Sunday, November 21, 2010

Balancing life at work

In the effort to be a good employer, my firm has put this in the staff handbook where every month probably, I don’t know.. that they are gonna have this BrInG-YoUr-kIdS-tO-WoRK day!

Sounds fun eh. Work-life balance, no?

You get to bring your kids age 3 to 12 to office to introduce your work to them. What mummy does, what papa does, what is auditor all about, really. Introduce your kids to colleagues. It’s a half day event. Food are provided. And you get to leave with your kids after the event is over. Kewl.

But do you think these kids at this age really understand what you do? Or do they even bother to know? Unless you want to nurture your kids to have the same interest as yours.

Otherwise, please, I wouldn’t want to bring my kids to my office. It is so miserable. My idea of work-life balance is more like:

1. Work 4 days a week.
2. Membership to Phillip Wain gym
3. Eye allowance since 100% of the job requires the use of computer
4. Once a month healthy outing with colleagues (at the expense of the office)
5. Strictly 8 working hours daily (more than 8 hours will affect KPI)

Wouldn’t it be good than bringing your kids to work? Blerggh.

Anyway..good try :) at least they are trying to be good employer.


myra said...

kalau u kat client cmner babe? hahaha..

if ey offers all that u have mentioned, i wont hessitate in joining back! :p

Izrin said...

kalau kat client? i pon dunno.. haha dun bother as it doesnt concern me :p kalau ey bagi all or at least some of the things i have mentioned.. huh.. i janji i akan jadi hamba ey sampai tua.. (u knw it wont happen :p)

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