Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008 Holiday: Singapore

Day 1:
Left KL to JB after lunch. Stayed over at my aunt’s place in JB and we spent the night chilling at home.

Day 2:

The most hated part of the days..traffic jam in Singapore!

We drove to Singapore, spent some time at the immigration and wasted a lot of time on the Singapore highway to get to Sentosa Island. We got lost of course! We were actually there at the exit to Sentosa but there were no signboard showing us the direction to get to the island, so we missed the turning. Memang lah the signboard dia not as good as Malaysia.. I tell you it is not easy to get lost in Malaysia.. but in Singapore.. oh my..maybe they are too advanced for us. Everybody is using GPRS so they don’t rely too much on the signboards. Unlike us…

Luckily we have a friend staying in Singapore so she helped us on finding our way back to Sentosa. Kita tapau nasi from the mainland and makan dalam kereta before we got our tickets to the Underwaterworld. So many people laaa…. And the place wasn’t that great pun..i was told that our very own Aquaria is so much better. I haven’t been there myself but I believe it’s true. The Underwaterworld was very small and sempit and ventilation very bad laa.. ada orang-orang yang busuk ketiak hangit masuk..adohaii… tak jadi tangkap gambar.. but I still enjoyed watching the ikan-ikan. Well, I guess I just love watching exhibitions.


Look at the size of the fish. It is bigger than an 8 year old kid.

This would be my favourite fish because of the shape.

I don't know what's this supposed to be. Prolly a giant octopus?

The giant crab

The Great White Shark

Obor-obor glow in the dark

Later, we walked to the Siloso Beach which was about 5 minutes away from the Underwater. They said that it’s nice, but I personally think there’s nothing special about the beach. Biasa je la.. but that’s where they hold their beach parties for most of their celebrations.

At night, we went to the Night Safari. That was my second time going there but I didn’t mind…I like watching the animal shows. Tapi ticket mahal nak mampos… But it was good.

I was trying to snatch the kayu, my friend, Zetty was trying to help that person to light api. Later, she got scared because she actually touched the patung's face. Ali wanted to be in the picture too..but he wanted to stand next to the lady patung holding the child. And guess what la he wanted to do...? He wanted to jentik the lady's 'toot'..!!! Tapi dia malu..byk orang..haha!

Day 3:
S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G!!! The most awaited activity. We went to Orchard Rd and of course we barged in to each and every mall along the road. The ladies were only looking for handbags while the boys were more interested on football jerseys and of course men accessories. I wouldn’t say the Boxing-day sale was as good as the ones in the UK. I wouldn’t say that the prices were way much cheaper than Malaysia. But I would say that the selections were DAMN good. They have more varieties, and the things that has just arrived in Malaysia, are already on sale in Singapore! Some of the designers’ handbags can be gotten for less than a thousand ringgit. So you’ll be a fool if you don’t grab any. :p

However I found that most of the good stuff had been grabbed before Christmas. Only lucky people like my friend got to buy a DKNY handbag which is in the new arrival selections in Malaysia and she got it for RM 500+. She also bought one Braun Buffel handbag for the same price. Now that was really a good bargain for her.

I wasn’t as lucky as that though. My eyes were not locked on any of the stuff that was on discounts. Damn! Sepanjang I was there, I only had my eyes on the new arrival handbags. They were new that they have not even entered Malaysia. So I bought myself one DKNY and a Guess bag (that has a design macam Tod’s). Tak mampu beli Tod’s, dapat Guess design macam Tod’s pon jadi lah..hehe.. and I loved it! But they cost me a bomb! Thanks to my bonus!

Nevertheless, I guess Ali didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. That’s because he couldn’t find his cycling stuff over there and I feel really really bad for that. But I’m glad he got his jersey anyway.

Generally, nothing is really cheap over there. They are considered cheap if you are getting SGD salary. How I wish….!!!

This is a picture of us counting our last SGD to get ourselves Carl's Jr burger before heading back to JB. Kesian!


Ali said...

5 minutes amendenya...siloso tu is just 70 metres je..sentosa tu bukannya besar pun...hahaha...kalau buat triathlon siap buleh terhantuk kepala langgar kapal kt laut tu ha..

bola2api said...

carls jr pulak

i guess i had enough of carls jr for now.. coz there was one time, beberapa kali dlm sebulan sampai naik muak haha..

so for now it's burger ramli jer lah

BTW ali dah kurus weh..

Izrin said...

tu lah..the boys..kat singapore plak nak cari carl's jr..macam kat msia takder..:p

mmg ali dah kurus.. i jeles.. but maybe oso because dia dah ada rambut..hehe

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