Saturday, November 27, 2010

My long lost love

I have been in love with Prince William, since I was small. I adored him so much, as much as my mother had adored his mother, the late Princess Diana. I read almost all Hello magazines to follow the story of that royal family. I even remembered his birthday, 21 June (Our birthday falls on the same month :p). I told myself (and everybody else in my family) that one day, I am gonna marry Prince William. Haha..

Everybody tried to tell me that it is impossible to happen, apart from both of us came from two different parts of the world, two different countries, different lifestyles, it is almost impossible for me to even meet him to say ‘hello’, I have to bear in mind that we also have different religion. He is going to be a king some day, and he cannot be a muslim for him to hold the throne. But, nothing brings the dream to an end. No kidding ok, I was at least 10% convinced that it COULD happen.

I went to study in the UK, chose to study in Wales, since William Wales was the son of Prince of Wales. Tak der kene mengena kan. Hehe.. Although we have never crossed each other’s path, we finally decided to get married, although not to each other, but in the same year, Spring 2011.

We got engaged in a gap of two weeks, and I think it was very much co-incidence that we happen to have the same engagement ring. Well, almost the same, I would say. (Jodoh yang tak kesampaian ;))

hers from the side

mine from the side

hers from the top

mine from the top

OK, tak lah sama sangat, design is about the same, difference is, her saphire is oval, mine is round, and of coz la her ring is berpuluh-puluh ribu pounds :) and her jari is kurus and long, mine is pendek and fat.

Baik lah, kene kuruskan badan :)


myra said...

izrin!! i wanted to marry prince william too!! hahahahahahaha..

i wanted to marry sultan brunei too, but i married someone better than the both of them, i married the love of my life! - corny kan?

nway.. hows wedding prep? getting excited already? come to think of it, its less than 6 mths away kan? lemme know if u need help k?

Izrin said...

omg, myrs.. i think all girls tht age at tht time, sure in love dgn dia kan. that time harry tak hensem lg.. but now i think harry is so much better n macho too.. :)

wedding prep blom buat apaper lg, bleh tak? haha.. rasa cam lambat lg.. it's 5 months or so lagi gossshhh !! i dont even have a theme.. hehe.. thanks for the offer babe.. appreciate it!

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