Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello neighbour

I have been off the internet connection for I think almost a month now since my family and I moved to our new crib in Bukit Jelutong. This is my first day using the internet after Unifi is installed in the new house.

The circled area is where I live. Normally when people move into a new house, new area, there will be lotsa crisis as most people refuse to accept change in environment and lifestyle.

As for me, I love everything about this new area. OK la, not everything. But most of it. To cut it short, I don't have much problem in moving to Bukit Jelutong other than packing and shifting stuff from Subang house to Bukit Jelutong. We did not hire any movers, so we have to do them ourselves.

I love the area, the fact that it is a gated community. My nature of work requires me to work late and most of the time, I travel back home pass midnight. Those days in Subang, I had to be very careful while opening my gate. Not to say in BJ I dont have to be careful, but I feel less scared and more protected. I don't know why.. maybe because my house is just next to the guard house. It somehow, does help me in giving some comfort.

Jogging and exercising is not a problem. I dont have to take up gym membership ok. I think running around BJ is good enough. There are very few cars passing by, and you'll see lotsa peopl doing their morning jog/cycle. Oh, I just love that feeling you know, like you are not the only one trying to lose weight.

Cuma one thing I cannot help feeling "aaarrgghhh". My travel time takes longer to reach client's office every morning, and I need more money for the toll because the only good way to go to work is using NKVE and DUKE.

My neighbourhood is very nice. In my lorong, there are only about 6 houses in the same lorong. So it's good in the sense that, nak kawin nanti senang nak mintak permission to use the road :) And they are very nice peep too..

It is also very cooling here in BJ, I hardly use my air-cond.

Oh, if I wan to talk about BJ, memang susah nak abis. Cz it is very satisfying...

I have not finished exploring.. and I fell in love with it already. I hope my future husband will like it here too..


bride2wife said...

Izrin, I bought a house in denai alam...we are neighbours in a way..haha..

Oh, BJ eh, so denai alam is DA Hope DA turns out to be like BJ as well...I love BJ neighborhood area... should try a Chineese Muslim restaurant there called Kayu Manis. My parents pg san a almost every week!

Izrin said...

Yea, i knw u bought a house there.. :) yeayy..nanti kita bleh selalu jumpa, cz it is very near. my house plak mmg the area yg very near to the GCE toll.. so will be very near to u heheh..

I knw the kayu manis.. i havent really tried. there was once i bought nasi goreng there for my contractors.. n it was like RM7.50 for each pack omg!! mahal nak mamps.. :p but it was quite nice :)my house quite near jugak with that kedai..

so hope to see u around nanti...:)

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