Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a Load of Crap

taken from the STAR....

VARESE (Italy): Two Malaysian cyclists have seen their bid to compete with the world’s emerging elite hit by some strange sports politics leading up to the world road race championships here.
According to a source close to the national team, Malaysia spurned the right to send five riders already qualified for the men’s Under-23 race over fears the trip would blow a hole in their budget.
In stepped Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz, the organiser of the Tour of Malaysia race, who ended up providing the funds to send two of the five qualified riders to Lombardy for the six-day competition. However it remains to be seen how well Fauzan Ahmad Lufti and Anuar Manan, who are fasting, fare in the race today, which will be held over 10 laps of a 17.335km course.
While some of the world’s future road racing stars have been preparing all year for the race, the Malaysians were told only a week ago they would be travelling to Italy.
To make matters worse, both had drastically reduced their training and eating regime, having started fasting on Sept 1.
Inspired by the track cycling pursuits of their compatriots, who gave a good account of themselves in the sprint and keirin events at the Beijing Olympics last month, Fauzan and Anuar are hoping they can one day get to world level.
Fauzan struggled in the Under-23 time trial on Tuesday but he’s not giving up hope.
“I want to get experience at world level by participating with the world’s best.
“I want to continue my road racing career and try to qualify for the elite races one day. AFP

If you don't have passion for the sport, you shouldn't even handle the budget for the developement of the sport. Win or lose is not the ultimate aim in sports of cycling. Who are we to compare them cyclists with the likes of top European or American and Australian Champs.

But give them a break la MNCF. They need those exposures. This is a complete waste of opportunity when it is made clear that Malaysia has 5 spots and we are only sending 2 out of an individual personal funds who care about cycling more than the government itself.

To make it worse, those 2 riders were only told that they could participate a week ago. They are now the victims of poor funds handling and immature decision making.

Tau la musim raya nak dekat...politik pun tunggang langgang...tapi kalau nk jadi champion...pedulik apa semua tu...Fauzan ngan Anuar selamba je nk gi race puasa2 pun...
Why are they doing it? Because they believe in themselves and they love their cycling so much. And bless them for having an ex MP who supports them all out.

I am hoping that the coming Jelajah Malaysia will make MNCF and youth and sports ministry realise how bad their performance are. But I doubt it will be the case. Because to perform at their 'best', they need a lot of 'other' expenditure. And they always prefer to travel first class and stay at luxury hotels and eat the best meal. Tapi yang race nya bukan dorang...

Unless and until this bad exercise is removed altogether, Malaysia will never be better in Singapore in any sports. Not only sports la...sporting events pun sure kene tapau....just look at the innaugural Singapore F1 GP compared to Sepang's?? You people be the judge. They are the ones working hard on making it a better race than don't blame them. We need to buck up and take it as a challenge. Stop making remarks claiming Singapore 'sabotaged' Malaysian GP.

Jelajah Malaysia and LtDL lagi la beruk...takyah nk ckp apa la...sorang bajet belanja budak skolah RM1.50 sorang bajet RM12.00.

Habis rehat dua2 sama kenyang...dua2 sama mengantuk dalam kelas...

Wahai sports politician...grow up and be a man...stand up for yourself or quit!!
Shame on you that it has gone this far to see atheletes sponsored and funded by individuals who understand those atheletes better than you are. Shame on you.

It clearly shows that you have no passion at all towards sports. You only have passion in kissing powerful people's backside to have top post that you have no idea the mechanics of it.

You should just stick to your golf and grand gala or function and leave this to other people who care about sports genuinely.


Izrin said...

yes..very frustrating..!

politicians kita macam u tak kenal.. jaga poket sendiri dulu.. pastu nak mengetengahkan bola sepak, spend berjuta utk footballers, results? tak penah pon mengharumkan nama msia.

congratulations juga pada dato' astaman atas usaha jaya nya untuk memajukan cycling sports.

very well expressed, hun.

Ali said...

gave up on Malaysian football long time ago...

hv been watching Korea since World Cup 1994...

unless and until Malaysia qualify for World Cup...I am disheartened to watch them...

Izrin said...

malaysia qualify for world cup?? i rasa masa tu cucu kita dah dah ada cucu sendiri kot.

Stupe said...

frankly, even in triathlon...the malaysian triathlon punya big boss pun has no clue what the sports is about.

Most of the athelete kena bayar sendiri kalau nak race internationally.

Sukan yang kita tak pernah excel seperti bola habis guna duit.

and lawn bowl yang hanya orang tua masuk....we are proud of it?

how about sukan kuda...bukan ke mamat mamat yang boleh afford nak bela kuda, should be able to afford to bayar sendiri?

Malaysia Sports is a joke. No less.

But i keep moving forward la...for the love of it.

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