Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Paintball

I may have talked about this paintball in my FB and twitter a number of time. It is quite obvious that it was my first time. I was very excited about it. Scared at the same time. Because people said it is painful if you get shot. But, hey.. how much painful can it be?

This is how the bullet looks like. Small, eh?

I went ahead with the plan that was organised by my staff. At that point in time, I hope no one had personal issue with me at work. hehe.. mesti la takut kene shoot. I invited Ali along, konon-konon to be in my team, to protect me. But mana tahu he prefers to be in the opposite team to shoot me. Cheh!!

The first 30 minutes, they gave us a profesional coaching. The most important thing is DO NOT open your mask while you are in the field.

After the coaching, some started to warm up. You must warm up. Don't just think that it is just like some lari-lari nyorok-nyorok game. It IS a sports game.

If you don't warm up, you'll be like me today! I feel like I just ran a 10k run yesterday. All muscles are aching and I couldn't go to aerobics today because I can't even walk properly.

Oh, yeay!! the girls were given free vests to protect the pretty body :)

Before we started, we have to strategize first. Like in the army. The objective of the game is to eliminate the opponent team.




Below, is what they call the Dead Box. You are sent there when you get shot.

SOMETIMES, your team member will accidentally/purposely shoot you from the back or from the side. haha.. Please settle any personal issues before you play the game :p

But that's what they said, No pain, No Gain.

Young kids. I was the oldest in the team. Thanks to Ali. I wasn't alone. :)


Padang Astaka PJ, near Tun Hussein Onn Eye specialists centre. RM60 for 200 bullets. Definitely cheap. And they have night field battle too. So you can gather up with your colleagues and play after work.

After the game, Ali and myself went to have our lunch at Lotus, PJ.

The subject matter is not Ali. Look at the uncle at the back. He was eating nasi with his hands. That does not happen always. My chinese friends are struggling like hell to eat with their hands. This is awesome.

Picture courtesy: Syed Jefrizil

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