Sunday, December 28, 2008


Not a frustration towards love, but food.. hehe.. This is apparently the time of the month where I will be craving for certain food. And this’s Burger King French Chicken. I have actually been craving for quite some time. I think that’s my latest’s food! I can eat BKFC practically everyday without feeling bored. Now I haven’t had any BKFC for few weeks and I’ve been missing it like hell. So today I decided to go get one for dinner.

I went to Carrefour to shop for groceries. My parents will be arriving at KLIA tomorrow morning and I don’t want my mom to think I haven’t been taking care of the kitchen very well.. So I shopped and the bill altogether summed up to RM 430. (,”)

Later, I went to the nearest BK and I ordered one set No. 12 (French chicken) and one double cheeseburger for my bro. I purposely went to that particular store because I know they don’t have that many customers so my French chicken would normally be hot with its’s melted Swiss cheese and tangy mayo covering the chicken patty and smoked chicken. Oh yea..i am terliur already..

Alangkah frustrated nya I when I reached home. I found that she didn’t give me my French chicken but a mushroom swiss instead. Haiyaaa… I was soo damn blardy frustrated. Dahla I had to eat the burger that I don’t fancy.. Terpaksa gemukkan badan makan something that you don’t like. Dahl ah gemok makan burger, tak enjoy plak tu… Haiihhh…terpaksalah besok cari burger king lagi.... :p

It’s not easy to be a woman..


Ali said...

esok carik lagi...nk gemok tak susah la hun...nk kurus yg lebih susah

Izrin said...

memang pon..dgn senang hatinya makan cam org giler the past week. u made me!! :p

bola2api said...

french chicken is a little salty for me. my fav is still mushroom swiss.. hands down

Izrin said...

mushroom swiss is nice..but tatau why that time macam mengidam giler french chic..
thats why la frust..

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