family will be wearing blue colour, since they have decided to wear blue, but the pengantin's baju is green, the only blue that suits green and gold is the 'peacock color"

Although I have decided on the colours, they are still open for changes. But as for now, I am settled with the colours.


myra said...

izrin!! i am in love with the peacock theme! definitely xde org theme those colors combine lagi!!

and i dah ade a kain, need ur comfirmation whether that color is mauve enough.. hehe.. berangan kan i ni.. dah la u kawin i dlm pantang...;p

Izrin said...

hehe..myra nanti u tunjuk kat i ok? kalau tak mauve pon tak apa... hana kata it is not easy to find that colour... :) but anyway... gambar-gambar ni hanya la perhiasan, saja je nak tunjuk kaler dia.. tp decoration nya takder la cantik sampai macam ni.. ahah.. berangan jugak i nih..

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