Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Go eat and do charity

We usually have Charity Runs, Charity shopping but seldom we hear (I never came across) Charity eating!!

So this is your chance to 'Mengeyangkan Perut sambil Beramal'.

15 October 2011 - this saturday.
Only at the Subang Parade outlet, not the one near to SDMC. Yes, they open new outlet in Subang Parade. (Promo sikit untuk my fren, Hana.. so proud of you, babe!!)

Not only you can do charity by helping to donate, you can also makan best at the cafe. I guarantee you, it's very very yummy! Not because she's my friend's cafe, but honestly, otherwise they would be able to open another cafe right. Ask the Subang people, saper tak tau Bawang Merah? ;)

Tips: You CANNOT leave the cafe without ordering its best karipap and kuih seri muka.

Go check it out!!


myra said...

babe i copy paste n quote this post boleh?

Izrin said...

of coz, darling..:) let's promo to support her.

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