Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hazrieq Ziyad

Welcome baby boy!


I am 4 hours-old
Meet my godson, the son of my bff, Zetty Zaihasra with beloved hubby, Harith Hamdan... I am so happy for you guys. Congratulations..

Rasa bangga my bff did it without taking any epidurals. She went through normal labour, and the experience I guess was indescribible..

Oh, btw, sejak-sejak nak kawin ni, bila orang tanya bila my turn, I will automatically say, "InsyaAllah...bulan May, tak lama lagi..."

So semalam, during the visit at the hospital, Harith's mom asked me, "So when is your turn?"

I answered, "InsyaAllah aunty, bulan lima.."

then muka dia macam hairan, dan aku pon hairan la kenapa dia hairan..

Then it occurred to me, adakah mungkin dia tanya when is my turn to give birth????

 Hmm...mungkin juaa... hahah..memang la tak mungkin bulan 5, kawin pon blom :p

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