Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A long November

It has really been a long month. First week of the month was in inherently pressured by examination. My last paper finished at 2130, came home, and qada’ tido.. and was back in office the next morning. Started with new client, and already started to go home late the first few weeks of the job. Been on training for weeks, walaupon on training, kerje kat client still has to be done and so I stayed up till late after training. It has been tiring for me, tapi tak kurus-kurus jugak.. kalau la stress keje ni boleh kurus..i rela stress sampai bila-bila.. :p

It has been three days since I last saw my parents. Sent them to Tabung Haji..their flight to Mekah was at 11am, last Sunday, but had to be in Kelana Jaya at 7am that morning. My house has been packed with relatives and friends the whole weekend. And even the morning before my parents left the house, there were still some relatives came over to see them off. Although the weekend was tiring, but overall I was quite satisfied and thankful to those who dropped by to see my parents and wished them for the best.

I have not been updating the blog, mainly because I have been busy doing analysis and review for one of my clients about their expenses and loans. I have been writing..or shall I say typing.. the whole damn week that I was sooo lazy to even look at the computer when I get home.

A little update for the past week:

I was scheduled to change my laptop at the office from IBM T60 to IBM T400. Apparently, the latter one is the latest and it’s a wide screen. Had to return the laptop, and pen drive that was loaned to me when I first joined in order to get the replacement. The size of the pen drive was 512 mb. Unfortunately, I lost my pen drive some time last year and I never bothered to look for it or find a replacement from the shop, well I thought if I had to pay, just pay lah. Pen drive now is so cheap what? If follow market price pon, makan Chilli’s lagi mahal. But I was told recently that a girl lost her 128 mb pen drive, and had to pay RM100. And apparently it is a standard fine regardless of the size. I was like what the f***???

So I started looking for it at the shops (in case they still sell it). But memang don’t have la.. not only me went and look for it. Ali and my other friends also tried to help me.. but no success. My last resort was to buy from someone who owns it. And finally, a friend came to me and said she had one. And then to make it more complicated, I was told that my blardy firm would have known that it’s not the original because they only buy Kingston that’s blue in colour, so they are identifiable. Nasib memang malang, because my friend’s pen drive is RED!!!!

I am still looking for it though, although I have lost my means of getting it. There must be SOMEBODY in this world who had bought a blue Kingston 512mb pen drive before!!! Please.. let me buy from you! Hahah (punya lah tak nak bayar RM 100).. but.. what the hell..economy is bad!


fairuz a.k.a cobra commander said...

T400 tue..gile ah..getting ready for peak period???

Izrin said...

yeap yeap! T400.. tapi takder la gempak sgt.. biasa jer..

My peak period is December to January, March to April, and June to July.. so i guess i'm ever ready for it!

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