Thursday, November 25, 2010

Felda Hot Springs, Sungkai

Okay, how many of us had really taken the opportunity to visit our very own hot springs? Honestly, I have never thought that we have such place to visit here in Malaysia.

We have one in each Ulu Legong, Kedah, Langkawi, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah and the most famous one is in Sungai Klah, Sungkai Perak (1 day is definitely not enough). We booked a villa with three huge bedrooms.

the hall
one of the bedrooms (there are two os such bedroom size in the villa)
the kitchen area, well, you can cook too...
Dalam villa, ada private pool. You can turn the water to hot water (which comes from the hot springs) or to cold water (from the mountain)

There is also a spacious area for your to do BBQ while berendam.

This is a fish pond just opposite our villa.

Bila bagi makan, begitu lah kerenah ikan.

Berjalan kaki ke cafe nearby for breakfast.

Peta inside the area

Ali test water, panas ke tak
 The first kolam that we went was hot water pool. Ok la, tak lah hot mana. But seronok jugak bermandi manda.

This is the source of the hot water for this pool. Notice the sign board is written 'BAHAYA'. Ali said it is really hot. But still ok la..
Ali berani sangat la mandi at the 'BAHAYA' area.

Algae is said to be very good to cure skin disorders, fractures, and quite a number of other penyakit, but i cant remember.
Oleh kerana algae dikatakan bagus, Mak Jah pon letak kat seluruh muka :)

Ini rupanya kacip fatimah!
 Selepas mandi di hot water, we went to the next area di mana airnya lebih panas. BOILING hot ok. Sebab tu boleh merebus telur.

Brought satu papan of telur and rebus semuanya..

Seriously, it tasted better than normal boiled eggs. Probably the suphur in the water yang buat the telur sedap.

You definitely cannot put your leg in the boiling water, but you can only stand on the rocks.. Still panas, I cannot tahan.

Notice the temperature?

The water was not boiling, but hot enough to make your feet turn rosy.

 OK, puas mandi and rendam dalam air panas, we went to mandi air gunung pulak. SEJUKKKKK..

Panas pun sudah, sejuk pun sudah, we went for therapy.

Not only the batu is painful, but the air on it was also damn hot.

This is not so hot, probably dalam 30 C.

I remember my bestfriend used to put Temu Lawak on her face, so this is how it looks like, ok
 Haaa... yang bawah ni paling best.

Kita bukan saja-saja je baring. Under this pondok, mengalirlah air about 100C. once in a while wap nya naik ke atas, macam sauna la gitu. BEST. Terasa perut kempis after half an hour :p

Just outside the hotel area, ada makcik ni jual kelapa and pisang goreng, termasuk cempedak goreng. BEST GILER.

Oh, they have a delivery service too for the kuih-kuih, sent directly to the villa. :) Kalau terasa nak makan best, you can also order from this lady, they can cook and deliver to your door. Best kan?

Tempat ni memang best for families or a group of friends to go and chill. bring your BBQ set, or you can also use theirs. The idea is to chill.

Room rates about RM1k during peak per night, so I guess off peak it is about RM600 to RM800. But memang worth it, because of the space, the facilities and ammenities. It is about 1.5 hrs drive from KL. They also have day trip passes about RM 6-10.

Oh, I would definitely go again!!!


Anonymous said...

Akak just attended a 3-day training organized by campus at felda residence, trolak, but didn't have the chance to visit the hot spring. Macam best je, must plan to bring family some day. Thanks for sharing.

bride2wife said...

Izrin, this place is soo near to my tempat kerja. Nape u and Ali take singgah? :)

Izrin said...

kak haza: yes, must bring your family there. very nice and very cheap too.. If you bring your food sendiri to cook, your cost will only be the villa. Untuk chilling, mmg best n nyaman. :)

Tahirah: Sorry la dear, we reached there very late in the evening, and left very late at night the next day. Work commitment. Tak sempat nak jumpa u. Next time ok?

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