Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who are YOU?

I was browsing through FB and I saw this photo was posted by a friend.

I don't understand what was written on the caption because the words were written in chinese. The only sentence that was written in English was "We fully support PKR and DAP".

So obviously those feet are the opposition supporters' feet. What are they thinking?

I know everyone has the right to say, the right to choose your own leader. But I guess whoever that eventually managed to BE the leader, deserve to be treated with respect.

I am not saying that I am pro-government, nor I am the opposition (undi adalah rahsia, chewah), BUT, if you have read my previous entries on politics, you can have a wild guess which party do I support.

I am not denying the fact that DS Najib as a leader, is not perfect. In fact who is? Some may relate him to Rosmah's issue, stupid 1Malaysia propaganda, and many more, I shall not say it here, because some issues are over too sensitive.

Tapi percaya lah, sesapa pon yang jadi leader will not run from issues. It's whether he can do the work or not. Whether or not, he takes care of our welfare as his rakyat. You can hate him as a leader, like you hated your boss, but you still have to respect him.

And apa saja salah dia pon, he doesnt deserve to be called 'Hey bro' or 'Mamat' or address him as "kau" in twitter/Fb or whatever social media we have now. I dont think you'd dare to go up to your boss' face and say "Ek eleh boss, ntah apa-apa la cadangan kau tuh, cadangan aku lagi bagus laaa". And your boss would say "Kalau kau bagus sangat, kenapa kau tak ada kat tempat aku sekarang?" Mungkin DS pon cakap macam tu dalam hati dia kan.

He works his ass out to be where he is now. Who are YOU to address him that way? Who are YOU to step on his photos dengan hina dan keji.

Just ask yourself, who are YOU if you were to stand next to him (if you even have the chance to)?

Disclaimer: Saya bukan anak sedara, supupu sepapat DS, Not related. Dan saya tak dibayar oleh mana-mana parti untuk entry ini, sekian, terima kasih.


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myra said...

plus how comel is ur "hek elehh.." part..

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